Symptoms and causes of noise in the head and stuffiness in the ears

1 Diagnosis

Stuffing and noise in the ear can be symptoms of serious illnesses that need to be diagnosed and treated.

This phenomenon is often encountered by physicians. It is expressed in the change of voice, the muffling of surrounding sounds, the heaviness in the head. There are many reasons for this behavior of the body. There are also many methods of treating it. But we can say for sure that a healthy organism will not suffer from such phenomena. If a constant noise or stuffiness in the ears occur at the slightest change in atmospheric pressure, this should alert the person and make him visit a specialist doctor. The doctor will conduct the diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Reasons for stuffiness of the ears:

  • sulfur plugs;
  • rhinitis;
  • inflammation of the Eustachian tube;
  • otitis media;
  • foreign bodies in the ear;
  • curved nasal septum;
  • water in the ear;
  • swelling of the auditory tube;
  • otosclerosis;
  • tumor of the brain and auditory nerve;
  • the use of medicines or various preparations.

Gray plugs appear due to poor cleaning of the ears.

Inflammatory processes of the eustachian tube cause mucosal edema, which prevents the alignment of pressure in the tympanum. Alignment of pressure can still interfere with complications after otitis. If the nasal septum is curved or the rhinitis is obstructed, the mouth of the auditory can be closed, which leads to ejaculation.

Noise and stuffiness of both one ear and both can immediately cause Meniere's syndrome, which can occur during:

  • allergies;
  • for hormonal failure;
  • elevated or reduced pressure;
  • of vascular dystonia.

This syndrome is not fully understood, although it was recorded more than 200 years ago. The disease can be accompanied by nausea, dizziness, deterioration of hearing and loss of balance.

Vertigo and noise( or ringing) can occur due to fatigue, stress, overexertion, with the release of adrenaline. If it occurs with sharp inclinations or turns, it can be otitis, osteochondrosis, vegetative-vascular dystonia, disturbances in the vestibular apparatus or head trauma.

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Disorientation can occur when the inner ear, eye, muscle receptors fail. Because of this, there is an incorrect processing of signals from these organs.

2 Treatment of

If you start to notice frequent noises or stuffiness in your ears, you need to take this carefully and try to understand under what circumstances they appear, whether there are any other symptoms, as long ago began to pawn ears. If the symptoms occur frequently and for a long time, along with this there is dizziness, pain, nausea or even vomiting, then a visit by a specialized doctor( lora) is necessary. Only after thorough diagnosis can he identify the causes of the symptoms and prescribe an effective treatment.

Diagnostics is performed in several stages. The first is a primary examination. The doctor with the help of special tools examines the auditory passages for the presence of sulfur plugs, foreign objects and otitis. If necessary, audiometry is performed, with the help of which the severity of hearing and other indicators are diagnosed.

Magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography is being done to identify a tumor of the brain and auditory nerve.

If there are other symptoms, then you will have to visit a neurologist, an oculist, make an ECG and ultrasound.

Only after complete examination and establishing the exact cause is prescribed treatment. In each case, the treatment can be different. Therefore, do not self-diagnose and self-medicate. The exact cause can only be determined by a doctor using special equipment. He will prescribe a cure. Self-medication can only hurt yourself, start inflammation and provoke more serious illnesses.

Otitis is treated with ear drops, antibiotics, the pain syndrome is removed with the help of an anesthetic. With Menier's syndrome, a diet with a low salt content is immediately prescribed, then a selection of drugs is made to eliminate other symptoms. If dizziness continues, then surgery should be performed.


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The brain tumor is treated with radiation therapy or surgery. With otosclerosis, an operation is performed to replace the auditory ossicles with artificial limbs or use a hearing aid.

In case of inflammation of the Eustachian tube, anti-inflammatory substances are introduced into it through the catheter.

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