Diarrhea after eggs

Such an ailment, like diarrhea, is often associated with food poisoning, allergies, and individual individual intolerance to certain foods. Eggs in certain cases also contribute to the occurrence of diarrhea, accompanied by unpleasant sensations. However, it should be noted that diarrhea from eggs is quite a rare phenomenon, and it may be related, or with the body's refusal to take it in a separate form( cheese, boiled, fried), or with contamination with salmonella. Also, the development of diarrhea can contribute to digested chicken eggs with darkened yolk. Because of them very often there can be an upset stomach, which does not pose a particular danger and quickly passes.

But the situation with salmonella is more dangerous. This disease is otherwise called the disease of raw eggs, because it arises for the most part precisely from their use. This ailment is an acute infectious disease and is characterized by a variety of clinical manifestations. The symptomatology peculiar to salmonellosis is manifested in gastrointestinal symptoms, which in the absence of adequate treatment can cause dehydration and intoxication. The most frequent symptoms in this disease are nausea, vomiting, watery diarrhea and pain in the epigastric region.

Diarrhea after eggs - a sign of salmonellosis

The flow of this disease, both in children and adults, is similar to foodborne disease, as salmonella secretes toxins that damage the intestinal mucosa. And this contributes to the increase in its clearance of secretion of mineral salts and liquid, which causes the development within a few hours of diarrhea, which dehydrates the body. After using raw eggs contaminated with salmonella, the digestion process is disrupted, the patient experiences repeated vomiting, pains in the abdomen, watery diarrhea begins and the temperature rises to a critical level.

The course of this disease, although it has the main features, but begins in all patients in different ways. The incubation period can last up to several days. At this time, there are external signs, expressed in the pallor of the skin, but diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms are absent. The more time passes after poisoning with eggs, the more obvious becomes diarrhea, the color of the feces at which acquires a greenish tinge with impurities of blood and a sharp unpleasant odor. Patients who have the first signs of this disease need an urgent call of a doctor, and as salmonellosis very quickly develops dehydration, aggravating the action of the microorganism, patients should give large amounts of liquid.

Necessary recommendations for lovers of raw eggs:

  • To avoid such dangerous symptoms as diarrhea, which can cause this product, when buying it is worth looking at the date of production. The deadline for their use is 7 days;
  • Very important is the study of their shells. In the event that there are incomprehensible specks and cracks on it, the risk of possible poisoning or contamination with salmonella rises several times;
  • The development of diarrhea and other intestinal symptoms is also caused when the shell is not clean enough, therefore, to avoid diarrhea from eggs, it should be thoroughly treated with hot water;
  • Store eggs separately from other products. This avoids the contamination of other products, and therefore does not allow the occurrence of diarrhea from their use.

But in general, diarrhea from eggs happens very rarely, but to help with liquid stools in some cases it can be quite good, especially if you cook it correctly.

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