Rosacea: treatment by folk methods and diet is one of the serious ways to eliminate negative manifestations on the skin

Treatment of rosacea( rosacea) on the face and other parts of the body is often practiced by patients at home. About this, as well as on proper nutrition with rosacea, we'll talk today.

Methods for treating rosacea at home

Optimal methods for restoring the epidermis, removing redness, swelling, and additional anti-microbial skin treatment are:

  • lotions;
  • rubbing, washing with medicinal decoctions;
  • manually prepared ointments, masks;
  • decoctions of herbs taken internally.

It is worth remembering the basic principles of treatment with the help of home remedies:

  1. It is important to realize that traditional medicine is only part of complex therapy with rosacea. Home remedies completely cure the disease are not capable, but can greatly alleviate the symptoms and create conditions for further regression of all signs.
  2. Optimal solution for rosacea - combine medications and ointments with safe recipes of folk medicine. This is especially important for stages 2 - 3 of the disease.
  3. When using lotions, compresses, masks, always remember that they can only be cool, but not hot and cold. Warm, and even more hot means, applied to the diseased skin, will not cure, but will only intensify all pathological manifestations, actively expanding the already expanded vessels with rosacea. Cold, especially with ice water or ice, will cause the strongest irritation and spasm of blood vessels.
  4. Recheck recommended recipes. The skin of a particular patient has its own characteristics. The treatment plan should be worked out individually. Grass or a medicinal substance that helps one rosacea patient can harm another.
  5. To take into account that even the most useful natural substances can cause severe allergic manifestations: to intensify edema, erythema( reddening), to provoke the appearance of new vascular "stars".For example, such substances may be honey, propolis, cranberries. Harmless chamomile can lead to severe irritation with allergies to azulene.
  6. It is advisable to alternate home remedies to complexly affect the epidermis and not to become addictive.
  7. If burning, redness, swelling occurs during procedures, immediately discontinue the healing process and wash your face with boiled cold water.
  8. To protect yourself from an allergic reaction to the skin, before applying masks, lotions should be applied a little product on the wrist. If there are no unpleasant manifestations within 15 to 20 minutes, the remedy can be used.
  9. After washing, soak the skin with a soft thin towel, removing excess water, and do not wipe the face.

Natural and home remedies for rosacea treatment - the subject of this video:

Folk remedies

Traditional medicine methods aimed at eliminating skin defects are based on the use of curative natural products. But to select suitable recipes should be individually.

Cold packs

Principle of application: moisten the natural fabric in a chilled curative broth, juice, applying to sick sites for 20 - 40 minutes. During this time, the wet cloth is moistened several times in the medicinal liquid. The procedure is usually done daily or every other day up to 20 - 25 times, then give the skin a rest for 10 days.

For lotions use:

  • cabbage juice, diluted with boiled warm water( 1: 1);
  • cranberry juice, also mixed with water( first 1 to 3, then go to the ratio 1 to 1);
  • rose hips, boiled 3 minutes in water( 1 to 10) followed by infusion of broth for about 60 minutes;
  • tansy, mint and leaves of burdock( on a teaspoonful), filled with boiling water 500 ml and aged 3 hours for infusion;
  • aloe juice diluted with water( 1: 1);
  • kefir, restoring the work of the sebaceous glands, narrowing the pores and vessels.


The duration of the procedure should not exceed 20 - 40 minutes. The agent for masks is cooled, applied to a cotton cloth and applied to the patient areas. In all masks, it is advisable to add potato starch or oatmeal, which have the most beneficial effect on the epidermis, removing excess sebum, softening, moisturizing and smoothing the skin.

The most useful recipes:

  1. Oat flakes crush, pour hot milk for swelling. Or just cook porridge without sugar and salt. It is enough to repeat 1 time in 2 - 3 days.
  2. Cucumber without peel grate on a small grater until the gruel, add a teaspoon of crumbled pulp of aloe leaf. Apply to reddened places.
  3. Berries cranberries, sea buckthorn, raspberries grind into a slurry, introduce potato starch to get a mass, similar in density to sour cream.
  4. Grated fresh flowers of calendula, chamomile, yarrow leaves, horsetail, horse chestnut are taken in equal quantities and twisted in a meat grinder.
  5. Young leaves of aloe, aged 2 - 3 days in the cold, are ground into pulp, pruning spines.
  6. Starch, cold-pressed olive oil is mixed until the cream is thick and aged for 10 to 15 minutes before going to the cold.
  7. Raw potatoes tinder on a fine grater, squeeze, add oatmeal or starch. Boiled just kneaded.
  8. Fresh leaves of black elderberry or burdock are scalded with boiling water, ground into gruel.
  9. Treatment clay( 50 grams) is diluted with boiled water to a creamy state( once every 3 to 4 days).

