Pancreatic dysfunction: symptoms, treatment, diet in a child and an adult

The pancreas regulates various processes in the body, in particular, the process of digestion, as well as the production of basic hormones. What are the same dangers to the body may face dysfunction of this body?

It is important to understand that in the first place in the violation of the pancreas functions, its owners are directly to blame. After a violation of diet and addiction to alcohol, often leads to the fact that the body does not perform the necessary functions in full, and accordingly, in this case it is a question of its dysfunction.

It should be noted that there are a number of symptoms that indicate the onset of this ailment. Often, it is manifested by severe pain, which seems to envelop the entire body, reflected not only in the abdomen, but also in the back, as well as the hypochondrium. In some cases, dysfunction of the pancreas can be manifested by burning pain, which indicates an exacerbation of the situation, and the need to contact specialists in the shortest possible time.

As a rule, at the initial stage, dysfunction is indicated by a disorder of the stool, as well as nausea and periodic vomiting. That is why at this stage it is advisable to take the measures necessary to establish the work of this body, as well as to improve the implementation of its basic functions. In this case, often, you can do without even taking medication, you only need to correct your own diet in a timely manner.

Pancreatic dysfunction is dangerous because if all the necessary measures are not taken in a timely manner, then the tissue necrosis is very likely. Therefore, in order to ensure that the functions of the pancreas are realized in full, it is so important not to overload this body with abundant, fatty and harmful food. At the same time, any physical activity is strictly prohibited, and it is likely that a specialist will need to be monitored and additional medications will be needed to help normalize her work.

The danger of dysfunction of this organ is also in the fact that it affects not only the immediate process of digestion, but also the state of the whole organism. Therefore, if even the initial symptoms that indicate a worsening of her work appear, it is urgent to adjust your own diet and try to do everything possible to minimize any stress on the pancreas to a minimum.

Treatment of pancreatic dysfunction

If symptoms of pancreatic dysfunction occur, medications( usually in the form of tablets) should be taken with all the necessary enzymes for the organ. The most common tablets are Mezim-forte, Pancreatin. If the problem occurs frequently, you should always have these drugs at hand. With severe pain giving to the left hypochondrium, the treatment of pancreatic dysfunction continues with No-shp, to relieve spasms and dilate the ducts in the organ.

During inflammation, it is important to drink plenty of mineral water, but without gases. The volume of drunk should be one and a half liters. Many doctors recommend the first days after the occurrence of problems, drink Essentuki or Narzan about three liters a day, then gradually reduce the volume.

Diet for pancreatic dysfunction

As soon as the symptoms of the disease are manifested, it is a signal to observe a certain diet. On the first day it is better to give up eating altogether, since they will save only crackers, and in unlimited quantities. You can drink mineral water and black tea. The diet for pancreatic dysfunction consists of low-calorie foods, with a minimum amount of salt. Frozen, smoked dishes are completely excluded.

The diet should be observed for at least a month. And if forever abandon harmful food, then the pancreas may not disturb more. Daily it is necessary to drink about half a liter of mineral water, to take digestive preparations. Pancreatic dysfunction in a child

If a child has symptoms of exacerbation of pancreatitis, he is immediately put in a hospital for further treatment. First and foremost, all therapy is aimed at coping with acute pain. It is very important that the pulse and blood pressure be controlled by a doctor. Children are discharged home for further therapy after the acute symptoms subsided. Pancreatic dysfunction in a child is eliminated not only by droppers and injections, but also by dietary nutrition. It is extremely important to provide complete rest to the body and at the same time to compensate for all its energy costs. First, a hunger pause is introduced for two days. At this time, using a nasogastric tube, the gastric secretion is sucked. Prescribed drugs aimed at blocking pancreatic secretion. The most common are Dalargin, Somatostatin. For severe pain, children are prescribed analgesics and antipsychotics.

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