How to take Dufalac syrup with constipation, the course of treatment for a child, how to properly drink an agent( medicine) for children and adults?

To date, any pharmacy, even the smallest, has a very large range of drugs designed to treat long delays in acts of defecation. But each of the presented medicines has certain disadvantages or contraindications, especially when it comes to helping an infant. Tablet forms in this case are completely excluded, and the best effect will have a syrup from constipation for children. You can take it and adults. It should not be forgotten that a course of therapy conducted at home should be coordinated with a specialist, especially if it concerns newborns and infants. It is also necessary to find out how many days for medicinal or preventive purposes it is allowed to drink the medicine. All syrups from constipation, intended for children, should contain lactulose in their composition. This is due to the fact that it has an excellent therapeutic effect due to the fact that:

  • Has a good osmotic effect;
  • Due to its low pH, it quickly cleanses the intestines;
  • Also, lactulose is able to suppress pathogenic bacteria, and to increase the number of beneficial bacteria.

During the entire time of application of lactulose contained in syrups from constipation, neither children nor adults, toxic or mutagenic effects were detected. Most experts recommend taking Dufalac and Lactusan, which are considered the most harmless for patients of any age group.

Treatment of constipation by Dufalac

The main indication for Dufalak is chronic delays in the stool. Being a strong osmotic agent, it has a good laxative effect due to the fact that it actively stimulates intestinal peristalsis. Dufalac also effectively removes ammonium salts from the digestive organs of both the adult and the baby and improves the absorption of nutrients. Unlike other laxatives of this group, used for constipation, Dufalac does not interfere with the natural work of the digestive tract, since it acts very gently. This becomes possible because the syrup taken by the patient, unlike tablets with similar action, has a local effect only on the large intestine, where the center of formation of hardened feces is located. Thus, with the reception of Dufalac, the problem of constipation is solved gently and effectively precisely in the place where it originated. But this will be possible only if patients will drink this syrup correctly.

In case of violation of the recommendations of a specialist or the admission rules specified in the annotation to Dufalac, even an adult person may experience side effects associated with his overdose. This will be borne out by abdominal pain and diarrhea. In this case, even when Dufalak's course is prescribed for a chronic constipation, infants are advised to stop drinking syrup, and adults to reduce his dose. Many patients are interested in how to properly take DuPhalac with constipation so that there are no side effects. Before starting treatment with this medication, you need to carefully study the instructions and listen to the following recommendations:

  • The drug starts on the day after the admission, therefore, in order to avoid an overdose, do not rush to drink a second dose;
  • Adult patients can take the syrup in their pure form, but only carefully measure the amount with a measuring spoon. Do not forbid the reception of Dufalac during constipation and diluted water or juice;
  • If the syrup changes the consistency or color, the treatment is stopped.

When using this drug to prevent the prevention of chronic violations of acts of defecation at home, you should also follow the recommendations specified in the instructions. If they are not followed, instead of the expected help and normalization of the stool, you can provoke severe diarrhea. Dosage for adults should be 15 ml twice daily. How long will the preventive or curative course continue, the specialist determines based on the individual characteristics of the person.

Treatment of constipation in children by Dufalac

Syrup Duphalac can be taken with constipation not only for adults, but for children of any age, both newborn babies and babies, and an older child. The difference will be only in the dosage, as well as in how many days to prolong the therapeutic activities at home. All recommendations to the child can be given only by the pediatrician, since the treatment scheme directly depends on the individual characteristics of the infants and on the stage of development of the pathology. Most often with constipation, the child should drink Dufalac for a month.

Often mothers of newborn babies are interested in whether it is possible to drink their crumbs with constipation Dufalac and will it provoke a stool of severe diarrhea instead of delay? If you follow all the recommendations of a specialist, then therapy of constipation in children with the help of it will pass without the occurrence of side effects. Take it to infants should be in an amount not exceeding 5 ml per day immediately after morning feeding.

A big plus of this drug in the therapeutic measures performed in small patients is that it helps to increase the acidic environment in the digestive organs. As a result, the vital activity of many pathogenic bacteria, the emergence of which is due to the decomposition of accumulated fecal matter during chronic constipation, is disrupted. Also, Dufalak's active substance is not absorbed into the blood, but is completely discharged with feces outward. Also, do not forget about special instructions when using it for therapy of babies:

  • In the absence of the expected effect, as well as the appearance in conjunction with constipation of abdominal pain, Dufalac should be discontinued and consulted by a specialist;
  • It should be taken into account that in the composition of constipation products there are insignificant amounts of bound sugars, therefore, in the presence of diabetes mellitus, therapeutic measures to eliminate constipation by Dufalac are carried out under the supervision of a doctor;
  • In order not to violate the water-electrolyte balance or the occurrence of diarrhea, the regimen prescribed for the baby therapy should in no case be changed.

If therapy for stool disorders in crumbs is carried out in accordance with the prescription of a specialist, then it takes only a couple of weeks for bowel work to normalize and bowel movement become regular. With constipation, Dufalac is given to the baby in the morning after feeding, at the same time. The pediatric volume of the product is diluted in mother's milk, a mixture or water.

The appointment of Dufalac is allowed in the case when the constipation is not regular, but disturbed from time to time. But the prescription for this can only be given by a pediatrician. In addition, for the duration of therapeutic measures, it is necessary to increase fluid intake. When there are possible side effects, vomiting, diarrhea or seizures from an overdose, it is necessary to urgently go to the doctor and replace it with an analog.

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