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The latest generation of antihistamines combine such qualities as ease of use, the most balanced composition and excellent efficacy. The absence of a large number of side effects and the possibility of using in special cases( during pregnancy, while feeding a newborn, and also in childhood) provides ample opportunities for the use of such drugs. And an antiallergenic drug with a wide range of uses, Kestin, gaining considerable popularity due to the effectiveness and rapid manifestation of the therapeutic result, should be considered one of the most effective among analogues.

Having a rich composition with a high content of active ingredient, Kestin is distinguished from antihistamines by the possibility of choosing its dosage form( it is sold in pharmacies in the form of tablets and syrup) and excellent efficiency, allowing to achieve notable results even with neglected and severe forms of allergies of different nature. In this article, we will review the instructions for use and the price of Kestin, analogs and feedback on its use, which will allow us to assess the breadth of demand for the drug.

Features of

A modern antihistamine, Kestin( manufacturer: Industrias Farmaceuticas Almirall Prodespharma) belongs to a group of highly effective drugs with a wide range of effects. Removing the main symptomatology of allergies of any origin, the tool provides an opportunity for normal life and eliminates especially unpleasant sensations in acute forms of the disease.

The composition of the drug is the most balanced, which gives a guarantee of obtaining a medicinal and therapeutic result within a short time after its application. The active ingredient has a relatively small amount of negative manifestation in the appointment, which is important for people with drug sensitivity.

Composition of Kestin

Depending on the dosage form, the composition of the Kestin drug varies slightly, but the active ingredient and the basic composition of the auxiliary components are the same. The active substance in Kestin is ebastine, its percentage somewhat fluctuates in tablets and syrup.

Depending on the form of the preparation, its composition can be as follows:

  • tablets Kestin , the active substance is in the film shell, contain, in addition to the active substance, the following auxiliary components - magnesium stereate, microcrystalline cellulose, corn starch gelatinized, hypromellose, macrogol 6000, titanium dioxide. The shells of the tablets include polyethylene glycol, titanium dioxide;
  • tablets for resorption of include, in addition to the active substance, gelatin, mint flavor, aspartame, mannitol;
  • syrup includes sweetener, flavor, magnesium stearate - auxiliary substances, as well as active substance - ebastine.

Thanks to the optimal combination of active ingredient and auxiliary components, the duration of the drug's effectiveness is surprising: even during 48 hours there is no burning and itching, the area of ​​the damaged surface is reduced: rash, rashes are eliminated.

Dosage forms

Thanks to the choice of the form of the drug, it is particularly convenient to use. Kestin is selling in pharmacies in the city in the form of tablets in a membrane of foam for washing down with water and for resorption in the mouth, as well as in a syrup having a minty sweetish taste: the syrup is especially suitable for admission in childhood.

Tablets are white in color with an engraving on the surface, which indicates the quantitative composition of the active substance. In the polymer blister can be located from 5 to 10 tablets. In a cardboard box, along with detailed instructions, there are blisters with tablets.

The cost of Kestin should be considered fairly democratic;many customer testimonials indicate the possibility of acquiring Kestin even with budget constraints. So, Kestin tablets, intended for drinking with water, can have a price from 270 to 380 rubles per package, depending on the mass of tablets and the number of them in the package, the syrup is sold at a price of 390 to 410 rubles.

Pharmacological action of

The high degree of effectiveness of Kestin is a result of balanced composition, and also almost instantaneous absorption of the active substance of the esophageal mucosa. Already in the mouth( especially with regard to tablets intended for absorption in the mouth), active dissolution of the film membrane and the entry of ebastin into the blood begins.


Histamine, causing spasms of smooth muscles, provokes the formation and active release of mucus. In this case, there is an increase in blood flow and swelling of the tissues. Ebastin, neutralizing the action of histamine, ensures the absence of the listed manifestations and prevents the aggravation of symptoms.

The elimination of the decay products of the drug is handled by the liver, the liquid phase of the decay products is excreted in the urine.


By blocking histamine receptors, the active substance positively affects the patient's body, reducing symptoms and stabilizing the condition. The exudation and puffiness of the tissues that accompany allergy decreases. The removal of itching and burning sensation when taking Kestin is due to the active action of this remedy, with virtually no side effects.


Use of Kestin is indicated for allergies of any nature. Rapid efficacy due to the composition of the drug, almost complete absence of side effects, the possibility of using this tool in a complex effect on allergic manifestations - all this makes Kestin one of the most actively purchased antihistamine modern drugs.

To indications, in which the preparation Kestin is excellent, it is necessary to attribute the following diseases and pathological conditions of the body:

  • urticaria of any form( including acute, cold, cholinergic, thermal) in the absence of hypersensitivity to the components of the drug;
  • with Quincke's edema;
  • for allergic conjunctivitis seasonal and in its chronic course;
  • with an increase in the level of histamine in the blood, which is accompanied by characteristic allergic manifestations.

Treatment with Kestin allows you to eliminate the symptoms in the shortest possible time and improve the overall condition of the patient. Instructions for the use of tablets and other forms of Kestin are discussed below.

Instructions for use

The use of Kestin is carried out with his appointment as a doctor. The application depends on the severity of the current disease, the presence of concomitant organic lesions.

  • For seasonal and chronic conjunctivitis, Kestin is used in the form of tablets or syrup once a day. Duration of application - not less than 2-3 weeks, after which you should take a break. The course of treatment can be repeated, while the general condition of the patient should be monitored.
  • With hives, the drug is also taken once a day, regardless of meals. The duration of treatment should be up to 3 weeks. The use of antihistamines with similar manifestations makes it possible to accelerate the obtaining of a marked improvement in the state.


  • Contraindications include excessive sensitivity to any component of the drug, children under 5 years.
  • During pregnancy, the drug is not recommended for use in order to avoid side effects.
  • Also, Kestin should not be prescribed for severe liver, kidney, and cardiovascular problems.

Side effects of

The most common side effects when taking Kestin include the following:

  • increased itching and burning of the skin;
  • redness of the skin;
  • occurrence of a runny nose and sneezing for no apparent reason;
  • increased allergic manifestations;
  • disorders in the digestive system( diarrhea, bloating, flatulence).

With an excessive increase in the dosage of Kestin, manifestations of central nervous system lesions are possible in the form of drowsiness, increased fatigue.

On whether you can apply Kestin to children, we'll tell you below.

Special instructions

  • Use of Kestin is contraindicated in people with increased sensitivity to its active substance, during pregnancy.
  • Until the age of 12, the use of this remedy should also be excluded.

Interaction with other drugs

  • Increasing the effectiveness when combined with drugs with antihistamine effect allows you to quickly stop the pathological process and eliminate the main symptoms of the disease. This is probably a manifestation of some sedative effect, which should be taken into account when drawing up a treatment regimen.
  • However, some drugs may decrease the effectiveness of Kestin. For example, indirect coagulants can reduce the effect of the drug, but with many antibiotics Kestin is not conscience.

Next, consider the reviews on syrup and Kesteen tablets from allergies.


Positive feedback allows us to understand the reason for the high demand for Kestin: many note the appearance of the first improvements in 2-3 hours from the first reception. A small number of adverse events and a relatively low price can also be called the advantages of the drug. Features of positive reviews about the drug Kestine with hives.

There is a possibility to choose the form of the drug: tablets and syrup.


To analogues of Kestin are Diazolin( very cheap) and Zodak.

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