Grass hemlock: photo, description of the grass

On the forest fringes, meadows, near roads and houses, in the gardens, a person can notice a culture that is quite high, has white flowers, collected umbrellas, leaves resembling a fern. This is a grass hemlock, photo, description of the grass will be present in the article. The plant is well established in North Africa, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Europe, Turkey, China. In the Russian territory is widespread in the Caucasus, in Siberia. The grass is resistant to any climatic conditions, equally well tolerates heat and cold, moisture and drought. It is often used in folk medicine, but the official advises to avoid the use of this herb.

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Description of hemlock spotted or mottled

Lowerthe leaves of the plant have a splotch of red color. That is why the plant is called spotted or mottled. The plant is a two-year-old, propagated by seeds and the root system. The spotted speckled has a number of such characteristics:

  • whitish, fusiform root reminiscent of the root system of celery or parsley;
  • straight stem, 60-180 cm high, with many shoots;
  • reddish-brown spots are localized on the lower part of the plant;
  • leaves have the next arrangement, the length is 30-60 cm;
  • flowers of miniature size, regular shape, white color, collected in umbrellas;
  • fruits have a round or ovoid shape.

Please note! The plant contains a large number of poisonous alkaloids. In this regard, it must be dried immediately after the dispute, do not allow children to contact this grass. The lethal dose for a person is 50 ml per 1 kg of body weight.

The spotted spotted hedgehog, the photo and description of which is present in the article, are highly effective in combating neoplastic diseases. Its use should be neat. The plant multiplies vegetatively or seeds. All parts of the plant are poisonous, but the strongest accumulation of poison is localized precisely in the root system of the plant.

Composition and use of the plant

The herbaceous plant contains a large amount of horsehyal alkaloid, which causes a person to be highly irritated, with excessive use causing death. The composition of hemlock blotch includes the following substances:

  • fatty oil;
  • alkaloids;
  • glycerides;
  • essential oil;
  • coffee acid;
  • Ivercynin.

The use of plants as a remedy in many countries is prohibited. It is caused by the fact that according to medical beliefs, the damage from the plant is several times greater than its healing effect.

That's interesting! It turned out that in Scotland the hemlock completely loses its poisonous contents, and the Armenians use this herb for food. In Russia, you can not use a plant for these purposes.

Traditional medicine recommends the use of hemlock to eliminate the following problems:

  • epilepsy, whooping cough, migraine;
  • sarcoma, anemia, syphilis;
  • atherosclerosis, homeopathy, scrofula;
  • anachronism, constipation, rheumatism, gout.

The herb has a calming, anticonvulsant, analgesic effect. The healing properties of the plant persist for 3 years. After the collection of raw materials, it must be dried immediately, the effect of high temperatures helps to get rid of some of the toxic substances, but their complete elimination is impossible.

It is used for preparing decoctions, infusions and tinctures, the useful properties of the plant are fully revealed in its leaves, inflorescences.

Contraindications, precautions

Bulb spotted is almost not used by official medicine, but folk has a wide range of uses for it. Treatment of oncology with this herb yields positive results in the first stages of malignant tumor development. With the help of grass, benign formations are also eliminated, but clear dosages must be observed during application. If precautions were not followed properly, poisoning occurs, which is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • increased salivation;
  • dizziness, headaches;
  • severe nausea, vomiting;
  • presence of seizures;
  • breathing problems;
  • pallor of the face, burning in the throat and in the mouth.

Read it! How to apply the hemlock grass from cancer by the method of Tishchenko.

Funds based on spotted hemlock can not be given to children, adults who have an individual intolerance to it, suffering from allergic reactions. It is not recommended to give people who have serious problems with the digestive system, respiratory ways.

The poison of the plant is so concentrated that the constant use of the preparations made on its basis can significantly worsen the health indicators. If there are hemlock near the garden, it should be especially careful not to confuse it with the root of parsley.

This is important! Statistics show that the fatal outcome ended exactly those cases in which the hemlock spotted was confused with the root of parsley, applying it to food. These two plants differ externally, but their root systems have a great similarity.

Procurement of raw materials, in what doses to take

If a person has contraindications to the use of this herb, it should not be prepared, and those who want to improve their health should follow such advice:

  • before cutting the plant, it is necessary to inspecta place where hemlock grows - near factories, roads, dirty ponds, it should not be collected;
  • to pay attention to indicators of quality of medicinal raw materials - leaves should not have damages, flowers should be fully opened;
  • because the juice of the plant also contains poison, collect it better in gloves, after collection, wash your hands well.
  • after collection of grass immediately give a heat treatment;
  • raw materials are stored inside tissue bags, at a great distance from other medicinal herbs, no more than three years.

Since for the onset of undesirable consequences to a person, you need to take 50 mg of a plant for each kilogram of your own body, it is worth using half the dose. Due to this, a comfortable effect from the treatment is achieved, and harm becomes minimal.

Please note! You can not add spotted hemlock to animal food. If it is present among other herbs, the animal may die.

Grass grows almost everywhere. Parents who have little children should be very careful, because the latter like to take everything in their mouths. Medicinal capabilities of the drug are not fully disclosed, because the official medicine refuses to use this plant. In folk medicine it is used often, but it is necessary to observe a precise dosage, to apply seldom.

Spotted spotted lizards can not be confused with other plants in appearance, but its roots resemble parsley. It is necessary to be cautious with medicinal raw materials, it is not recommended to store it with other herbs. Grass helps to cope even with cancer, but with reasonable use. Collecting and drying the raw materials is necessary during the flowering period. To partially lose the poison, the plant is dried under high temperature conditions, kept in a dry, well ventilated room.

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