Nurofen as a cure for headache

1 Causes of headache

The main causes of the headache are:

  • infectious diseases, most often the headache occurs with acute infection and flu, complications of ENT diseases can also provoke pain;
  • lack of sleep;
  • fatigue and weakness;
  • stressful situations or neuroses;
  • overexcitation or strong emotions;
  • loud noises, screams or music;Attacks of headache may be triggered by PMS;
  • to a lesser extent, pain is a sign of brain disease: meningitis, swelling, hydrocephalus or craniocerebral trauma.

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Do not assume that a headache can be a symptom of a terrible disease. It is necessary to consult a specialist to make a diagnosis. However, pain may be present along with symptoms such as convulsions, nausea, vomiting, high body temperature and fainting. If the situation is familiar, then it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor.

2 Types of

  1. Children. The symptom is related to school load. The child receives a lot of information that is hard to immediately learn. In addition, teachers and parents make quite high demands for studies. The schoolboy feels heaviness in the head and cramps in the form of contraction. What should parents do? It is important to take into account that the child is hard given the transition from vacation to study. Therefore it is important to properly organize the mode of study and rest. Walking in the fresh air, proper nutrition and sleep 8-9 hours are the main fighters with a child's headache.
  2. Pain in adults. Sometimes the cause of the headache may be tension. This symptom is the same in both children and adults. Reinforced work without rest, stress of eyes and attention, incorrect posture - this is the cause of the appearance of a headache. Coping with it will help medical help: aspirin, ibuprofen and nurofen.
  3. Migraine. This neurological pathology can occur in a person of any age. Often its manifestations are caused by the same factors as the usual headache. However, specialists associate migraine with a hereditary factor. As a treatment, the use of strong analgesics and sleep is used( it is able to quickly relieve pain attacks).

3 Action of tablets

Nurofen is a member of the group of non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs. An important component is ibuprofen. The drug is available both in usual and in effervescent tablets. This remedy is an excellent solution for a headache of a different nature - migraine, ARVI, flu, neurology or severe stress.

Nurofen has a fast analgesic effect( after 15-20 minutes of administration).If you drink the medicine in time, you can get rid of the symptoms sooner.

Nurofen as an anesthetic drug may have such contraindications:

  • heart failure;
  • inflammatory processes in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • inadequate blood clotting;
  • diseases of an allergic nature, which provoked Nurofen( more precisely some of its components);
  • individual sensitivity or intolerance;
  • renal or hepatic insufficiency;
  • pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding;
  • disruption of the vestibular apparatus;
  • any impairment of visual function of the eye;
  • children under 12 years.

Specialists recommend to stop taking nurofen together with aspirin, COC, drugs for the treatment of heart disease, metabolic disorders or diuretic drugs.


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Treatment Nurofen, as a rule, passes a short, but effective course. If the treatment schedule is long, you can not ignore the condition of important organs - it's the kidneys, liver, stomach, and monitor blood counts.

It happens that the drug does not have a positive effect after 2 days of admission, then it is worth immediately contacting a specialist for advice.

4 Rules for taking

Nurofen is taken with severe headache, migraine attacks, pain with tension, fatigue, and also with colds. If the headache is a consequence of increased or decreased pressure, the drug may be useless. It is better to take the appropriate medicine after the change in blood pressure.

Nurofen in different forms of release can suit both adults and children. The main thing is to choose the right dosage to get the drug right.

A single dose of Nurofen provides a positive effect for as long as 8 hours. The maximum benefit and relief from pain comes a couple of hours after taking the pill or capsule.

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Nurofen as an antispasmodic is one of the most modern and highly effective drugs today. The side effects of Nurofen administration have a less pronounced effect than its analogs.

Side effects:

  • from the digestive tract: nausea, vomiting, flatulence, heaviness in the stomach, provocation of ulcers( with prolonged admission);
  • from the cardiovascular system: shortness of breath, arrhythmia, blood pressure jumps;
  • from the respiratory system: allergic reactions, bronchospasm.

People with allergies should be very careful when taking the drug.

Nurofen has an excellent antispasmodic effect and a small list of side effects. This makes it possible to receive it to many people.

5 Taking the drug during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most wonderful moment in a woman's life. However, bearing a baby can be difficult, and changes in the body of a future mother can provoke a headache.

Nurofen during pregnancy should be taken when other drugs are prohibited. In any case, the intake of the NSAIDs is necessarily controlled by the attending physician.

During pregnancy, you can replace nurofen or paracetamol( its main analog) with other alternative methods. As a rule, these are non-medicament means.

Frequent pregnancy satellites are overexertion, stress, fatigue or migraine. In all these cases, you should first use proven means, such as a sedative and rest. Sometimes 0.5-1 hour of healthy sleep helps get rid of a headache without taking medication.

If the headache does not go away, you should take the Nurofen headache pill in the dosage permitted by the treating doctor.

In fact, Nurofen has a broad spectrum of action, therefore it is a universal tool for combating the pain of different etiologies.

Nurofen is able to suppress a mechanism that not only provokes, but also forms a symptom of pain. If primary signs are revealed, it is better to immediately take the medicine to kill the pain.

Headache as a symptom may be a concomitant sign of an external disease. Therefore, its elimination should be agreed with the doctor, who will prescribe the necessary dosage.

Before you start taking Nurofen, you should check out the possible side effects, so as not to aggravate the situation.

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