Ultrasound of the heart of a child and an adult: interpretation of the results, price, indicators of the norm

Heart ultrasound is the most detailed diagnostic device, revealing the slightest irregularities in the work of the main circulatory system. It is often confused with other types of examination. Therefore, today we will talk about what ultrasound of the heart is, what it shows, how it differs from ECG and Echocardiography( echocardiography) and what is better, what is its price and the features of the exercise.

What is an ultrasound of the heart

The acoustic resistance that occurs when an ultrasonic wave moves through the heart tissue is not amenable to changes until a barrier appears in the form of a section of phases. At this time, the resistance of the ultrasonic wave deviates from the usual trajectory, which is immediately recorded by the instrument and reflected on the monitor. The anatomical structure of all the chambers and tissues of the heart is reflected on the monitor screen, taking into account the partial wave return in the phase-isolated system and its further penetration into the tissue, bypassing the interface boundaries.

The advantage of heart ultrasound, as a diagnostic method, is the absence of infestations, damage to anatomical structures and painful sensations. Using a diagnostic procedure, the physician will be able to identify:

  • features of the localization of the organ in the thoracic cavity;
  • valve functionality;
  • intensity of myocardial contractions;
  • dimensions of the body and its discrete parts.

The examination can additionally detect areas of the myocardium that are not involved in contractile activity, the presence of thrombi in the cavities of the heart and adjacent vessels, the degree of overgrowth of the botulinum duct.

About what ultrasound of the heart, the specialist in this video will tell:

To whom he is appointed

Non-cardiological problems

Diagnostic procedure is prescribed not only for pains in the thoracic region or expressed cardiological problems. The ultrasound of the heart is appointed even if the symptoms of the pathology are manifested by other functional systems of the body:

  • pain and twisting in the head, clouding of consciousness;
  • nausea alternating with irregularities in blood pressure;
  • if there are 2 symptoms in the form of cough and dyspnea;
  • of thoracic and spinal pain localized in the scapula;
  • cardiac arrhythmia;
  • a strong heartbeat and its "fading";
  • swelling of the limbs and face;
  • painful sensations in the right upper abdomen, increased volume of the liver;
  • cyanosis of the lips, blanching of the skin, constantly cold hands and feet;
  • revealed abnormalities when decoding an electrocardiogram;
  • presence of the mentioned symptoms against a background of systematic abuse of alcoholic beverages;
  • cyanosis and pale skin, dyspnea and heart palpitations at elevated temperature;
  • when listening to a doctor-therapist with the help of a phonendoscope of the heart, external noises, disturbance of rhythmic work are caught.

Diseases of cardiology

Individual diseases in a cardiologic or other person require mandatory diagnostic examination:


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  • rheumatic complications;
  • heart defects of any etiology;
  • previously suffered a heart attack;
  • rhythmic disorders of the heart;
  • systemic lupus erythematosus;
  • ischemic heart disease by type of angina pectoris;
  • scleroderma;
  • benign and malignant neoplasms;
  • aneurysms;
  • hypertension and blood pressure imbalance;
  • myocardium.

Feasibility and frequency of diagnosis

Suspected serious cardiac abnormalities are the basis for a detailed examination, among which, first of all, ultrasound of the heart. Medical specialists leave no doubt about the harmlessness of conducting a diagnostic examination. However, nobody has the right to oblige the patient to conduct the procedure.

ultrasound of the circulatory system is performed even for newborns in order to exclude congenital heart disease. Acquired diseases of a cardiac nature are treated more effectively in the early detection of pathology. A great role is played by the quality of the diagnostic procedure. For this reason, it is possible to trust experts who conduct ultrasound of the heart and have experience and good reviews.

Variation of procedure

There are 2 types of ultrasound examination of the heart.

