Treatment of hemorrhoids in men, how to cure quickly surgery, the attending physician, what to do if the knot is out, first-aid methods, how long to treat?

Many patients of the stronger sex are interested in how to cure hemorrhoids for good. To this question, experts respond that it can be done in several effective ways, and none of them for rapid and cardinal disposal of often climbing nodes, does not involve a painful operation. Modern proctologists, who are engaged in this pathology, use several effective methods that have been tested in many patients, allowing in the early stages to eliminate in a short time not the external manifestations of the disease, but the cause that provoked the increase in the nodes. Physicians in our time can use special tools, appropriate equipment and medications, as well as a laser to effectively treat hemorrhoids in men. The only thing that should not be forgotten for patients with this pathology, for success to reach a doctor should occur as soon as possible, because to radically get rid of inflamed nodes is very important timely therapy.

To whom to address with hemorrhoids in men? When one or more knots come out of the intestine, an itch and painful sensations appear in the anus, and mucous and spotting appear during defecation, he thinks about which doctor will be able to provide prompt and high-quality first aid and cure all negative manifestationspathology. Due to the fact that in our time this disease occupies a leading position among diseases of the digestive tract, the answer to this question is necessary to know any person. When men appear from the anus, massive bleeding or small traces of blood remaining on the toilet paper, you should urgently consult a proctologist or a coloproctologist. It is these doctors who will conduct a thorough examination, establish the true cause of the resulting secretions and help to quickly cure hemorrhoids in men.

First aid for hemorrhoids in men

In case of worsening of the disease, medicines are primarily used. Without their use, first aid in the treatment of hemorrhoids in men will not be effective enough:

  • Painkillers( Efferalgan, Nurofen, Diclofenac) are prescribed for severe pain. The term of their application is selected by a specialist;
  • Very effective in this situation and such a method as cold lotions. On the outermost knots, tampons moistened with furacilin or rivanol are applied. The efficacy of these drugs during the treatment of hemorrhoids in men is due to the fact that they have high antimicrobial activity;
  • When bleeding from the anus, patients are given a course of enemas containing 1% Tannin solution, which forms a protective film in the anus and causes incomplete blood clotting.

How to treat stage 1 hemorrhoids in men?

Due to the fact that only early therapy of this pathology is able to permanently rid the person of her negative manifestations, all measures should be started immediately when the initial signs of the disease appear.1 stage of hemorrhoids in men very well treatable. The use of a course of complex therapy, which the specialist should be engaged in, will quickly relieve the patient of the problem, since the nodes at the earliest stages of development are still small, and very easily resolve themselves. Many are interested in how long the male hemorrhoids are treated, if the necessary measures are taken in a timely manner. To quickly get rid of an unpleasant illness at 1, the initial stage of its development, doctors recommend taking the following actions:

  • Men who started timely treatment of hemorrhoids must necessarily adjust their lifestyle. In the event that they are engaged in sedentary work, to strengthen the muscles of the pelvis at least once a week to devote an evening of physical activity;
  • Attention should be paid to the diet, which should be no less than three meals a day, with a high content of fiber and vitamins in dishes. In the treatment of hemorrhoids, any man should exclude from the menu any "harmfulness" - fast food, alcohol, fatty and spicy food

. Also a drug therapy course is necessary. At the initial stage of knot development, the timing of the application of local medications prescribed by the doctor, candles and ointments may be quite short, since the disease has not been started yet, and you can get rid of it quickly enough.

Among the various medical methods that quickly eliminate the unpleasant symptomatology of the pathology, proctologists also use analgesic injections. Treatment of hemorrhoids in men is performed with injections in the case when the disease worsens. Usually doctors in this case use the method of novocaine blockade. Pricks with medicine put around the anus. In the acute form of pathology, followed by a long time of intolerable pain, intramuscular injections of lidocaine or Baralgina are prescribed. Do these injections 1-2 times a day.

Often, patients are also interested in whether it is possible to heat hemorrhoids in men, since warm and cold compresses are widely used in the treatment of various diseases. To this question, any doctor will answer unequivocally that it is by no means possible to heat the inflamed nodes. This disease is due to the fact that with it the pelvic vessels are expanded, and stagnant phenomena are observed in the veins. If you warm the crooked knots, their condition will be aggravated very quickly even more.

Operation for hemorrhoids in men

It is not common for most representatives of the stronger sex to consult a doctor when signs appear that indicate the development of this disease, when it is still possible to permanently get rid of the knots formed by conservative methods of treating male hemorrhoids. That is why, in almost 50% of cases, a surgical operation is required to remove the nodes. Experts use several methods of surgery - laser, minimally invasive technique and surgical removal.

Minimally invasive operations that cure hemorrhoids in men are performed without the use of a scalpel. All necessary manipulations are carried out through several punctures made in internal tissues. The advantage of this technique is that it does not have any contraindications, and after the treatment of hemorrhoidal disease, a man does not need a long rehabilitation period. Surgical treatment implies the following:

  • The usual operation to cut the inflamed nodes;
  • Removal of dropping hemorrhoidal cones in men by radio waves;
  • Operation by Longo's method, which does not give a wide wound, but is contraindicated for external nodes;
  • Hemorrhoidectomy.

But the most popular among men is the treatment of hemorrhoids with the help of a laser. This method has great merit over others, which consists in the complete absence of pain syndrome. In connection with the fact that there are no unpleasant sensations, it is possible to abandon the anesthetics. Another plus of this procedure is that after it you do not need bed rest and you can walk right away.

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