Dandelion in pancreatitis

In the presence of pancreatitis in acute form, it is necessary to adhere to a strict diet, in which all pest is harmful from the diet. In this case, you should also take decoctions and juices from various herbs, i.e.widely use phytotherapy. It is very important in pancreatitis to comply with bed rest and take appropriate medications. All these measures will in aggregate contribute to the effective treatment of such a dangerous disease, which, in some cases, leads to death or disability.

To ensure the water-salt balance in pancreatitis, it is extremely important to take fresh juice from a dandelion. This weed grass, growing at every step, relieves pain in pancreatitis much more efficiently than many modern medicines do, the price of which is quite high. In addition, the dandelion perfectly removes the inflammatory processes that occur in the pancreas, and also significantly activates its work.

When making juice from dandelion from pancreatitis, the leaves of this plant are used. A common option is a mixture of juice from the leaves of this plant and rice decoction, for which these components are used in approximately equal proportions. Also widely used is infusion, in the manufacture of which not only leaves, but also dandelion flowers are used. To do this, add 500 ml of cold water to 1 tablespoon of the mixture. Infusion should be brought to a boil and boiled for 15 minutes, and then insist for half an hour. Take herbal infusion for a month half a cup four times a day.

To combat acute pancreatitis, you can also make a decoction, which uses the roots of a dandelion, which helps reduce blood glucose. When preparing the broth, you should observe the proportion: 1 teaspoon of roots per 1 cup of boiled water. The mixture should be infused for 15 minutes, and then it should be filtered through gauze. Take such a decoction twice a day for one-third of a glass.

When dandelion is used in pancreatitis, attention is paid not only to the ratio of components in the mixture or decoction, but also to the frequency of taking such a drug, since this affects the effectiveness of this plant on the human body in acute inflammation of the pancreas.

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