Daily monitoring of blood pressure( BP): result, decoding, price

Pressure measurements without a specific system can hide the true picture of whether there is hypertension in the patient or not. Daily monitoring of pressure indicators can provide valuable information for the doctor in charge.

What is daily monitoring of blood pressure

For a detailed understanding of the features of pressure increase in the patient, with the further installation of the causes of this phenomenon, daily monitoring of the pressure is performed. The procedure allows you to correctly diagnose and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Conducting daily monitoring of blood pressure is performed according to the developed method, the difference can be made by devices of the hardware system chosen for the study. The procedure can be combined with daily monitoring of the cardiogram.

Elena Malysheva will talk about how to properly pass daily monitoring of blood pressure in the following video:

To whom the

is prescribed. Specialists recommend conducting an observation in

such cases:

  • If the patient has a tendency to decrease pressure. Especially if there are dizziness, fits of "dizziness". A close observation will enable:
    • to determine the boundary indicators,
    • degree of development of hypotension,
    • what patterns in the pressure change.
  • At elevated pressure, the patient has the same reasons to monitor this phenomenon throughout the day. The study will clarify:
    • what the highest pressures are in the patient,
    • at what time of the day does this occur,
    • , with what is the reaction causing the pressure change;
    • the effectiveness of the applied
    • preparations and other factors influencing the pressure increase.

Why is

daily monitoring price Exceeding the blood pressure level above the value accepted as the norm is called hypertension. This condition is fraught with consequences, such as:

  • stroke,
  • myocardial infarction,
  • arrhythmia,
  • hypertension contributes to the appearance of atherosclerosis,
  • and other problems.

Many people do not follow the changes in pressure and are remembered only when they are threatened with terrible consequences. An important task is to study the issue:


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The opinion of doctors. .. & gt; & gt;

  • does the patient have hypertension,
  • which factors influence the pressure change,
  • individual selection of effective agents for the treatment of hypertension,
  • how the body reacts to physical and emotional stress,
  • elucidates the causes of pre-fainting conditions and fainting.

About daily monitoring of arterial pressure in stroke patients and other indications for the procedure read below.

The following video will tell you about when the doctor prescribes 24-hour blood pressure monitoring:

Indications for


  • Older patients. This is due to the fact that age refers to factors that contribute to a tendency to increase pressure, because:
    • occurs over time accumulation of the results of harmful effects,
    • aging of body tissues and other age-related features.
  • It is verified that the increase in pressure during measurement by a medical officer can be a hypertension of a "white coat".In other words, the psychological factor of the body's reaction to the presence of a medical worker is triggered. Many people are afraid of doctors since childhood. Therefore, the daily monitoring of changes in pressure indices in the absence of a "white coat" can provide objective information about the issue under study.
  • "Night" hypertension. Daily monitoring can detect this phenomenon.
  • Hidden hypertension. The pressure fluctuations appearing on the workplace - the so-called hypertension of the "working day".
  • Drug therapy when strict control is required.
  • Determination of the rhythm of the change in pressure throughout the day. If a circadian rhythm disturbance is detected, it gives useful information about the patient's condition and the next task will be to find the causes of this phenomenon, adjust the treatment measures.
  • Cases when the use of drug therapy is not successful. Pressure does not decrease its rate.
  • If the patient's pressure can not be called high, but such that the doctor has some vigilance.
  • Severe pressure drops. Low values ​​change high, when the possibility of complications is created.
  • Clarification of the diagnosis when symptoms of a vegetative failure of the nervous system appear.
  • Diagnostics of states when low pressure is detected.
  • If a person is young, but has an unfavorable heredity with respect to hypertension.
  • When observing patients with insulin-dependent diabetes.
  • When examining pregnant women, if there are deviations in pressure from the norm.

Contraindications for carrying out

Procedure is not performed in the case of:

  • If the patient's condition worsens during monitoring of the pressure values, then refuse this type of diagnosis. Do not perform the procedure if the conduction of the heart, arrhythmia or a pressure exceeding 200 Hg is impaired. Art.
  • If monitoring has already been performed and undesirable consequences have appeared after the procedure.
  • Contraindications include:
    • thrombocytopenia,
    • hand injury, on which the cuff is mounted,
    • skin disease at the cuff attachment site,
    • thrombocytopathy.