Wipe and wash

Wipe and wash products are used several times a day, cool or at room temperature.


  1. Propolis solution with a concentration of no more than 5% to avoid skin burn.
  2. Mycelial, thermal, mineral water, excellent for removing irritation, itching, redness.
  3. Calendula tincture diluted in water 1 to 2 for rubbing.
  4. Infusion of chamomile. For 100 grams of dry daisies take a glass of boiling water, stand for an hour.
  5. Sage and tansy. Half a liter of boiling water is taken on 50 g of grass, kept on the fire for 5 minutes and insist for about 60 minutes.
  6. Mummy. Make a solution at the rate of 20 grams of mummy per 500 ml of boiled water.

Skin care for rosacea at home is described in this video:

Broth inside the

  • Horsetail stems, young stems of burdock in equal amounts crushed with nettle leaves in a blender. In two tablespoons of the mass add 500 ml of water, cook for 5 minutes. Drink 4 times a day for 100 ml before meals 10 - 14 days. Nettle contains vitamin K and thickens the blood, which should be taken into account for people with thrombosis.
  • Peppermint and calendula flowers are used in equal amounts. On a liter of water take 2 tablespoons of the mixture, boil for 10 minutes and insist 30 - 40 minutes. Drink before meals 200 ml twice a day. Course - 30 days. After a one-week break, repeat 2 more courses.
  • Mumio in the amount of 5 - 10 grams is bred in 0.5 liters of warm water. Drink in the morning before breakfast and before sleeping on a tablespoon course of 20 - 25 days. Next - a break of 10 days.


The diet with rosacea is an important part of complex treatment of pathology.

Basic principles:

  1. Frequent intake of food in small portions .This provides a stimulation of metabolism, accustoms the stomach to quickly saturate.
  2. Abundant use of liquid : pure water, weak non-corrosive tea, herbal decoctions, fresh diluted juices.

That it is impossible to eat

In order not to toughen the clinical picture, it is necessary: ​​

  1. Discard spices and condiments that promote vasodilation and blood flow to the face, including vinegar, mustard, pepper.
  2. Exclude hot first courses, spices, spices, alcohol, including red wine, hot drinks( above 60 C), strong black coffee, causing a strong and sharp vasodilation.
  3. Restrict canned foods, salt, smoked meat, sausages, marinades and pickles, fried foods, chocolate, cocoa, refined oils, lard.
  4. Do not eat oranges, grapes, tangerines, grapefruits, pears.
  5. Discard products that cause allergic reactions. Allergens increase vascular permeability, enhancing skin changes with rosacea.
  6. Reduce the consumption of sugar and sweet foods. Sugar activates oxidative processes, irritates the intestinal mucosa, aggravates inflammation on the skin.
  7. From time to time, practice a separate diet, monitoring the reaction of the body to each product to identify individual products provocateurs of painful manifestations.

What you can eat

The ration should include:

  • fish, seafood( in the absence of allergies);
  • lean meat in boiled and stewed and baked form;
  • fresh cucumbers, potatoes, cabbage of any sort, carrots, beets, beans, turnips, zucchini, eggplant, broccoli, dill;
  • apples, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, strawberries, cherries, strawberries, gooseberries, plums, bananas, blackberries( optimally-vegetables and fruits bake);
  • sour-milk products, milk, cottage cheese, cheese and sour cream( not greasy);
  • buckwheat groats, rice, oatmeal, cereal bread;
  • butter and vegetable oil not refined in small quantities;
  • nuts, seeds, including flaxseed and chia.

In case of a severe process, a short curative fasting is recommended according to a certain scheme.

Scheme for

Scheme for 5 days:

Days Ration
1 In the morning for 30 minutes slowly drink salt laxative( magnesium sulfate solution 10%).During the day - up to 2 - 2.5 liters of mineral water( Essentuki, Borjomi, Narzan).
2 For a day to drink 2 - 2.5 liters of mineral water
3 It is allowed to have vegetable soup, 200 to 250 grams of boiled potatoes, unrefined vegetable oil 5 to 10 ml or 10 grams of butter, cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk, stale white bread,(150 g), weak warm tea, apples, fresh cucumbers.
4 For dishes 3 days add fish, baked or boiled meat( 100 g), porridges
5 Add any vegetables, berries, fruits not forbidden with rosacea.

The symptoms and effective methods of home treatment of rosacea will be narrated by the video below:

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