Acute pancreatitis in pregnant women, exacerbation during pregnancy

The acute form of pancreatitis is characterized by inflammation of the pancreas of a destructive nature and can lead to both multiple complications and death. Especially dangerous is the development of acute pancreatitis during pregnancy.

In general, such a disease as pancreatitis in women, during childbearing is rare. The cause of its development can serve as the presence of cholecystitis, complicated by excess weight. In general, the threat of the development of the disease is present in late pregnancy. Since the body of a pregnant woman is prone to heavy loads and hormonal changes, the acute form of pancreatitis against the background of pregnancy is particularly difficult and, in the absence of proper treatment, can lead to death for the patient.

Diagnosis of the disease in pregnant women is particularly difficult, because a number of radiation studies are contraindicated for this category of patients and can be used only in rare cases when the health benefits of the mother are much higher than the threat to the life and health of the child. Therefore, a primary diagnosis is made after laboratory tests of the patient's blood, and the treatment is performed only in a hospital setting.

With an average severity of the disease, complex therapeutic treatment lasts from one week to ten days. With more severe forms, the duration of treatment is longer. On average, therapeutic treatment is quite effective in 85% of cases. If conservative therapy does not give the expected results, especially with blockage of the gallbladder and the development of jaundice in the background of acute pancreatitis, surgical intervention is performed. It( if necessary) is carried out at any time, with the continuation of the pregnancy, if possible.

In general, all treatment activities are aimed primarily at suppressing the pain syndrome in a woman, preventing pain shock or removing the patient from this condition. Further, with the development of the acute form of pancreatitis, administration of preparations suppressing the secretory function of the pancreas is prescribed and powerful anti-infective therapy is performed.

It is a well-known fact that all chronic diseases worsen during pregnancy. Pancreatitis is no exception. According to medical statistics, the disease gives itself about every third patient. Specialists attribute this to the manifestation of early toxicosis. Part of future mothers, only during pregnancy, learn about the presence of this disease.

Symptoms of exacerbation of pancreatitis during pregnancy are the same as usual: digestion, pain, fever, stool. If you have at least one of the signs, you should immediately seek medical help for the appointment of a competent treatment. So, ignoring such a state, will have a detrimental effect on the formation of the fetus. In some, especially difficult cases, there may even be a lethal outcome.

As a rule, for the relief of an exacerbation, a dietary meal is prescribed, strict daily routine is prescribed. It is not uncommon, it is recommended to take medicines, as well as mineral water with a high content of certain minerals. Pregnant women with a similar diagnosis are obligatorily put on preventive records to the gastroenterologist.

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