Beef liver with pancreatitis, can you have cod, chicken, pork liver?

As is known, with such a disease as pancreatitis, it is highly undesirable to include in the menu all sorts of offal. And as for the liver: is it useful in this case, and can it be included in the diet for those who suffer from this ailment?

According to the recommendations of doctors, beef liver in pancreatitis is not only not prohibited, but recommended, of course, only if properly prepared. So, in no case can not fry this product, as a result it is possible to deal a serious blow to the pancreas, which will lead to deterioration of the condition and the appearance of painful sensations. That's why beef liver is better to boil, or by extinguishing to bring it to readiness. To enhance the taste, you can also add various vegetables to this product or a small amount of low-fat sour cream or milk - this will make the beef liver dishes tasty and original, which will diversify the nutrition in pancreatitis.

Not all offal products are equally harmful, and beef liver and do become an optimal food for those who are forced to adhere to a special diet, due to problems with the gastrointestinal tract. No less relevant, and with pancreatitis, but because you should not deny yourself in such a delicious and healthy diet.

Chicken liver in pancreatitis

Chicken liver doctors are allowed to include in your diet, but only during a period of prolonged remission. This byproduct is rich in extractives, which increase the secretion of gastric juice. And this can "bother" the pancreas and cause spasmodic pain.

Diet in pancreatitis is more composed of proteins than from fats and carbohydrates. A chicken liver is very rich in proteins and is considered a high-calorie product. That is why it should be consumed in small amounts, no more than once a week, and if the illness worsens, it should be completely excluded from the diet.

One of the main advantages of this byproduct is its beneficial effect on the mucous membranes of the stomach and pancreas, help in their regeneration and renewal. Chicken liver is recommended to boil or stew, you can cook pate or casserole. In fried form the product is prohibited.

Pork liver in pancreatitis

Pork and offal from it are considered to be heavy food. In acute pancreatitis, this type of meat is strictly prohibited. However, during remission, which lasts at least three months, you can eat a little pork liver, prepared in a special way.

Although it contains many useful substances( amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, proteins), and it is low-calorie, this byproduct belongs to high-carbohydrate. For people suffering from chronic pancreatitis, it is always dangerous to have excessive amounts of carbohydrates in food, so it is recommended to use the product no more often than once every 3-4 weeks.

The most important thing in the preparation of this product is a prolonged soaking( 2-3 hours).You also need to boil this byproduct several times: bring to a boil, drain the liquid and already in the "second" water cook until ready. For better digestibility, it is recommended to cook the dish for a couple or to put out in a multivark. Fried or baked pork liver is contraindicated.

Cod liver in pancreatitis

The fatty polyunsaturated acids are abundant in the product, which should not be present in the diet in patients with any form of pancreatitis( acute, reactive, chronic).In addition, this by-product refers to one of the most high-calorie. In this case, the fish itself is recommended as one of the main dishes.

However, in the liver of cod in large quantities contains antioxidant retinol( fat-soluble vitamin), which is necessary for all who suffer from a violation of digestibility from the food of natural vitamins.(It's all stomach and pancreas diseases).Also in it are abundantly present digestible proteins, vital for people suffering from pancreatitis.

In this regard, many gastroenterologists allow their patients not more than once a month to eat 3-4 teaspoons of cod liver along with white bread, but do not consume the fat that is contained in a can of canned food.

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