Cyanosis of the nasolabial triangle, skin, face, legs and hands: treatment, causes

Cyanosis refers to skin color with a characteristic bluish tinge. It extends to the mucous membranes, the skin of the lips, hands, nose. And today we will tell you about why there is cyanosis in a newborn child and adult, about its treatment and signs.

What is cyanosis

With cyanosis, the blood becomes red as a result of oxygen saturation, but if it has more pathological hemoglobin and carbon dioxide, its shade is close to blue. As a result of the fact that the blood is not rich in oxygen, it does not supply the required volume to all parts of the body, which is the result of cyanosis, which develops as a result of hypoxia.

The severe stage of oxygen shortage is accompanied by suffocation and, with untimely assistance, entails dangerous consequences for health and life. Further it is necessary to talk about diffuse cyanosis, central and peripheral cyanosis, cold and hot and other kinds of such a symptom.

Cyanosis( photos)

Its varieties

Cyanosis is subdivided by the forms of occurrence:

  1. Central .Do not receive sufficient oxygen arterial blood. This form is often diagnosed with heart defects, erythrocytosis or respiratory pathologies.
  2. Local .Violated blood circulation in one part of the body. Local form of cyanosis in microcirculation, but sometimes in heart failure of the right ventricular type.

The symptom is classified and by localization:

  • is periorbital( affects the eye area);
  • cyanosis of the extremities;
  • is perioral( localized in the mouth region);
  • acrocyanosis( toes);
  • common;
  • generalized.

On how to recognize the cyanosis of the nasolabial triangle, lips, skin, face, legs and arms in our body, we will discuss further.


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How to detect

Areas where cyanosis is common become blue or even purple. Other symptoms are not associated with the appearance of cyanosis, but can be combined with signs of lack of oxygen. With central cyanosis, there is an additional syndrome of tympanic fingers.

One of the dangerous conditions is left ventricular failure. With this cardiac pathology, cyanosis will be accompanied by:

  • heart enlargement,
  • dyspnea,
  • by listening to 2 tones on the pulmonary artery,
  • tachycardia,
  • by muffling heart tones.

As mentioned, cyanosis occurs with heart failure, often accompanied by shortness of breath, tachycardia and other signs. What other diseases can testify cyanosis, we will tell further.

Diseases and disorders

Cyanosis never occurs as an independent symptom, it is always caused by some kind of ailment. So, local cyanosis is associated with thrombophlebitis of the extremities and obstruction of blood vessels in the body part. Central disturbance occurs much more often, but the reasons in this case are no less serious:

  • heart disease;
  • asthma;
  • pathology of blood circulation and respiratory system;
  • slowed blood flow in capillaries;
  • intoxication with substances that can provoke the formation of hemoglobin products;
  • emphysema;
  • myocarditis;
  • pneumonia.

Sometimes cyanosis appears as a result of external causes, for example, a long hypothermia. But most often serious diseases cause this symptom. Of particular importance are the pathologies of the cardiac sphere, since cyanosis in this case appears in any part of the body. Symptom can be accompanied by dangerous conditions( cardiogenic shock, stroke, pulmonary edema).

On how to get rid of the cyanosis of the mucous membranes, extremities, skin, we will tell below.

How to deal with such a symptom

You do not need to get rid of cyanosis, as this will not bring the desired effect. It is only a consequence of a disease that is important to accurately diagnose and treat as the doctor advises. If the cause of cyanosis is a problem in the respiratory or cardiological spheres, self-medication will in general aggravate the condition. Because of this, in the future, emergency hospitalization may be required.

After the appointment of treatment, you can use folk methods. All recipes are selected taking into account the problem that caused cyanosis:

  1. Thrombophlebitis .In this case, pick up the horse chestnut and remove the shell from it. Dried fruits for 12 hours insist in cold water, then the infusion should be boiled. The solution is drunk before eating on a tablespoon. The entire course is 12 days.
  2. With delayed blood circulation , a mask can be applied to the cyanosis site. For her, take aloe and honey, and after mixing leave it on the body for up to 15 minutes.
  3. When poisoning , it is better to drink decoction from the viburnum for better elimination of toxins. For a recipe, both leaves and fruits are equally suitable.
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