Treatment of enterocolitis of the intestine in adults, how to treat, how to cure, what help is provided?

Treatment of enterocolitis in adults is carried out using several methods: medication, folk and diet. At a diet the fat and sharp food, alcoholic drinks, smoked and salty products are excluded. The basis should be easy-assimilated dishes that are cooked for steaming, sour-milk products with minimal fat content, which helps with enterocolitis in restoring intestinal functionality.

If medication is prescribed, then the drugs should be taken strictly on schedule. Painful sensations are removed with the help of antispasmodics, or a warmer is applied to the hearth. So, how to cure enterocolitis?

How to treat enterocolitis with medicines?

To prescribe medicines for the treatment of enterocolitis, the doctor must first identify the reason why he began to develop. In the event that the pathology was caused by an infection, antibacterial treatment will be prescribed. The specialist selects antibiotics that are able to provide support in the fight against pathogens of inflammatory processes in the intestine. These include a variety of drugs from the penicillin series or cephalosporins.

Since enterocolitis is accompanied by painful sensations, the specialist will prescribe the use of antispasmodics. In order to restore the normal functioning of the digestive tract, enzyme-containing medications are used. It can be: Mezim Forte, Pancreatin or Creon.

In the case of treatment of chronic enterocolitis that has not been caused by an infectious disease, continuous monitoring of a specialist is required: a gastroenterologist, a therapist or a surgeon. This type of gastrointestinal tract disease involves a complex and multicomponent treatment complex.

It should be noted that in the most severe cases, in order to cure enterocolitis in adults, except for the use of medications, a surgical operation can be prescribed.

Treatment of enterocolitis in adults with folk remedies

There are a lot of different recipes in the people how to cure enterocolitis in adults. To remove the symptoms of the disease will help simple fresh squeezed carrot juice. It is enough to drink 60 ml daily several times a day and before sitting down to ease the swelling, pain, reduce nausea and vomiting.

When eliminating the symptoms of enterocolitis, the garlic juice, which has soothing properties, will also benefit, and due to the presence of phytoncides, it can have a disinfectant effect in the intestine. A simple garlic head squeezes the juice and mixes with a spoonful of milk. To improve appetite and normalization of secretory intestinal activity, it is enough to take a spoon several times a day.

An excellent tool for treating the disease in adults is the mixing of medications and folk remedies. So, in addition to the use of drugs, you can take such a remedy: mixed in an equal proportion of valerian, rhizomes of aira, fennel seeds, chamomile collection and poured 250 ml of boiling water. It should be noted that only one tablespoon of the mixture is taken for such a volume of liquid. Now you need to insist all for several hours. It is taken as a medicine for enterocolitis 150 ml several times a day.

How to treat diarrhea? To adjust the intestinal activity with enterocolitis and to eliminate diarrhea, a decoction of broth is provided. To make it, you need to fill a tablespoon with 250 ml of boiling water. The mixture is on a low heat for about 15 minutes, and then half a day is left for infusion. The reception should take place on a tablespoon. Such a tool has the feature of providing astringent efficacy, as well as eliminating inflammatory processes.

Used in the treatment and folk remedy, prepared from oak bark, bird cherry and blueberries. All components must be in equal proportions. They are crushed and poured with boiling water, if the ratio is 1: 4.It is applied 150 ml three times a day. It is recommended to take this medication before eating. It will help with constipation, eliminate inflammation and provide astringent efficacy.

How to cure enterocolitis yarrow? Just! It is enough to find a flowering plant, to get juice from it, and to use it undiluted on a spoon before sitting down to eat. Juice will help get rid of flatulence, restore the activity of the intestine and normalize the stool.

Diet in the treatment of enterocolitis

How to treat the disease with a diet? Nutrition in adults is aimed at eliminating inflammatory-dystrophic changes in the intestinal mucosa, as well as restoring normal functionality and preventing putrefactive and fermenting processes. First of all, when enterocolitis is prescribed the use of a large amount of fluid, which contribute to the removal of toxic substances from the body. Instead of tea, various compotes and decoctions of medicinal plants are used. On the second day is allowed to maintain an apple diet, which will help to eliminate putrefactive processes in the intestine.

The next few days the diet for treatment with enterocolitis expands to those products that do not cause irritation of the intestine and will not excite the secretion of juices of digestion. These dishes include: boiled porridge of rice, manga, oats with a little addition of butter, pureed meat, mashed curd products, fermented milk products, jelly and jelly from berries, citrus and various types of puddings.

When the patient has an enterocolitis of the intestine an improvement begins, then the use of meatballs, knels, meatballs, cutlets is permitted. All this should be prepared for a couple. When dieting, it is prohibited to consume more than 8 grams of salt, fat is more than 70 g. In the menu, adults have foods that are rich in vitamins, calcium salts.

As an exception: salt, spicy, cold food, boiled and raw fruits, canned and pickled products, spices, rye bread, foods with a lot of fat, honey and soda.

Food should be taken about 5-6 times a day. Due to the fact that you will carefully follow the dietary recommendations, you can quickly get rid of enterocolitis.

In the course of treatment of enterocolitis with medicamentous and folk remedies, remember that the key to a successful outcome of procedures will depend on sufficient fluid intake. This can be attributed to a weak state without added sugar, tea, ordinary purified water, rice decoctions. Do not drink water chewed food, as well as drink immediately after eating tea or coffee. Soak for half an hour.

All treatment of enterocolitis in adults will be appointed by a specialist, only strict adherence to its recommendations will help you quickly and effectively get rid of the disease.

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