How to choose the ointment from the lichen on the skin of a man?

Ointment from lichen If you or your child have lichen, his treatment should be started immediately, as he has a property spread throughout the body. This is not only a physical, psychological, but also an aesthetic problem that must be addressed.

Fungal microflora and viruses are the causative agents of human fungi. The mechanism of infection has not been studied to the end, but there are suggestions that stressful situations, emotional and physical overstrain, weakening of the body's immune forces, genetic predisposition and the presence of infectious diseases are factors that increase the risk of lichen.

Below we will consider in more detail, than to treat lichen in a person, and what ointments to use for a particular type of depriving.

The best anti-diarrhea ointments for a person

Under deprivation is understood a whole group of fungal diseases of the skin( pink, red, ringworm, otrebus, color).The principles of therapy for each species are somewhat different, so the ointments used to treat this skin ailment a

lso vary.

The most common ointments with pink deprive:

  • Carnot-ointment;
  • Serno-salicylic ointment;
  • Chill-bolt;
  • Oletatrine Ointment;
  • Sinalar( corticosteroid);
  • Flucinar( corticosteroid).

The best ointments from ringworm and pityriasis lichen:

  • Mikoseptin;
  • Miconazole;
  • Exoderate;
  • Terbinafine;
  • Lamisyl;
  • Clothrimazole;
  • Nizoral;
  • Ointment Yam;
  • Sinalar;
  • Flucinar.

Popular ointments from shingles:

  • Acyclovir;
  • Gerperax;
  • Zovirax;
  • Vivorax;
  • Gel Panavir.

Effective ointments from red flat lichen:

  • Advantan;
  • Celestoderm;
  • Hydrocortisone ointment 1%;
  • Prednisone ointment 0.5%;
  • Ointment Flumethasone;
  • Triamcinolone ointment.

With extensive fungal lesions and severe disease, dermatologists prescribe corticosteroid hormone ointments. They are highly effective, they quickly cope with painful symptoms, but they have many contraindications and are not recommended for prolonged use.

Ointment from pink lichen

Pink lichen will pass and without special treatment with ointments after 1-2 months. Therefore, the main goal of therapy is the elimination of itching and the prevention of secondary infection of the skin. The drugs of choice for external treatment of pink lichen are:

  1. Chillot.
  2. Corn and tar ointment.
  3. Serno-salicylic ointment.
  4. Oletatrine Ointment is an antibacterial agent of a wide spectrum.

These products dry and disinfect the skin, reduce the intensity of itching. In the presence of severe itching on affected areas of the skin, the patient can be prescribed drugs based on corticosteroid hormones:

  1. Sinalar is a drug based on a combination of synthetic glucocorticoid and a broad-spectrum antibacterial agent.
  2. Lassar paste ( salicylic-zinc paste) is an antiseptic with antimicrobial, drying and anti-inflammatory effect.
  3. Lorinden A is a combined preparation based on a synthetic glucocoricosteroid, an antimicrobial agent and salicylic acid.
  4. Flucinar is a hormonal drug based on a glucocorticoid. Helps to eliminate peeling on the surface of plaques depriving, removes inflammation and itching.

To avoid complications of the disease, the administration of ointments for the treatment of pink lichen should be performed by a dermatologist.

Serno Tar Ointment

Ointments for multi-colored and ringworm

Treatment of multicolored lichen, microsporia and trichophytosis can be carried out by applying an ointment against the fungus, an active ingredient in which clotrimazole, terbinafine, ketoconazole or mycoseptin.

In case of human disease, ringworm dermatologists prescribe Exoderyl with the main active substance - naphthyfine. This strong preparation is sufficient to apply once a day. It quickly removes inflammation and burning sensation on the skin. Also appointed with color deprivation.

Ointment yam bq from lichen

An interesting way to get rid of depriving dermatologists is offered to those patients who can not cure a sore by human pharmaceutical drugs. In this case, doctors offer ointment "Yam", which refers to veterinary drugs.

The composition of this medication is represented by sulfur, petroleum jelly, tar, salicylic acid, zinc oxide and other chemical components. Especially good "Yam" heals the lichen obtained by a person in contact with a sick animal.

Ointment yam bq from lichen

Gray ointment against lichen

A sulfuric ointment is a drug based on a chemical element - sulfur, which has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. This drug is produced in glass vials and tubes that do not transmit light rays.

The course of treatment depriving of sulfuric ointment is 5 days. The drug should be applied to the affected area of ​​the skin twice a day. In some cases, it is useful to apply a compress on the affected area( provided that the ointment does not cause side effects).

Sulfur ointment from lichen

Ointment for lichen for children

Children's age is often a contraindication to the use of this or that ointment against lichen. That is why the choice of a remedy for treatment should be treated carefully and carefully. Many pediatricians advise the use of natural ointments based on tar, salicylic acid, iodine, sulfur in the therapy of children's lichens.

Therapy should be prescribed only by a dermatologist or pediatrician. Self-medication can lead to transition depriving in a chronic stage, which is fraught with relapses of the disease. When you have an allergy to the ointment, you need to see a doctor again to designate a safer analog.

Interaction of ointments with other medicines

Almost any ointment from lichen interacts well with other types of drugs, including antibiotics, which are prescribed for certain types of diseases( for example, with pink Zhibera hair loss).However, you need to remember about the individual characteristics of the body and about the contraindications in the use of a drug.

It is important to understand that a dermatologist can correctly appoint a treatment. The main danger of self-treatment is that in the early stages of the symptoms of different types of lichen are very similar to each other, and therefore there is a probability of treatment with unsuitable ointments.

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