  1. Transthoracic , which is performed in most cases. A special sensor is applied to the skin of the chest. For a good contact of the equipment and the organs being examined, the skin is lubricated with gel. This method of ultrasound does not require special preparation, it does not matter when the patient last used food. The only condition for obtaining reliable results is a relaxed relaxed state. Bright emotional experiences, positive or negative, affect the cardiac activity, which can affect the results of the procedure. If a child is examined, then calming him before the procedure is a desirable action.
  2. Esophageal .It is used extremely rarely. It is much more difficult for a doctor to carry out this type of diagnosis, the patient also needs to fulfill a number of preparatory requirements, including restriction of food intake. The interpretation of the results is also lengthy.

The following video will tell you about the general nature of ultrasound of the heart and echocardiography, as well as about the specifics of such procedures:

Indications for

  • In addition to the above symptoms, when an ultrasound examination of the heart activity should be prescribed, this procedure is necessary after traumas in the thoracic cavity.
  • Often patients with frequent pain in the head are also referred for an ultrasound examination of the heart. It is not excluded the movement of blood clots from one side of the heart to another.
  • In newborns, ultrasound is assigned with insufficient weight gain.
  • Artificial valves in the heart require regular monitoring of functioning by ultrasound examination.
  • Athletes receiving high physical activity should regularly undergo a diagnostic procedure to prevent the development of hidden complications.

Contraindications for carrying out

As such, there are no contraindications for transthoracic ultrasound. Small inconveniences( smearing the skin with a cool gel and suckers on the hairy chest) are the only minor disadvantages of the method.

When performing a transesophageal ultrasound method, it should be discontinued when:

  • injures the upper parts of the digestive system;
  • tumors, fistulas in the esophagus;
  • inflammation of the esophagus mucosa;
  • varicose esophageal cases.

Is the


The safety procedure of ultrasound is absolute even in the presence of Doppler examination. An adult should tune into a relaxed state, the child should be reassured before applying the sensors, becauseUnusual settings and manipulations can cause fright and alarm.

Preparing for the

procedure. Consultations with the doctor are not required when preparing for an ultrasound procedure, the patient comes to the examination without taking into account the filling of the stomach. But to prevent deviations in results from reliability, it is not recommended to perform the following actions that precede ultrasound:

  • to smoke 24 hours before the start of the examination;
  • take liquor in the last 36 hours;
  • to perform heavy physical work 2 hours before the start;
  • to be nervous and laugh for a long time;
  • did not take a hot bath in the last few hours;
  • take analgesics and substances containing cocaine, codeine, etc.

Passage of diagnosis and sensation of the patient

Patient should assume a supine position on the back. The doctor places for suckers with sensors are lubricated with gel, specially produced for this purpose. During lubrication with gel, the patient feels cool on the skin, many people perceive it slightly. By sending from a high frequency wave device, the doctor sees their display on the computer monitor.

During the examination, the doctor sits on a couch or chair next to the couch and is half-turned to the patient. After filling out the decryption protocol, this result is transferred to the treating therapist or cardiologist.

Next, we will talk about deciphering the results of ultrasound of the heart in a child and an adult, about the rates of the norm of such a study.

Decoding of the results

It is difficult to determine the disease on its own if there is a survey protocol with detailed results, but to note the abnormalities prescribed below are realistic for each patient.

  • The left ventricle has a lower thickness limit during systole 10 mm, right - 3 mm. The same indices in diastole for the left ventricle are 8 mm. The maximum thickness of the walls in the right ventricle is 5 mm, the left wall thickness is 16 mm and 11 mm, respectively.
  • The aorta has a clearance in diameter with a minimum value of 18 mm, a maximum of 35 mm.
  • The ventricular septum has a lower limit of 6 mm, the upper one - 15 mm.

On how much it costs an ultrasound of the heart, we will tell further.

The cost of procedure

Your doctor will probably be able to tell where you can make an ultrasound of the heart for an adult, a child, a fetus during pregnancy. The cost of ultrasound examination of the heart varies, starting from 2000 rubles.

Specific cost is determined by the clinic independently. In turn, the price of the clinic dictates the geographical position, the qualification of a specialist. We should not forget about free quotas, determined for different categories of citizens. The cost of an ultrasound of the heart for a child is recognized by the treating doctor.

Even more useful information about ultrasound of the heart is contained in this video:

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