Treatment of constipation quickly, a means of rapid action, how to cure?

Stool is a phenomenon faced by people of different ages. This syndrome affects infants, capable adults and elderly people. A delicate problem gives a lot of inconvenience, but few seek the help of a doctor. Therefore, the question of how to get rid of constipation quickly and effectively continues to be relevant. One-time fecal blockages are fearless, they can be eliminated by changing the diet regime and starting to actively move, but how is chronic constipation treated, is it possible to get rid of it quickly, what actions need to be taken to eliminate discomfort - questions that require a detailed answer.

About chronic constipation it comes when the stool becomes stiffened regularly, and the act of defecation is performed with great effort, when after the evacuation of the intestine there is a feeling of incomplete defecation. If such symptoms accompany a person for three months or longer, a diagnosis is made - chronic constipation. It is impossible to get rid of it quickly, it will be a long struggle, it will be effective only if complex therapy is used.

Do not delay the visit to a doctor in this situation, the sooner the treatment begins, the sooner the malaise will pass. Decide how quickly to cure constipation in the patient, can only gastroenterologist or proctologist. A visit to the doctor helps formulate the tactics of effective fighting. It begins with a full survey, which allows you to determine the cause of the formation of fecal blockages and reduce the motor-evacuation function of the intestine. Atonic constipation is treated quickly by diet and special physical exercises. As a rule, the doctor independently registers the diet and monitors that the patient ate more foods rich in coarse fiber, drank more fluids and actively engaged in sports. When there is a desire to quickly cure constipation, you can enroll in groups of exercise therapy, where you will be offered a set of special exercises for strengthening the abdominal press and stimulating smooth muscles of the large intestine.

As a rule, the rapid elimination of chronic constipation involves the use of laxatives. They should not be zealous, many synthetic drugs and folk medicine that have a laxative effect, are addictive and stimulate the appearance of the "lazy gut" syndrome. Therefore, you do not need to prescribe for yourself laxatives.

How fast can constipation be treated in children?

Problems with stool in children of different ages also occur quite often, especially in toddlers up to a year. The causes are different, but most often getting rid of food helps to adjust food, exclude from the diet products that cause allergic reactions that cause a delay in stool. There are cases when stool retention occurs due to lactase deficiency. In this case probiotics help to eliminate the problem. There are preparations from constipation of fast action absolutely safe for a children's organism - this is Dufalac or Lactusan.

Fast correction of constipation in preschool children is helped by nutrition correction and control over personal hygiene. The child should not tolerate, if he wants to use the toilet, it is useful to "accustom" the baby's intestines to emptying early in the morning or in the evening, when he is at home and can feel free to go to the toilet. In the case when children have chronic constipation, it is necessary to apply laxatives very carefully. Yes, there are quick-acting drugs, but they do not treat, but only help to facilitate the act of defecation. Therefore, it is so important that when the symptoms described above appear, the child will seek help from a specialist - a therapist or a pediatrician. Doctors will help to find out the reason and prescribe an adequate treatment.

How to quickly cure constipation during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a wonderful, happy time. But during it the female organism completely changes, in the pregnant woman the metabolic processes begin to work differently, that is why there are problems with defecation. So, as the future mum is categorically prohibited from taking laxatives from fast-acting constipation, the question of how to quickly get rid of constipation becomes most urgent. At fecal blockages during pregnancy, you must strictly follow the diet:

  • It is important to focus on the introduction of products rich in coarse fiber. These are cereals made from sprouted millet, solid fruits and vegetables.
  • Fish and seafood should be excluded from the diet.
  • If there is a desire to quickly cure constipation, you need to eat a lot of fermented milk products. And for refueling vegetable salads to use not mayonnaise, and refined vegetable oil.
  • It is useful to completely abandon the use of astringent products - jelly, coffee, tea, porridge from manga, rice. You can not eat canned food and fried delicacies.

The constipation is helped by constipation, which includes juniper, bark of buckthorn, nettle. Another means of quick action is dried fruit, boiled in boiling water. To prepare natural laxatives you need to use figs and prunes. Infusion is better to drink on an empty stomach, and then after charging before breakfast to eat the berries themselves.

If constipation occurs after childbirth, their treatment is similar. Correctly selected diet works without fail, it helps to overcome the described syndrome, but women should observe it only under the supervision of a doctor. During lactation, laxatives can not be taken quickly, some traditional medicine can replace them. Here are some recipes.

Rapid treatment of constipation folk remedies

Folk medicine can really help get rid of constipation quickly. If you often suffer from this problem, you should always have aloe on hand, in the kitchen on the shelf in a cardboard box should be flax seeds, in the pantry it would be nice to hang juniper.

Aloe vera is a very effective remedy that helps quickly cure constipation. It has a mild effect, so it can be taken with chronic syndromes. Preparing the medicine is not difficult. The leaves of the five-year plant are placed in the refrigerator, they become soft in the cold, so they give their juice more easily. Its several minutes evaporate on fire, and then take inside of 20 mg. The agent acts quickly, with daily use of the syndrome passes.

Seeds of flax( a teaspoon) are brewed with boiling water, infusion stands for several hours, and then drinks in the evening before going to bed. Such a medicine does not have a fast action, constipation only takes a week. But the effect lasts a long time.

From juniper is also prepared a good remedy, it helps to restore both the motility of the intestine, and the work of the gastrointestinal tract as a whole. The medicine is prepared from berries, gram 60 is brewed with a liter of boiling water and insisted for fifteen minutes. The whole liter is drunk a day a glass before each meal.

Treatment of chronic constipation is not performed quickly, the therapy used consists of several directions, each of which does not help individually. Laxatives of rapid action do not relieve the disease, but only facilitate the act of defecation. This must be taken into account when dealing with self-medication.

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