Constipation after alcohol,( drinking, binge drinking) martini

Such delicate problem as prolonged constipation, many people create themselves. And not only the use of fixing products leads to the fact that there is a delay in the stool. Constipation after alcohol, especially consumed in large quantities or for several days, may also occur. Happy meetings with friends or relatives have passed, and health problems will remain for a long time. Sometimes the piano does not pass without consequences. The body expresses its protest through the gastrointestinal tract. Alcohol, being inherently disinfectant, changes the flora of the intestines, and causes various disruptions in the digestive organs, including constipation.

Due to the fact that there are practically no people who are unfamiliar with holding holidays with hot drinks, it is necessary to find out what the experts recommend in order to avoid possible problems:

  • The prevailing view is that before drinking alcohol you should eat something fat, to avoid the emergence of a hangover, at the root is wrong. Many constipation after drinking is caused just by combining fatty foods and alcohol-containing drinks;
  • To the choice of alcoholic beverages for the feast should also be taken more carefully. Many of them contain substances that adversely affect the walls of the intestine. Usually there is a strong constipation after a martini, as in the composition of this alcoholic beverage they come in large quantities;
  • The most severe consequences occur in the event that the usual merry gatherings with friends turn into a long booze, the so-called drinking-bout. Long-term use of alcohol leads to severe disruptions in the internal organs. Especially this applies to the digestive system. The simplest reason, which can in this case provoke the appearance of constipation after alcohol, is that liquor in large quantities draws liquid from the intestine. In addition, a person in the event of a long drinking-bout practically stops eating, which also has a negative effect on the activity of the digestive tract.

From all of the above it follows that you can avoid the problem if you approach the use of alcohol-containing liquids with great care. If this did not work out, and alcohol drunk led to constipation, it is necessary to arrange a discharge day for the body. Eat only fruits and vegetables. They contain not only vitamins, but also a large amount of plant fiber, which stimulates the work of the intestines.

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