Castor oil for constipation, how to apply castor oil, what dose to take, how to drink when treating children, how quickly does the enema work?

To cope with such a delicate problem as constipation, any person seeks alone, being embarrassed to apply for this to doctors. In the event that the ailment is not provoked by any serious pathology of the internal organs, it is quite feasible to do it with folk remedies. The most popular among many patients with this problem is the use of castor oil for constipation. Its therapeutic effect is due to the fact that when consumed and ingested in the intestine, it interacts with the enzymes located there and converts them into thermal energy, effectively softening the accumulated and solidified fecal masses. Simultaneously with this, castor oil, drunk with constipation, helps to strengthen peristalsis, which leads to a faster cleansing of the intestine.

Despite the fact that this tool is easy to find and buy at any pharmacy, before engaging in self-treatment with constipation castor oil, you should find out both the methods of application and the dose in which castor oil should be taken with constipation. This is especially important in cases where therapeutic measures to restore the chair are carried out in children. How correctly to take castor oil for constipation? This drug is freely sold in liquid form or in capsules. To solve the problems with defecation, both types of the drug are suitable. Specialists are recommended to use it in case of prolonged stool delays once a day for no more than 3 days. The dosage of castor oil, necessary for constipation to children, should not exceed 10 g( or capsules) per one dose. All the ways, how to drink it, are indicated in the instructions to the medication. It must be carefully read, since this, at first glance, harmless drug, there are contraindications.

It should also be taken into account that before taking the medication it is necessary to prepare accordingly. The use of castor oil for the treatment of constipation should take place on a day off and in the morning. The fact is that the effect of this drug comes after 5-6 hours. Also, this medicine should not be confused with food. Therefore, you should drink it after half an hour after a meal. A single dose is indicated in the instructions for the drug.

An enema with castor oil for constipation

This procedure is performed for both adults and small patients suffering from this problem. For children, it is used for long-term problems with a chair on the recommendation of a pediatrician with only 2 years. In order for the procedure to be performed correctly, the following tips should be followed:

  • An enema with castor oil for constipation in a small child is carried out with a rubber pear having a soft tip;
  • The dose of the injected solution depends on the age of the baby. It is recommended by a specialist;
  • A small patient during the procedure should lie on his left side with legs bent to the abdomen;
  • The tip of the rubber enema should be lubricated with Vaseline and inserted into the anal opening to a depth of no more than 4 cm.

If everything is done correctly, according to the instructions, the child will not get negative pain, and castor oil will quickly soften the stool and cope with constipation.

Use of castor oil for constipation of

In the case when after a surgical intervention on the digestive organs or because of prolonged bed rest, the patient has no desire to defecate, the doctor practically always prescribes this drug. This is due to the fact that it is of vegetable origin( derived from castor oil ordinary) and, accordingly, does not cause habituation. In addition, castor oil, although there are side effects, but they are insignificant in contrast to medication, so its use with constipation of castor oil is acceptable in most patients. The benefits of the drug for postoperative patients are that:

  • After purification of the intestine with this drug in the recumbent patients after surgery, digestive processes are significantly improved;
  • Castor oil not only helps prevent further constipation, but also normalizes the function of the digestive tract and metabolism;
  • Increase of intestinal peristalsis is achieved due to irritating action of receptors of digestive organs by plant, and not by synthetic substances.

But, despite all the advantages of this drug, it also has side effects, as well as contraindications, which should be discussed separately. It is very important to know that this way of getting rid of problems with a stool is not suitable for pregnant women. Drink castor oil for constipation is not due to the fact that this drug causes severe contractions of the uterus and often leads to miscarriage. This property of the drug since ancient times is used as an effective and safe way to stimulate labor. In addition, if the dosage is not met, there are likely to be the following side effects:

  • Castor oil can cause disturbances in salt metabolism, so for some patients the danger of using it may be that instead of helping to get rid of constipation, it will cause severe dehydration;
  • Prolonged intake of this drug is fraught with the fact that a person can very quickly develop intestinal atony;
  • If castor oil is used in the treatment of constipation very often, it will trigger the appearance of disorders of the digestive tract, for example, enterocolitis.

Otherwise, feedback on the use of this drug has the most positive. With appropriate use, castor oil is able to cope with prolonged constipation in the shortest possible time. Only be sure to take into account that before taking it you need a specialist consultation that will eliminate contraindications, and also will prompt the most optimal dose and method for each particular patient.

Instructions for the use of castor oil for constipation

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