Antakson in the treatment of drug addiction: instructions, price, readings, testimonials

Treatment of drug addiction, especially heroin, is a slow process. Antakson therapy is one of the steps to interrupt dependence.

Antakson in the treatment of drug addiction

The international name of the drug is Antaxone.

Antakson is a medicinal product that is one of the means for treatment of opioid dependence in complex therapy. The manufacturer of the drug is the largest Italian pharmaceutical company Zambon S.p. A.The average price is 1350 rubles.

This drug is extremely useful for the treatment of drug addicts in two forms:

  • capsules of 10 pieces per package;
  • solution for internal use orally, 10 ml the vial.

The active substance of the medication is Naltrexone.


One tablet of Antakson contains 50 ingredient - naltrexone hydrochloride, as well as auxiliary substances: magnesium stearate and monohydrate of latose.

One bottle of 10 ml preparation.contains the same 50 mg.naltrexone hydrochloride and auxiliary components: aromatic bitter No. 1631, sorbitol, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, ethyl alcohol, purified water.

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Pharmacological action

If you use complex medical terminology, then Antakson blocks opioid receptors. Difficult, is not it? In simple terms, the active substance Antaksona - unparalleled naltrexone hydrochloride simply blocks the access of heroin to those sensitive neurons that cause a sensation of buzz in the addict. A drug addict who has taken a medicine, even with a relapse of the disease and injected with the next dose, simply will not feel the habitual drug intoxication. Only one Antaksona tablet is capable of blocking the effect of injected heroin up to a day. The doubled dosage of the drug does not allow opiates to be applied to the human body within 48 hours.


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Antakson has no significant effect on the body, except that the pupils slightly narrow.

The drug Antakson does not cause any dependence, and its reception can be terminated at any time.


After taking a pill or solution, the drug is well absorbed and is 95% cleaved in the liver to form active metabolites. The maximum concentration in the body of the patient reaches an hour after ingestion. It is excreted by the kidneys for four hours.

Indications for use

The main indication for the appointment of an Antaksona patient is a marked dependence on the use of opiates. The purpose of the drug is to stabilize the drug addict's condition in which the drug has no effect on it. With the help of Antokson, a drug addict can overcome the physical craving for drugs.

A necessary condition for treatment is the absence of an abstinence syndrome. That is, in other words, the patient's body must be free of the drug. The last use of heroin should be made no later than 10 days before treatment with Antakson. This is due to the effect of the drug instantaneously removing heroin from the body, causing the strongest abstinence( breakage), which the drug addict risks not to survive on his own. Thus, Antaksona's reception should be conducted under the supervision of a doctor-narcologist and after certain tests for the presence of a narcotic substance in the patient's body.

Among other things, Antakson is also used in the treatment of alcoholism in the same doses as in the treatment of drug addiction.

Method of application of

After the doctor has ascertained that the patient has no signs of withdrawal syndrome and has not found traces of opiates in the analyzes, it is possible to start with caution introducing Antakson into the drug addict's body.

In the future, the drug is taken either as a solution, or in capsules once a day with a dosage of 50 mg.

Treatment regimens Antakson:

  1. The patient takes 50 mg of Antakson daily for five days. On the sixth day of application, the dose is doubled to 100 mg per day.
  2. You can take the drug every other day for 100 mg or two days for 150 mg.
  3. More conscious patients who are determined not to resume taking drugs can take Antakson as follows: 100 mg per day, the next day 100 mg, two days later 150 mg and another 100 mg again in two days. This scheme is convenient to use on the days of the week: Monday - 100 mg, Tuesday - 100 mg, Friday - 150 mg.

Course treatment should be conducted under the supervision of a doctor-expert in narcology. The minimum course of therapy lasts 3 months. In an ideal medicine should be taken from six months.


As with any medicine, there are contraindications to Antakson:

  • the presence of traces of the drug in the urine;
  • hepatitis in acute form;
  • acute hepatic impairment;
  • pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding;
  • is under 18 years of age;
  • individual intolerance of the active substance;
  • absence of a naloxone test.

Adverse events

As a rule, Antakson is well tolerated by patients. However, some patients complain of the appearance of unpleasant symptoms after taking the medicine, namely:

  • from the digestive side - nausea, vomiting, less often - constipation or diarrhea, abdominal pain;
  • Other side effects - sexual dysfunction, muscle pain, headache, irritability, anxiety, the appearance of insomnia.


Practicing narcologists consider Antakson to be a very important drug for the treatment of addiction to opiates. The meaning of treatment with this medication is seen in maintaining a sober lifestyle during the time that a drug addict needs in order to dislodge thoughts of a drug from their minds.

The drug addicts themselves have a dual attitude to Antakson. Those who are tired of life "high" and really wants to get rid of cravings, calmly treat the medication, consider it necessary and useful. There is also a second group - those who are being treated, but rather pretend that they are being treated for drug addiction, under the influence of relatives.

Many relatives of drug addicts undergoing treatment say that Antakson did not help relatives to keep from taking the next dose, and their son, husband or brother again returned home, drugged with a drug. In fact, the drug is very effective, the whole point is that the addict decided to continue to use opiates and does not take the drug or starts up on tricks so that the active substance does not penetrate the body. If reality is such, then it is not worth throwing money at an expensive medicine, it will not help. First of all, there must be a true desire of the addict himself to lead a sober lifestyle.

Analogues of

A cheaper analogue of Antaksona is the domestic Naltrexone - a drug in tablets and solution for oral administration. The more expensive drug is the American Prodetoxone. Produced in tablets for implantation under the skin. The principle of action is the same, but due to subcutaneous administration it is easier to control by the narcologists.

When treating addiction, it is worth remembering that taking any drug, including Antakson, is not a panacea. The main thing is the true desire of the drug addict himself, then any therapy will be saved.

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