Preparations of hormones for the pancreas, pharmacology

The main function entrusted by the body to the pancreas is the production of hormones involved in the digestion process. The main of the bottoms are:

  • lipase: responsible for digestion and normal digestion of fats;
  • amylase: responsible for the complete digestion of carbohydrates;
  • trypsin: "works" with proteins that enter the body.

In addition, the pancreas secretes pancreatic fluid, without which the process of digestion of food will not take place. Given that all the organs and systems of the human body are closely related, it is quite natural that a failure of one of the systems inevitably leads to violations in the work of all the others. Failures in the work of this gland are especially unpleasant in that they "cling" to all other organs, thereby causing a disturbance in metabolic processes.

To prevent such consequences it is possible, if in time to reveal the existing deviations and appoint a course of hormonal preparations to the patient. It is understandable that any drug, and even more so - hormonal, in any case can not be taken arbitrarily, even if the instruction indicates that he is over-the-counter. Note that drugs that replace all the hormones secreted by the pancreas simultaneously - does not exist in principle. Therefore, before each specific patient who has been diagnosed with pancreatitis, to prescribe hormonal preparations for the pancreas, it is absolutely necessary to find out exactly what substance this body produces insufficiently, otherwise one can not only fail to achieve success in treatment, but also significantly worsen the conditionpatient with pancreatitis.

To avoid this, and also in order to fully preserve the functions of the pancreas, it is advisable to immediately seek medical help, pass all the prescribed examinations and make laboratory diagnostics with the first symptoms of pancreatitis. Based on the results of all of the above, your doctor will decide whether you need to take hormonal drugs in your case and if so, which ones. Do not forget that often similar symptoms can mean the presence of completely different diseases, so even if you have ever been prescribed a course of hormonal drugs for the pancreas, do not rush to repeat their reception when resuming similar symptoms.

Pancreatic hormone preparations in pharmacology

Pancreatic hormone preparations involved in the process of digesting food have been produced for more than 100 years. They are used for various disorders of the digestive system. These drugs are especially needed for people suffering from pancreatitis.

The doctor can choose the correct hormonal medicine for the pancreas correctly. He will determine the severity of the disease and assess the level of external secretion with the help of laboratory methods, and then he will prescribe the treatment. The optimal dosage of the drug is selected individually taking into account the nature of the patient's diet and is distributed evenly for each meal.

All modern drugs in pharmacology can be conditionally divided into several groups:

  • by composition, pancreatin in pure form or with all kinds of additives;
  • for resistance to acidic conditions: they must pass unhindered through the stomach and then dissolve in the intestine;
  • on the diameter of particles of the active substance.

As now all pharmacological preparations are produced in acid-proof shells and contain hormones necessary for digestion of food, special attention should be paid to the size of medicinal particles.

It turns out that the smaller they are, the better. The medicine can help digestion if it enters the 12-colon at the same time as the chyme( partially digested food).Otherwise, the medicine becomes ineffective. If the particles exceed 1.5 mm, they stay longer in the stomach and become deactivated.

Preparations for the improvement of digestion can be taken both once and continuously. For example, people after removing the pancreas need to take daily medications with a high content of hormones involved in the digestion of food. They are simply vital to them.

The pancreas produces a different amount of hormones involved in the digestion of food, it depends on the nature and volume of nutrition. For example, if a person eats mainly carbohydrate food, then the pancreas has to produce more amylase. As a result, the load on this organ increases, which is very harmful for patients with pancreatitis.

This is why, in addition to pharmacological preparations of hormones involved in the digestive process, it is very important for patients to follow a diet. Try to eat at the same time, while the diet should be balanced, so as not to burden the sick body. Otherwise, relapse may occur.

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