Increase in the size of the pancreas - the causes, symptoms, signs, why increased, from what increases?

The pancreas is a vital organ in the human digestive system. It begins to function long before the appearance of the baby. In addition, that it participates in the process of digestion, it still secrete insulin, which promotes better absorption of glucose. When there is inflammation in the pancreas, a disease that is called pancreatitis develops. The causes of this disease can be several. In medical statistics, cases are recorded where, in a pancreatic disease of a pregnant woman, the fetus begins to work for two. Such a significant burden on the organ can lead to the birth of a baby with an enlarged gland. For this reason, various diseases can develop, such as diabetes mellitus and even cancerous tumors. Today we will talk about why this condition arises, about the causes that can cause an increase and about the symptoms of pancreatitis.

Causes of enlargement and inflammation of the gland:

  • abnormal development of the organ and excretory pathways. The gland can be a ring or horseshoe shape. In the output ways, constrictions can form;
  • blunt abdominal injuries can entail the activation of enzymes in the gland itself;
  • congestion in the intestine of not completely digested food leads to an increase in pressure inside the intestines, which leads to difficulty in the outflow of secretion;
  • pathology of bile ducts;
  • causes the occurrence of both congenital injuries and infectious diseases. Inflammation can develop after taking some medications. Dysfunction in infants leads to an increase in the pancreas. Many will have a question - why this happens? Yes, because in young children the digestive system is not immediately formed and therefore they should not be given a diet rich in carbohydrates.

Failures in the body promptly provoke insufficiency of insulin production. What entails a failure in the work of the gastrointestinal tract, a pronounced symptom of this ailment is malnutrition and the development of diabetes.

Problems with other internal organs can also lead to the onset of pancreatitis.

Symptoms of inflammation of the pancreas are pain in the navel area, sometimes they are given to the left or up. Attacks of pain can be sudden, sharp and aching. Also, the symptom of inflammation can be and shingles, as well as giving in the leg, arm, groin. The patient can vomit, he becomes inactive, sluggish. Often, there are violations of consciousness. There is exhausting and continuous vomiting, there is a rapid intoxication( diarrhea, gas formation, bloating, etc.).

This is why it is necessary to contact the doctor immediately after the appearance of any of the symptoms described above.

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