Diarrhea of ​​green color in a child and adult, a greenish liquid stool in a newborn baby, the causes of feces with herbs, how to treat watery diarrhea of ​​a marshy shade?

Many patients suffering from diarrhea are interested in the question of why diarrhea is green? And the staining of watery feces can be in the adult as well as in the child. The reasons for this are noted by specialists a lot. To understand what to do in such a situation, and how to treat pathology, it is necessary to understand the prerequisites provoking diarrhea of ​​this kind. Why does a green liquid stool appear and what does it mean? Diarrhea of ​​various shades can be as a result of exposure to the body of any external factors, and a sign of a serious or not very disease. The color of the stool and helps determine which organs of the gastrointestinal tract have a problem and how serious it is. Whether they simply inflamed, or they were disturbed by normal activities. For example, green diarrhea in an adult has the following causes:

  • Calling a green stool can cause secretory diarrhea, which stops the normal contraction of the gallbladder. As a result, the amount of bilirubin in feces sharply increases;
  • In the case of a violation of the normal splitting and absorption of carbohydrates, a fermentation process appears in the intestine. As a result, an adult appears yellow-green diarrhea. Yellowness, which indicates that the digestive carbohydrate process begins in the digestive tract, is most clearly manifested in a disease such as celiac disease. Also, this may result in a violation of the blood supply to the intestinal wall or inflammation of the mucosa;
  • The greenish-black color of diarrhea can occur due to the large amount of iron contained in the feces. It is this micronutrient, which enters the body with food or medicines, gives the liquid stool dark and black shades. But there is also a more dangerous reason for the appearance in the watery faeces of dark, and sometimes bright-black spots and inclusions. This is internal bleeding. Therefore, when blackness appears in green diarrhea, you should consult a specialist to determine the root cause of this phenomenon and conduct timely adequate treatment.

By the appearance of dark marsh shades in the stool of an adult and dilution of stool leads and a long reception of antibacterial drugs. Swamp coloration of feces in this case is due to the death of a large number of leukocytes, accumulating directly in the intestine.

Diarrhea of ​​a greenish color in a child

Such a liquid stool for infants is quite common. The appearance of a green stool in a child for up to a year can in most cases not worry the parents. But for the well-being of the child it is necessary to watch very carefully. If, simultaneously with green diarrhea, the baby has such negative symptoms as temperature, vomiting and weakness, an urgent call of the doctor will be required. In a newborn child, when vomiting occurs simultaneously with a liquid stool, there is a sharp dehydration of the body. Such signs in diarrhea, like vomiting and abdominal pain, indicate that in the body of a baby who has not had a year, there is an intestinal infection. Its main pathogens are viruses and bacteria. Consultation with a pediatrician at occurrence in newborns and babies in this case is inevitable.

If a diarrhea with greens acquires gray shades in a nursing baby, this basically indicates that it has a hereditary disease - cystic fibrosis. With this pathology, the work of all body systems is hampered by the fact that the glands begin to produce a viscous secret. If cystic fibrosis has an intestinal form, the loose stool gets greyish-green shades and shine due to the excessive amount of fat that has appeared in it. Diarrhea in this case also changes the consistency and becomes not watery, but more viscous.

The cause of the appearance of green diarrhea in a nursing child with water that has yellow or gray hues, as well as vomiting and temperature, will be determined only by a specialist with the help of tests. Based on this, adequate therapy will be prescribed. Virtually all parents of infants are interested in the question of what to do with them and how to alleviate the condition of the newborn before the arrival of the doctor. Infants need to provide emergency assistance, which is to strengthen the drinking regime. Babies up to a year should be given not ordinary boiled water, but electrolyte solutions, which will fill the loss of salts and minerals. Liquid stools, diarrhea of ​​green color, flowing in the child with additional negative symptoms, causes dehydration, which is not very desirable for the baby. This syndrome, which appears in children during diarrhea very quickly, often has serious consequences, so the doctor should be called immediately.

How to treat diarrhea in green?

When a marsh liquid stool with dark or yellowish hues appears in a child and an adult, first of all it should be remembered what was eaten the day before, and whether these products could cause a change in the color and consistency of stool. In the absence of a food factor, an appeal to a specialist is mandatory, since only he can find out the prerequisites that provoked the appearance of green diarrhea. Only, on the basis of this, it is possible to prescribe a specific treatment that will lead to the rapid disappearance of such a symptomatology.

In addition to drug therapy, all patients during the therapeutic measures aimed at liquid stool elimination, should follow a special diet that will help to get a speedy recovery. Patients are usually interested in what to do and how to properly change their diet so that the body does not have to suffer because of the lack of essential nutrients, trace elements and vitamins? The diet in case of appearance of pathological green diarrhea is developed for each person individually by the attending physician. The purpose of a certain table depends on what shades the liquid stool has.

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