Whether it is possible to drink alcohol when you accept Kagocel: interaction, consequences, responses

The winter period is rightfully leading in terms of the incidence of infections caused by viruses. In the season of influenza and ARVI traditionally skyrocket proceeds in pharmacy kiosks. People in a panic buy up antiviral drugs and immunomodulators, without even thinking, whether it is possible to combine them with other medicines or alcohol. The most popular means to combat various viruses is Kagocel.

Kagocel - what affects?

Kagocel is considered to be the most effective medicine to combat influenza viruses, herpes simplex, and their complications. The work of Kagocel is aimed at the development of alpha and beta interferons, which have increased activity against various viruses.

Compatibility with alcohol

Despite the very small availability of contraindications and negative manifestations during treatment, whether it can be taken with alcohol is a very controversial issue. The instruction does not give any instructions in this case, but if you understand in detail what exactly Kagocel is, then it becomes clear why doctors are still very cautious about the drug, but the time when a person takes alcohol.

First, any preparations of the group of interferons have a negative effect on the mental state of a person and they are not compatible with alcohol. Receiving Kagocel, especially in people who have a history of nerve disorders, may well lead to prolonged depression, excessive anxiety, suspiciousness and even attempted suicide.

Alcohol enhances the effect of the medication, so a similar neurological symptomatology may well appear in a healthy-looking person after drinking alcohol.

Secondly, the effect of alcohol blocks the action of interferons in the human body, so the money spent on Kagocel can be considered thrown to the wind. In this case, the virus will remain in the body, and the condition of a sick person under the influence of alcohol can only worsen.
Video review of the drug Kagocel:

Possible consequences of

Since the drug does not directly interact with alcohol and does not have increased toxicity, it can be said that serious consequences for the body after taking alcohol together with Kagocel should not occur.

However, after such interaction, unpleasant symptoms are often observed:


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  • increased fatigue;
  • daytime sleepiness and insomnia at night;
  • decreased activity;
  • decrease in efficiency and concentration of attention.

These neurological symptoms are not usually associated with the recent intake of alcoholic beverages during treatment. Fatigue is written off to a recently transferred disease, irritability - to a winter melancholy and so on. But in fact, this is the destructive effect of alcohol, coupled with the antiviral agent. And if you continue to drink during treatment, then you can earn a serious neurological status, and you will have to be treated not only from the flu.

When it is possible to take alcohol

Kagocel is a prolonged-release drug, its activity persists in the body for four to five days after a single dose.


As with many other medicines, drinking alcohol together with Kagocel will do more harm than pleasure, according to reviews of all doctors. That is why you should first take a course of treatment, get rid of the viral activity in your body and already on a background of complete health you can afford to drink alcohol.

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