Safe diagnostics

daily monitoring of species Measurement of pressure throughout the day is not a danger to the patient. He should behave as usual.

If the patient has symptoms that coincide with contraindications for the use of apparatus for daily monitoring of blood pressure( BP), then the procedure is not carried out.

Preparing for monitoring of

In order for daily monitoring of pressure indicators to be successful, it is necessary to perform preparatory actions. Preparation of technical facilities:

  • It is necessary to check that the recorder is provided with power for a given time of its operation. Check whether the battery is charged, if batteries are used, then you need to analyze whether their charge is enough for 24 hours of trouble-free operation.
  • The registrar is connected to the computer and its programming is performed for individual information:
    • information about the patient,
    • registrar operation mode:
      • sets the interval through which the pressure measurement will be made for day and night time;
      • programming the signal on the eve of the measurement, if it is decided that it is needed;
      • , a setting is made about whether the measurement readings are shown on the display.
  • To find an air cuff that fits the size of the patient, make a measurement of the circumference of the forearm.

Installing the device for the procedure:

  • The cuff is placed on the forearm of the nonworking hand: the
    • in right-handers on the left arm,
    • on the left-handers on the right hand.
  • To prevent cuffing during the monitoring, it is fixed. For this, two-sided discs with an adhesive coating are sometimes used.

The patient is explained the rules of conduct during the survey:

  • The patient during the next automatic pressure measurement should make sure that his hand was lowered along the body and the muscles are relaxed.
  • It is necessary not to think about the measurement readings and not to be interested in them, so as not to affect the result.
  • At night, you should sleep, as usual, do not focus on the measurement process.
  • If a person is in motion, then hearing a signal that the next pressure value will be removed, it is necessary to stop, relax your hand and lower it down. In this position, wait until the end of the measurement.
  • The patient is told that during the procedure it is necessary to keep a diary. It fixes with the indication of time intervals, what kind of activity the person was engaged in, what feelings accompanied activity, changes in well-being. Such a document is very important, because the diary of the patient contains important examples of data with daily monitoring of blood pressure.

Next, we'll talk about how daily monitoring of blood pressure is carried out.

How the procedure passes

In the dispensary the patient is equipped with devices that will be on it for 24 hours and carry out pressure measurements.

  • On the forearm put on the air cuff. Its position is fixed, so that it is preserved for the entire duration of the study.
  • The main unit is attached to the belt. It weighs about 300 g and does not cause any inconvenience to the patient.

After receiving all the instructions, the patient can go home and do the usual things. Adaptations to the patient's body automatically at specified intervals will make pressure measurements and keep records of them.

When the test time ends, the instrument is switched off. You should come to the doctor's office to provide the device and a diary for deciphering.

Observe the recommendations during the procedure:

  • It must be observed that there is no pinching of the tube that connects the device and the cuff.
  • If there are indications that the appliance has become defective, it is necessary to return to the doctor, most should not attempt to repair it.
  • The cuff is fixed above the elbow bend by two fingers. If her position has shifted, the patient needs to be corrected.
  • The patient should not fall into the places where the sources of electromagnetic radiation are located.
  • To postpone the conduct of water procedures for the duration of the study, because the equipment can not be wet.
  • At a time when the equipment is measuring, you should relax your arm. The beginning and end of the measurement is signaled by a signal.

On the interpretation of the results and examples of conclusions on the complex of 24-hour monitoring of BP we'll talk below.

Decoding of results

daily monitoring of ad and ekg The computer program processes the results of monitoring in automatic mode. Main indicators of daily monitoring:

  • The daily rhythm of pressure, in other words, is called the circadian rhythm. His violation indicates that we should find the cause of this phenomenon.
  • Mean pressure values ​​are an important indicator for evaluating the results of a study.
  • Pressure variability is an estimate of how the pressure values ​​deviate from the daily rhythm curve.

The average cost of diagnosis

The approximate price of the procedure for daily monitoring of arterial pressure is, on average, 700 rubles.

In the video below, the responsible parents will find useful information on how to prepare the baby for the 24-hour blood pressure monitoring procedure:

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