Diarrhea without pain and temperature, loose stools without smell and nothing hurts

As you know, a disorder of the stool is not a disease, but a symptom signaling abnormalities in the functioning of the digestive organs and malfunctions in the normal functioning of the human body. With the help of diarrhea, the body gets rid of the irritating and toxic substances of the destabilizing functions of the body. Often, the attendant factor of the liquid stool is the temperature and pain of a different nature. However, if diarrhea does not stop for a long time and there are no symptoms such as temperature and pain, then the definition of the causes that cause this digestive disorder comes to the fore.

Liquid chair without pain has different causes in adults and in young children. The main causes of diarrhea, in which the body temperature remains unchanged and with this diarrhea does not hurt anything, are:

  • food poisoning of mild;
  • rotavirus infection of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • nervous disorders, stressful situation.

In general, many intestinal diseases with diarrhea go without raising the temperature, but are accompanied by pain in the abdomen. However, if diarrhea is present without pain and fever, but blood stains are visible in the stool, immediate medical attention should be sought. Especially this rule applies to children under the age of three, because such signs may indicate a serious illness.

Features of the anatomical structure of the digestive tract in children determine their predisposition to diarrhea. Infants have very weak enzymatic activity, which worsens the digestion of food. In addition, in the stomach of the baby the absorption of the liquid is weakened, and the toxic substances on the contrary are absorbed very quickly. A liquid, odorless stool is the most important sign of enteritis, which often occurs without manifestations of pain syndrome. In the process of digestion of food, there is a splitting of plant fiber by intestinal bacteria, which are accompanied by the release of gases.

Chronic enteritis without fever and pain, but with a strong odorless diarrhea, can lead to osteoporosis, chicken blindness, bleeding. Compliance with a strict diet with this disease leads to the development of hypoproteinemia, anemia due to a lack of vitamin B12.Regardless of the cause of diarrhea, which is not accompanied by temperature and pain, treatment should be started immediately to avoid dehydration.

First of all it is necessary in order to restore the losses of liquid and useful substances that are unavoidable in case of diarrhea, to take a large quantity of liquid in the form of broths, compotes from dried fruits, teas, special saline solutions. If you have a disorder of the stool that is not associated with infection or medication, and when nothing hurts, you can treat at home. However, a visit to the doctor is necessary for the appointment of an adequate treatment. After all, independent use of drugs can lead to deterioration of health. And even if it is possible to restore a normal chair, it is likely the return of diarrhea, but in a more severe form.

Rotavirus infection, which causes frequent diarrhea, which occurs without pain, is very common in children, especially at preschool age. In such babies, immunity is not yet formed and the virus that causes the infection easily penetrates into the children's body through dirty hands, poor-quality products, dirty water or through household items. Starting without a rise in temperature, inflammation subsequently causes a very high fever. However, in adults, in more than 90% of cases, the disease occurs at all without symptoms, manifested only by diarrhea. However, despite the absence of temperature and pain, such a person poses a danger to others as a source of infection.

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