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Being a highly effective herbal preparation, Fitin has proven itself in eliminating the deficiency in the human body of a substance such as phosphorus, responsible for many processes in the body and ensuring good health. The composition of this drug provides the most complete assimilation of this trace element, which is presented in the most easily digestible form in combination with several other substances important for humans.

Ease of use, a small number of contraindications and a convenient dosage form allow us to talk about the possibility of its appointment, even to children. Significant improvement of the condition is noted already during the first week of the use of Phytin, which is due to its thoughtful and balanced composition. The absence of probable addiction when using the drug makes it possible to assign it to long-term courses. This article will tell you about the features that have instructions for the use of Fitin tablets and their analogues, prices, reviews about them.

Features of the preparation

Fitin has only natural components in its composition, which can explain a small number of possible side effects when it is used. In the complex treatment of general exhaustion, taking this medication increases the overall effectiveness of the therapeutic effect, and in monotherapy, Fitin shows excellent results in eliminating the phosphorus shortage in the body.

Manufactured on the basis of low-fat hemp cake, Fitin is easily absorbed by the body, and its main components( calcium, magnesium and phosphorus salts) are presented in the most easily digestible form.

Composition Phytin

The composition contains such components as bound phosphoric acid, magnesium and calcium salts. This allows us to explain the positive effect of this herbal preparation on the formation and condition of the osseous system, to ensure the fastest healing of fractures.

The basis of the drug is skimmed hemp or mixed cake, also enriched with many trace elements. Rapid assimilation of the basic substance( phosphorus) allows the use of phytin in many diseases, with exhaustion and lack of appetite.

Dosage forms

In pharmacies the preparation Fitin is presented by tablets that are in a polymer blister and in a cardboard package. On the side of the carton pack has information about the name of the drug, its shelf life and composition. The drug is accompanied by an instruction indicating the dosage of admission for various conditions and the duration of treatment.

  • Phytin tablets are placed in a blister pack of 40 pieces. To use them simply, it is enough to wash it with water to improve the dissolution in the digestive tract.
  • The cost of the drug is not considered high, which makes Fitin affordable for most of the buyers. Its price may differ slightly for different vendors, but on average it ranges from 350 to 410 rubles per package.

Next, we will consider the harm and benefit of Phytin, tell you where and in what products it is contained and about important other nuances.

Pharmacological action of

Thanks to the well-thought-out formula, the drug Fitin has a high degree of digestibility, which allows it to be prescribed even in the advanced stages of exhaustion with the achievement of pronounced results after a short time of application. The assimilation of phosphorus in the bound form begins already in the digestive tract, and complete assimilation takes place within 2-3 hours from the moment of taking the remedy.


By regulating the phosphorus-calcium metabolism, Fitin eliminates the fragility of bones due to the rapid penetration into the cells of the bones of phosphorus, calcium and magnesium, the substances most important for bone formation. With a hematopoietic effect, Fitin also copes with the problem of poor blood tests by its biological indices and composition.


Removal of the drug and its components from the body is noted for 1 month after the end of the reception, which requires the regularity of its administration for serious violations of phosphorus-calcium metabolism. The courses of taking Phytin are not harmful to the body, but eliminate the insufficiency of such important trace elements, as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

The excretion of the decay products is carried out by the kidneys.


The use of phytin is determined by its composition. The balance of the formula ensures fast results even with neglected pathological conditions of the body, eliminating the symptoms of micronutrient deficiencies: lethargy, lack of appetite, rapid weight loss and poor health.

Important indications for the use of Phytin include:

  • violations in the process of bone formation;
  • treatment of red flat warty lichen;
  • deficiency of vitamin D, which can manifest itself in the form of rickets at any stage of development;
  • diathesis;
  • Fanconi syndrome;
  • hysteria;
  • depletion of the body;
  • neurosyphilis;
  • anemia;
  • Vessel hypotension;
  • impotence in men.

In complex treatment, the use of Phytin shows the most obvious and quick results. Tablets of this drug are also used to stimulate the processes of hematopoiesis.

Instruction for use

The ease of taking the drug is the lack of special conditions for its use. Pills enough to drink water. You can eat them both during and after meals.

  • For adults, dosage of the drug is 2-3 tablets to treat listed conditions, 2 times a day. In order to prevent the dosage can be reduced to 1 tablet per reception also 2 times a day. The duration of treatment is usually 6-8 weeks, with the prevention of diseases, it can be 2-3 weeks with the next following a short break.
  • For children the amount of the drug is reduced: on day 2 of the intake of 1 tablet. Duration of admission for children is 3-4 weeks.

Usually, the appointment of Phytin on the basis of the performed studies and analyzes is performed by the attending physician, however, the instruction accompanying the preparation makes it possible to draw up a scheme of its reception independently.


Contraindications for the intake of phytin include serious damage to kidney or liver function, as well as individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

Side effects of

In case of excessive dosage, as well as with allergic reaction to the drug, the following side effects are likely:

  • appearance of allergic skin rashes;
  • indigestion with heartburn, belching, nausea and diarrhea.

The listed side effects due to the natural nature of the drug are rare.

Specific instructions for

  • During the pregnancy, may also be administered by phytin, however, in order to prevent the occurrence of side effects, such treatment should only be carried out under the supervision of the attending physician. The same rule applies to the drug when breastfeeding a newborn.
  • In the childhood of , the intake of phytin in the presence of indications is recommended with a change in dosage and duration of drug exposure.

Interaction with other drugs

The use of phytin in the complex treatment of these conditions brings more pronounced results, allergic manifestations in the joint use of Phytin with other drugs have not been noted.


  • The use of phytin in phosphorous deficiency and exhaustion shows a significant improvement in the state within a few weeks of the onset of exposure. Many patients also noted the absence of side effects, the simplicity of applying Phytin. The availability of the cost of the drug should also be attributed to its merits.
  • Compared with analogues of chemical origin, phytin is distinguished by a greater degree of digestibility, rapid manifestation of the result and improvement of the patient's condition. Exhaustion is amenable to treatment with this method of influence due to stabilization of metabolic processes in the body, improving appetite and eliminating lean indolence.
  • The preparation is also of great help in case of hemopoiesis deficiency, which is important for frequent and chronic anemia and low hemoglobin index.


For preparations with a similar effect, balsam "Gold dragon", extract of echinacea and ginseng, and also Securinin and Apilak.

About the products in which the fitin is contained, the video will be described below:

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