Diarrhea in a child in 3 years, diarrhea( loose stool) in a three-year

Diarrhea is the most common disease in children. The peak of its occurrence falls on the younger preschool age. Diarrhea in a child of 3 years is usually provoked by pathogenic microorganisms of an infectious nature that fall into the body of a three-year-old from the outside, through improper and poor-quality food, unwashed vegetables or fruits, which the curious little bit tries to use directly from the garden, and through dirty hands. If a child has a liquid stool in 3 years, do not panic immediately, but hope that everything goes by yourself, too, by no means impossible.

To determine the severity of sudden diarrhea, the parents of children who are 3 years old or slightly less need to be able to determine what it is, just a frequent thin stool, or a dangerous form of diarrhea begins to develop. This will help to take emergency measures. In the case when watery stools do not carry a pathological danger, it is enough just to stop them with special medicines or a home remedy such as rice decoction.

But if the diarrhea that occurs in a child in 3 years is accompanied by additional severe symptoms, and there are inclusions of blood, mucus or extraneous impurities in the feces, there can be no question of an independent stop of the liquid stool. Such diarrhea in 3 years is treated only by a specialist after conducting an appropriate diagnosis. Before the doctor's arrival, parents should make up for the liquid lost by the body with a watery stool to prevent the development of dehydration of the baby.

Possible causes of diarrhea in 3 years

Diarrhea in children at 3 years old can be neurogenic, alimentary, dyspeptic, infectious or toxic. It is easily caused by potent medication, which was used to treat another disease. Among the factors that can provoke diarrhea in a three-year-old child, the following usually stand out:

  • Watery stools with an increased frequency of defecation can be a sign of enteritis - small bowel disease, or colitis - colon pathology;
  • A typical liquid stool in a three-year-old baby is sometimes a disease, such as functional diarrhea. The physical development of the child with this disease does not stop, therefore the provoked diarrhea in 3 years pathology is revealed only by laboratory tests;
  • The most common causes of diarrhea in a child are 3 years of getting into the body of viruses or infections, so parents need to follow their hygiene and feeding their babies as closely as possible;
  • Diarrhea in young children can be one of the first signs of dysentery. In this case, you need a timely call to the doctor to identify the pathology and begin appropriate treatment.

Often parents ask such a question: "Diarrhea is 3 years, how to determine the cause"?Here, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the frequency of the stool, since it can be different for various diseases, which served as a prerequisite for the development of diarrhea. Also, liquid stools can have a mushy or watery consistency. So, with amoebiasis in the feces, vitreous mucus and bloody inclusions are present, so the feces become similar to raspberry jelly, and in dysentery the feces first have a dense consistency, and then soften and come out in less quantity. They also appear mucous and bloody elements. These pathologies can be accompanied by bloating, rumbling and pain in him.

Diarrhea in a 3-year-old child, what should I do?

If in the earliest years the baby began to defecate more than three times a day and the stools got a watery consistency, but the doctor arrived did not reveal any serious pathology, young moms are always interested in what can be done in this case to save the baby from unpleasant sensations? With a light diarrhea in 3 years, you must comply with enhanced drinking regimen, which will not allow the dehydration of crumbs. Children can be given as Regidron from the pharmacy, and ordinary boiled water. Drink in small portions throughout the day, and the volume of water is taken from the calculation of 10 ml per kilogram of weight.

Also, if a child in 3 years of this type of diarrhea should adjust the diet. At the age of three, he is different from the one recommended to infants. For older children, it is recommended that only bananas, apples, rice boiled on water, and crackers be used in the very first days of the appearance of bowel dysfunction. When the acute form of the disease takes place, it will be possible to supplement the menu with sour-milk and flour products, boiled vegetables and low-fat boiled meat. To restore the microflora it is also useful to give the kids natural yogurt with bifido- and lactobacilli.

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