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Damage to the skin, accompanied by penetration of the upper layer of the epidermis of pathogenic microorganisms with subsequent inflammation, requires immediate medical treatment to prevent possible negative manifestations and aggravation of the process. And such a drug as Videastim, perfectly copes with both the bulk stages of the pathological processes of the upper layer of the epidermis, and with the neglected, has proved to be an effective and easy-to-use remedy for treating small skin lesions.

Quickly penetrating deep into the skin, Videstim eliminates the symptoms of dry skin, small cracks on it, inflammatory processes that inevitably occur in places where microorganisms penetrate. Stimulating the regeneration of skin cells, the drug Videstim eliminates incidentally also increased dryness of the skin, its slow healing in wounds and mechanical injuries, allows you to restore its healthy state more quickly by normalizing the water balance in the epidermis, accelerating the metabolic processes in it


Features of the drug

The most important characteristic for any drug that is used to restore skin, should be considered ease of use, an indicator of effectiveness and the possibility of using for a long time, as skin lesions often require a long-term therapeutic effect.

The listed indicators for the drug Videstim can be considered one of the highest in comparison with the analogs presented today on sale. If you add an affordable price to them, you can better understand the reason for its popularity and relevance. Balanced composition, relatively small amount of adverse side effects during use, the possibility of using the drug in a complex effect - its additional advantages over other means for skin regeneration.

Videstim( photo)

Dosage forms

Pharmacies offer the agent in the form of an ointment( %), which provides excellent results of treatment, with the minimum of complications that may accompany the treatment process. Its application is simple, does not require rubbing and fixing bandage. The frequency of use depends on the stage of the pathological process, its location, and the presence and severity of the positive dynamics of treatment.

The preparation is on sale in the form of an aluminum tube of various volumes 10 and 30 g.

Composition of Videstim

The composition of the drug Videastim is balanced, which is manifested in its high degree of efficiency. The active agent is retinol palmitate. The following components are classified as auxiliary components of the remedy:

  • purified paraffin oil;
  • pure( distilled) water;
  • ethyl alcohol;
  • emulsion wax;
  • butylhydroxytoluene;
  • butylhydroxyaniazole.

The listed components are in the ointment under consideration in the most balanced amount, which determines its high efficiency.


According to buyers' reviews, the drug Videstim is one of the most accessible today, designed to eliminate the most obvious manifestations of skin lesions. The cost is from 98 rubles( 10 g tube volume) to 185 rubles for an aluminum tube of 30 g.

Pharmacological action

The rapid manifestation of the positive dynamics of treatment is due to the peculiarities of the drug's effect on the affected skin areas.

Regeneration of the epidermis is stimulated by the active substance of this agent, which affects the epithelial cells that have retinol receptors. There is a binding of cells, which leads to a more active formation of skin cells.


Rapidly penetrating into the bloodstream, the active substance of Videestim begins to heal after several hours. The removal of its decay products is carried out partly by skin integuments, in part by the kidneys. Half-life occurs during 5-6 hours, followed by the removal of decay products from the body.


The therapeutic effect on the affected areas of the skin is carried out in accordance with the rate of penetration of the active substance into the cells. With Videstim, the keratinization process slows down, which also contributes to the speedy recovery of the skin.


Indications for use of the agent in question include the following diseases and conditions:

  • long-term healing of cutaneous mechanical lesions;
  • decreased skin immunity;
  • pseudosarcopthy;
  • appearance of a large number of cracks in the skin;
  • its increased dryness.

The drug showed itself perfectly in the elimination of age-related changes in the skin, with its rapid and premature aging, the appearance of wrinkles, the manifestation of hyperpigmentation. The loss of skin elasticity is also well treated by the regular application of Widestim.

Instruction for use

The use of the preparation in question is not difficult. It is applied to the pre-cleaned skin, it is necessary to apply an uneven uniform layer, which does not require rubbing and subsequent application of the fixing bandage.

The frequency of application is usually determined by the attending physician-dermatologist, it can be 1 to 3 times a day. Duration of use is determined by the positive dynamics of the treatment process. Due to the lack of a hormonal component in the ointment, the use of Widestim can be quite long, which ensures the maximum preservation of the result.


Adult use of the drug Videstim is determined by the instructions and usually requires regular application of a thin layer to the areas of damaged skin. The drug is applied 1-3 times a day for 2-6 weeks, after which you can take a break for resting the skin. If necessary, the treatment is repeated.

For children

For children's sensitive skin requires a more gentle mode of application of this drug. The frequency of application is usually for children from year to day during the day, the duration of use is 1-3 weeks.

In pregnancy and lactation

  • Pregnancy requires a particularly acute use of this drug, it is usually carried out under the supervision of a dermatologist.
  • When lactated, the drug is used when necessary, because, according to medical data, the active substance can penetrate into breast milk after prolonged use.


Contraindications to the use of the drug is called hypersensitivity to any of the component components of Videastim, a tendency to manifest allergic reactions. Acute stages of inflammatory processes are also grounds for refusing the use of the agent in question.

Side effects of

Allergic manifestations in the form of skin rashes, the appearance of enhanced skin pigmentation, exacerbation of existing inflammatory processes - these side effects may occur when using Videesth with a particularly sensitive skin, its propensity to allergic reactions.

Special instructions

Up to 1 year, children are not recommended to use the drug Widestim in view of the likely occurrence of side effects and high sensitivity of the skin of young children.

Interaction with other drugs

The possibility of using Widestim in complex treatment is an important advantage of this drug. At the same time, there is an increase in its medicinal properties.


According to reviews of those who have already used the drug in the treatment of skin lesions, its high efficiency, due to the balance of composition and the thoughtfulness of the number of components used, can eliminate the most acute manifestations of skin diseases.

  • Different types of eczema, dermatoses, which are practically at any stage of development, are excellent for treatment with regular use of Videastim. It is also often noted the possibility to eliminate such unpleasant manifestations as excessive dryness of the skin, the appearance of cracks, wrinkles, premature skin aging.
  • Determining what is best - Vibesti or Radevit, many dermatologists stop at the recommendation to apply Widestim in case of serious skin lesions and aggravation of current pathology. Radevit, according to reviews, is able to cope with earlier and shallow changes in dermatoses and eczema.
  • Reviews of those who used this drug against early wrinkles, Videastim helps quickly and permanently eliminate facial wrinkles. The more profound it reduces in manifestation, smoothing the adjacent skin and stimulating its active regeneration. Apply in the fight against wrinkles, the drug should be a thin layer, slightly driving into the skin.
  • In the fight against adipes and acne, the agent in question has proved to be the best in a complex effect. We can see better if there are pimples of different nature to use after applying a disinfectant solution: this will reduce the area of ​​inflammation and prevent a possible relapse.


To the analogues of the drug include a cream for external use Adaklin, Izotreksin, Effezel.

On other, cheaper analogues of Widestim from wrinkles will tell the video below:

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