Urophyte Forte: price, composition, instructions for use, analogues, reviews

Uninterrupted kidney work is very important for the normal functioning of the human body. One of the drugs prescribed today with various renal pathologies is Urophite Forte.

Urophite Forte

Renal pains cause significant discomfort, depriving the patient of the opportunity to live normally and fully. And in some cases, such a feeling is simply impossible to endure. Pharmacists offer a variety of drugs that temporarily eliminate this symptomatology. But with frequent admission, many of them have a negative effect on the liver. Therefore, many patients seek help from biologics, which is Urophite Forte.

Composition and useful properties of

The composition of the preparation contains components like:

  • Yarrow, which has a diuretic effect and perfectly cleanses the kidneys;
  • Chamomile - an effective anti-inflammatory plant;
  • St. John's wort is an excellent antispasmodic and analgesic agent that normalizes the metabolism of fats;
  • Rosehip fruit, effectively cleansing the kidney structures and having a diuretic effect;
  • Devyasil rhizome - promotes the accelerated regeneration of damaged cellular structures;
  • Milk thistle has a cleansing effect, removing toxic substances from the organs.


Produced Urofite Forte in the form of drops, the average price of which is about 1100-1300 rubles.

Principle of action

The mechanism of action of the drug is determined by its natural composition. Preparation:

  • Gradually promotes recovery of renal function;
  • Suppresses infectious lesions and eliminates inflammation that caused kidney pathologies;
  • Normalizes urinary functions;
  • Fat metabolism is increasing;
  • Acid-alkaline, water-electrolyte, and also nitrogen balance is restored;
  • Organic systems are cleared of slag deposits and toxins, and blood is released from the byproduct decay products;
  • Promotes the excretion of stones and prevents subsequent stone formation;
  • Normalizes blood pressure, restores appetite, eliminates soreness, generally improves the overall well-being of the patient;
  • Restores renal circulation.

As a result of this action, renal structures are gradually restored, internal processes are normalized.
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Indications for the use of the drug are pathological conditions like:

  1. Kidney inflammation;
  2. Chronic failure;
  3. Urolithiasis pathology;
  4. Urethritis;
  5. Cystitis;
  6. Nephroptosis;
  7. To improve the condition with neoplastic kidney damage.

It is indispensable for patients with a long history of nicotine addiction, diabetics and elderly patients, persons with excess kilos, etc. It is also recommended to take drops for prophylactic purposes, especially for patients who have a certain predisposition to kidney pathologies.

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Instruction for use

There are no complications in the rules for accepting the funds. Five drops of the drug must be dissolved in 100 ml of any liquid such as water, tea, etc. Drink the product twice a day during consumption of food. After a few applications, the painful discomfort in the kidneys will disappear.

The duration of the therapeutic course is about 4-6 weeks, and for prevention it is recommended to repeat this course at least 2 times a year. Children dosage can be reduced by half, and adults take, as mentioned above.

Instruction for use of the drug Urophite Forte

Side effects of

No side effects to the drug.


Drops are absolutely safe for the body, so they do not have contraindications. The only exception is the presence of individual hypersensitivity or intolerance to the components of the drug.

Special instructions

Take drops strictly according to the instructions, i.e., diluting in beverages at room temperature. The drug does not affect the reaction and has no contraindications for taking the pregnancy, but it is better to discuss this with a gynecologist beforehand.

Analogues of

There are no analogues of a biopreparation.


Summarizing the reviews of patients, you can note almost no negative feedback. Patients taking the drug were completely satisfied with the results.

How to avoid forgery?

In order not to tamper with a counterfeit tool, it is recommended to order the drug exclusively on the official website of the manufacturer. The original product is made exclusively in droplet form. The biopreparation in bottles from dark glass will be packed

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