Causes and treatment of migraine in pregnancy

1 Etiology of the disease

What exactly causes migraine during pregnancy, it is difficult to determine. During this period, the woman's body is affected by many different factors. Therefore, it can provoke a migraine. The most common causes of migraine are as follows:

  • stress;
  • lack of sleep;
  • negative effects of drugs;
  • weather change;
  • harmful substances in food.

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Stressful situations can cause migraine in pregnant women. And this is not surprising, because pregnancy has a very strong effect on the mental state of the future mother. Especially often, women suffer from migraines during the first and second trimester. If a woman worked before pregnancy and continues to do this during pregnancy, the stress to which a woman is exposed may be one of the signs of the onset of pain.

If a woman suffers from poor sleep or lack of sleep, the result may be a migraine. Increased fatigue and poor sleep often cause the disease. With such factors migraine can occur in an ordinary person.

When taking medication, there may be a number of side effects that will lead to migraine. This is not about antibiotics, but about drugs that are prescribed to women in women's clinics. Many doctors in such institutions do not take into account the individual characteristics of the woman's body, so often prescribe drugs without taking into account various factors.

The occurrence of migraines in bearing a child can be affected by a change in the weather. In such periods, women are particularly meteosensitive, especially in the early stages of pregnancy.

The most common cause is sodium glutamate. It is a food additive of harmful content, which is present in many foods. It is used as an enhancer of taste and is a preservative, so often such a food supplement can cause migraine in a pregnant woman.

2 Than the disease is dangerous

Often pregnant women complain of occurrence of frequent constant pains, therefore the migraine can accompany them during all period. It not only causes discomfort, but also acts depressingly on a woman. With migraine, there may be darkening in the eyes and weakness in the whole body. This may be a sign of vascular disease in a pregnant woman. It is worth considering that this is dangerous not only for the mother's body, but also for the future child.

Migraine can also be a signal that a woman has a disease that is associated with the heart or kidneys.

But you do not need to panic ahead of time. If the migraine does not recede during pregnancy, it is necessary to consult the attending physician. In such cases, the doctor will prescribe treatment based on the results of the tests. Sometimes the onset of a migraine is not something serious, but can be caused by a reorganization of the body system.

3 Treatment activities

Most women think about how to treat a migraine, with the help of what to get rid of the disease and what method of treatment to choose. If you have migraines during pregnancy, you need to take into account the fact that the body during this period is the most vulnerable and the treatment should be as gentle as possible. Strong tablets against migraine and drugs can not be used. Also it is necessary to refuse various alcoholic tinctures for treatment.

In this period, you need to see a doctor who takes into account the individual characteristics of the body and prescribes treatment with drugs that do not cause side effects. You can use two types of treatment for migraine: medicamental and traditional.


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Drug treatment is all medications prescribed to a patient by a doctor. Various tablets, medicines or other types of medication - all this refers to the medical treatment.

Usually, in the treatment of diseases, patients are prescribed drugs such as Panadol, Paracetamol, Efferalgan. All these medicines do not have a lot of side effects, therefore they are the most applicable in treatment.

It is worth knowing that such drugs as Analginum or Citramone are not desirable for the organism of a future mother.

If we talk about effervescent tablets, then these funds are the most effective and fast, if we talk about the treatment of migraine in pregnant women. But before taking medication, you should consult a doctor who will choose the right medicine from this group.

4 Healthy lifestyle

In order not to resort to medical treatment of migraine, it is necessary to lead a healthy and healthy lifestyle. This rule as anybody else concerns pregnant women. There are a lot of useful tips that will help prevent the onset of migraine during pregnancy and not resort to medical treatment.

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The first thing that is worth knowing and doing a future mother, is to avoid all provoking factors. Some doctors advise to keep a diary and write down everything that happened to the pregnant woman during the day. For example, what she did, ate and where she was. This will help to analyze which situations, food or place lead to the onset of the disease. Then you need to eliminate all the causes that can provoke the disease. Among the women who treated the disease with this method, many got rid of it in a short time.

A future mother needs to revise her diet and exclude foods that can lead to pain. The important point is the food itself. When pregnancy can lower blood sugar or there may be a deficiency of fluid in the body. Experts note these factors as the most frequent signs of the occurrence of pain in the body. The future mother needs to eat often, but in small portions. There are times when a pregnant woman has a long way to go, in such cases, you can take a snack with light foods. This can be a cookie, a variety of yogurts or fresh fruit. They not only positively affect the body, but also quickly satisfy hunger. It is necessary to avoid foods that consist only of sugar. When lifting sugar in the body, there may be irregularities.

Cold treatment can also relieve frequent pain.

For example, you can use a variety of cold compresses( apply on the forehead or occipital area).Such compresses lead to recovery of tone when the vessels of the brain expand. Washing with cold water can also help to get rid of the pain and greatly alleviate the symptoms of the disease. But future mothers need to be cautious about such procedures. With a long application of ice on the skin, frostbite of muscles and tissues can occur. Therefore, it is better not to apply ice to the skin in its pure form, it is best to use a towel for compresses, and the application time should last up to 10 minutes.

When pregnancy is necessary to say goodbye to physical exertion, more time to rest. It is necessary to ventilate the room more often, especially in the summer season. A good and sound sleep helps to get rid of pain. Sometimes due to sleep, treatment with drugs and drugs is not a necessary measure.

5 Folk methods and methods

Migraine in pregnant women can be treated not only with the help of drugs and drugs. Treatment of migraine can be done with the help of traditional medicine, for example, foot baths. But it is worth considering that not all types of baths can be used during pregnancy. In the bath you can add sea salt or special essential oils, herbal decoctions. Contrast baths have a positive effect on the body and help get rid of the problem. Contrasting baths are that the feet must be kept first in hot, and then in cool water, and vice versa.

For treating migraine in pregnant women, head massage is great. To do this, you can use a massager or massage comb. Massage can be done alone, at home.

For the prevention and treatment of migraines it is useful to drink a variety of herbal teas. Favorable on the body are mint and currant teas, dog rose or valerian. From liquids you can drink various fruit and vegetable juices, compote from dried fruits or green teas.

From a permanent migraine, you can use a mixture of eggs and milk. Yes, the recipe is rather unusual, but very effective.

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