Can rice with pancreatitis, rice porridge?

Rice in pancreatitis in its pure form is not used, but is only added to other dishes. It is boiled separately, wiped through a sieve, as well as the rest of the ingredients. In the medical diet, this product is present no more than once in three days. It should be remembered that pancreatitis is a disease( especially its chronic species) for life. Therefore, the diet is also life-long, with exacerbations justified fasting for up to three days.

Rice in pancreatitis is more useful than whole grains, of all varieties, wild and brown are valued. Nutrients of rice as cereals are completely preserved when steaming or cooking, do not disappear when rubbed. This product is served in combination with oily fish or lean meat, in which there is protein. Rice is part of the majority of vegetarian soups used in diets for this disease.

The use of rice in food with pancreatitis does not irritate the mucous, therefore, can not worsen the patient's condition in any way. Semi-viscous and mashed cereals are also steamed, as for most foods. The energy value is distributed in the following proportions for the entire diet: 20% - dinner, 30% - breakfast, 40% - lunch, 10% - afternoon tea. Gentle diet eliminates products with coarse fiber, containing extracts. With inflammation of the pancreas( pancreatitis), the liquid consistency of dishes is more useful for digestion than hard.

Rice porridge with pancreatitis

Once the doctor resolves enteral nutrition after an attack of pancreatitis, prepare liquid rice porridge on water or diluted milk, without oil, salt and sugar. To prepare the porridge, grind rice is taken, which is well boiled. You need 1 liter of liquid - water or milk. Since the pancreas may not be good for taking milk, it must be diluted with water. The cereal in an amount of 2/3 of the glass is well rinsed and boiled until boiling. Throw in a colander, water or milk warm, but do not bring to a boil, add the rump and cook until done.

With pancreatitis remission, friable rice porridge can be cooked with a small amount of salt, sugar, cream or sunflower oil. For cooking it is necessary to take one glass of polished rice, better than round, rinse well and leave to soak for 40-60 minutes. Then drain the water, pour 2 cups of boiling water. Let the boil, not closing the lid, add salt or sugar. Leave to cook for a little fire for 15-25 minutes, cover with a lid and do not remove it until the end of cooking. Add butter or sunflower oil after cooking.

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