Milk thistle with pancreatitis for the treatment of the pancreas - oil, meal, can it?

One of the subspecies of milk thistle was called milk thistle, distributed in Asia, America, Scotland, Europe. Blooming grass in August, actively used by folk medicine, symbolizes the milk of the Virgin Mary. Used milk thistle with pancreatitis, contained in it silymarin clears the body of toxins of all types. Blood and liver are restored after courses of radio and chemotherapy, vision is improved, poisonous substances are more widely known. This is an excellent prevention of cancer for residents of industrial areas in which there is radiation, asbestos, increased levels of water and air pollution.

If the pancreas starts to worry, the milk thistle will have to come in handy at the stage of final diagnosis. Purify the body with a decoction, butter from grass seeds or powder, called "cake".Squeezed leaves are used as a choleretic, diuretic, diaphoretic and laxative. From the root make a decoction, drunk at night. The recipe for the broth is simple:

  • chop the root and leaf mixture( pancreatitis in remission or exacerbation)
  • pour four tablespoons of liters of boiling water
  • insist from the evening
  • take the start the next evening
  • dosage three quarters of the glass three times a day

Medicines using the squeeze of the plant show less healingeffect for the affected pancreas, than the grass in a clean( dried, fresh) form. This is Leganol, Silibor, Karsil, in five medicinal chemist's collections there are leaves or roots of grass.

Oil of milk thistle with pancreatitis

Oil is obtained by cold pressing, used externally and internally. It has a hepatoprotector, is an anti-inflammatory agent, helps with burns, heals wounds. The product regulates cholesterol in the blood, take it three times a day before meals( chronic pancreatitis).Simultaneously with the intake of oil, a course of seed powder is carried out at exactly the same dosage. After a month of treatment in 85% of patients there are persistent improvements: the tumor is falling in the pancreas, pains are passing, body weight is increasing.

To obtain the meal, a hand or electric grinder is sufficient, an alcohol extract with pancreatitis is contraindicated, use a decoction or tea, a quarter of an hour, sweetened with honey. Stones in the gallbladder contraindication are not, but, require a dose reduction at the beginning of treatment in half. In milk thistle there are:

  • macronutrients - Ca, Mg, K, Fe
  • microelements - I, B, Xr, Mr, Se, Zn( useful in pancreatitis)
  • vitamins - D, F, B, PP, K, E, A
  • enzymes( unloading the pancreas)
  • amines - tyramine, histamine

Active substances of milk thistle strengthen the cell membrane, making it immune to external infections, chemical agents, including cleavable products.

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