Prevention of sore throat in children and adults: how not to get infected, when in a sick person's house

One of the most insidious diseases is sore throat. It leads to a large number of complications in children and adults, in the absence of treatment develops into a chronic form, which is difficult to get rid of. Infectious disease leads to acute inflammation of one or several tonsils at once.

Etiology of the disease

The disease was known to mankind since antiquity. The description of operations was discovered in the writings of Paracelsus. After the start of use in medicine epidemiological clinic studies, the disease began to classify according to the pathogen.

Infection occurs by airborne droplets and through food. Sometimes its own pathogenic microflora is activated against the background of weakened immunity. There is a high probability of getting sick if there are several factors at once. Infection is transmitted by using dishes of the patient or someone else's bed linen, towels.

Causes of

The low adaptation ability of the organism to cold, poor nutrition, lack of vitamin B and C in the body play the main role. Sometimes the disease appears against a background of severe stress or chronic diseases of the nose and paranasal sinuses.

Staphylococcus, streptococcus, some other bacteria and viruses are the most common pathogen. Air-drip way is the most popular, but you can also get sick:

  • Enteral way. If you drink bacteria-contaminated dairy products.
  • Endogenous. The disease occurs in patients who suffer from gastroenteritis, purulent sinusitis, caries.
  • Artificial. When carrying out operations on the nasopharynx and in the nasal cavity.

Great importance is given to the state of the tonsils. If a person is often sick, this lymphoid tissue takes on the maximum load. Most often, this infectious disease occurs under the influence of β-hemolytic group A streptococcus. Other organs can be affected by it. We also note the importance of the immune status. It is influenced by such factors as:

  • chronic diseases,
  • constitutional predisposition of tonsils to sore throats,
  • a sudden increase in humidity, pressure.

How not to get sick?

The most dangerous in terms of infection are bacterial( purulent, lacunary) and viral angina. They have an aerosol pathway, through personal hygienic supplies of the patient or from the use of contaminated food. Therefore, you can not become infected with these forms, observing the rules of hygiene. Herpes sore throat is also transmitted by the oral-fecal route.

The fungal form of the disease is practically non-contagious. Pathogenic fungi first multiply almost asymptomatically. Despite this, any form of the disease can lead to infection if there is an active focus of infection.

In order not to get infected, you need:

  • Restrict contacts with other people during epidemics.
  • Strengthen immunity with vitamins.
  • Time to clean small foci of infection.
  • Do not allow injury to the throat.

Treatment and prevention of sore throats, testimonials and doctor's recommendations:

Provoking factors

Most often, stresses are caused by the weakening of immunity and the development of the disease. They lead to the release into the blood of hormones, which for a while suppress immunity. Simultaneously with this there is a violation of the tone of small vessels, that is, capillaries. This leads to a violation of microcirculation in the tonsils. Therefore during stresses it is necessary to take vitamin C and other useful microorganisms, which will strengthen the work of immunity.

Factors provoking the development of the disease are: being in a dusty room, alcohol and smoking. They constantly irritate the mucous, make it vulnerable to the disease. May lead to the development of ailment and immunodeficiency. It is characteristic for pregnancy, toddlers, with severe chronic diseases. A combination of provoking factors lead to the development of a typical clinical picture of acute tonsillitis.

How not to get infected when in a sick

Bacteria that cause the disease are present in the body of a healthy person. Only if there are appropriate factors, they begin to multiply. If the house is sick, you need to periodically pat the nasal passages with oxolin ointment and maintain the optimum moisture level in the house. Use essential oils of juniper and eucalyptus, they have a disinfecting effect.

Prevention of sore throat

It is impossible to completely protect yourself from sore throat, but you can reduce the risk and course of the disease in the future. Prevention measures should be aimed at excluding infection, enhancing immunity and tempering. All activities must be carried out in a complex.

Prevention can be social and individual. In the first case, events are held in places where there is a large crowd of people. These include vaccination, the use of medical masks. Individual prophylaxis is carried out according to the scheme, compiled by a doctor for a specific person, taking into account his individual characteristics.

General recommendations of

To exclude the focus of infection, concomitant diseases of the oral cavity are excluded. It should not be caries, periodontitis, problems with the nasopharynx. A negative factor is the increase in adenoids, when a person has to breathe all the time with his mouth.

General and local hardening will reduce the risk of developing the disease. You need to pour water with a gradual decrease in temperature. They help to strengthen the immunity of physical education or morning gymnastics.

Do not forget about local hardening of the throat. Begin to gargle with a saline solution or a decoction of herbs with a gradual decrease in the temperature of the remedy.

Proper nutrition sometimes plays a key role. It is recommended to take a complex of vitamins and microelements, immunostimulating drugs. But all measures are good only for an integrated approach.

Another preventive tool is getting rid of dysbiosis. In this case, there is a decrease in the absorption of incoming nutrients. Because of this, a large amount of toxins and various poisons appears in the blood.

Medications that will help

The use of vitamin C is of great importance. It strengthens the walls of the vessels, normalizes the mucous membrane. If you have had contact with a sick sore throat, then it is possible to carry out prophylaxis using such safe means as Lizobakt.

This drug is approved for use in both childhood and adulthood. It has a good antistatic effect. Furacilin can be used to rinse the mouth and throat. A ready-made solution can be bought at a pharmacy or made by yourself, by dissolving 1 tablet in a glass of hot water.

In the chronic form of angina at the stage of remission, spa treatment at sea with application of physiotherapy, mud therapy, ozone therapy can be recommended. These methods significantly reduce the frequency of exacerbations and the risk of complications. In some cases, the only preventive measure is surgical removal of the tonsils.

How to prepare a solution of furacilin, see in our video:

Folk remedies

To increase the immunity and prevent the development of angina, it is possible, if the courses drink a decoction of Echinacea. On its basis today, various medicines are being manufactured, which make it possible to strengthen the general and local immunity.

The necessary fatty acids are in fish and seafood. They are also useful because they eliminate the lack of oxygen in the body.

It is necessary to regularly use:

  • yogurt,
  • kefir,
  • sour cream,
  • artichokes, dog rose,
  • liver,
  • eggs.

What should I do with the first symptoms?

Doctors recommend that when the first signs appear to reduce activity, start drinking chamomile tea. The throat can be rinsed with eucalyptus or furacilin. The more often you do this, the faster the inflammation will go.

Today in pharmacies there are quite safe means for treatment, allowing to effectively cope with the problem. These include candies Strepsils, trousers for resorption of pharyngocept.

During the whole disease, it is possible to perform inhalations, but in the absence of a rise in body temperature. This prevents the lowering of the infection lower in the respiratory tract.

How to quickly cure sore throat, see in our video:


If to carry out preventive measures, effectively treat the acute phase of the disease, prevent the spread of chronic form, the prognosis will be favorable. Otherwise, it is possible to develop local and general complications of angina and the formation of a chronic disease.

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