Constipation during pregnancy, what to do for pregnant women during treatment at home, how to treat folk natural remedies?

The problem of untimely emptying of the intestine, difficulties in defecation is very unpleasant for any person. However, if this problem develops in a pregnant woman, the harmful consequences not only for women, but also for her future child, increase at times.

At least half of all women in the position complain of constipation and pain that accompany this process. Most often, these problems occur between the 17th and 36th weeks of pregnancy, but the most dangerous delays with stools in the first weeks and late, in the third semester, when the birth of a deeply premature baby is possible.

The presence of constipation in a pregnant woman indicates:

  1. The increase in the interval between acts of defecation is more than 36 hours.
  2. Necessity of straining with bowel movements, manifestations of flatulence and pain syndrome.

What to do if there are problems with a pregnant stool depends on so many factors. First, in case of an early or late problem, it is necessary to consult a doctor and further treatment should be carried out under medical supervision. Taking measures to eliminate difficulties during defecation depends on the reasons that triggered the process. Having established the root cause and determined what to do with a pregnant woman's constipation, it is possible to take quick and effective measures. For example, if violations of intestinal motility caused by taking certain drugs with constipation during pregnancy, the simplest will be to replace them with others that do not cause similar effects.

The need to do something if, during pregnancy, constipation is caused by the fact that in this case there are greater risks of possible complications. With the long absence of the fact of emptying the intestine, it is possible to develop hemorrhoids, paraproctitis, damage to the rectum. Then, many women, being in an "interesting position", for various reasons, sharply reduce their physical activity, refusing to engage in sports, and even walking in the fresh air is reduced to sitting on a bench.

For some women, this is the fear of spontaneous abortion, in other cases, sharply increased weight, problems with veins and the like. As a result, the intestine becomes "lazy" and develops a difficult bowel movement. What in this case to do with constipation during pregnancy is to adjust your lifestyle taking into account the need to solve the problem. Turning to a specialist, it is possible to choose a special set of exercises that is suitable for this individual, taking into account the state of health, how badly the period of bearing of the child is. For example, in the case of an infectious disease, the patient may take certain medications. Entering into a chemical reaction, they have a negative effect on the development of the fetus and even provoke an increase in problems with the intestines.

Determining what to do with a pregnant woman's constipation as the first and basic rule should be the desire not to harm the fetus. The main thing is that the child is born healthy, with strong immune protection. And in this respect, all that can be done, if pregnant suffer from constipation, should be carried out with the greatest efficiency and gently. For example, in the case of an infectious disease, the patient may take certain medications. Entering into a chemical reaction, they have a negative effect on the development of the fetus and even provoke an increase in problems with the intestines.

How to treat constipation during pregnancy?

In case of constipation, pregnant women have different directions of therapy, but only the doctor should determine their effect. Self-medication can have negative consequences that affect the course of pregnancy, leading to complications. Treatment of constipation at this time begins with adjusting the diet. To stimulate the intestine, it is useful to include the following products in the menu:

  • vegetables and fruits in raw form;
  • bread is coarse and with a lot of bran;
  • dried fruits and especially prunes;
  • porridge from buckwheat, oatmeal and barley cereals;
  • meat products containing connective tissue in large quantities.

At the same time, it is necessary to limit or exclude from the diet products that cause increased gassing in the intestine, with a high content of fiber and cereals, which have the ability to "strengthen" the stomach. It is very important to get rid of the delay of the stool observance of the drinking regime, consuming about two liters of liquid. At the same time, it is a misconception that a large volume of fluid influences the development of outflows in a future mother. In fact, edema appears due to increased salt intake. If you drink a glass of cold water in the morning and a glass of kefir in the evening, and throughout the day a compote of dried fruits, mineral water without gas and plain water, you can completely avoid edema.

Treatment of constipation during pregnancy with great care involves the use of medications, as conventional laxatives and castor oil, enhance the peristalsis of the colon. As a result, an increase in the tone of the uterus and its reduction can be accompanied by miscarriage. The use of medications is possible only in very serious cases of intestinal disorders, when there are no other ways to cure constipation during pregnancy. The right to choose methods should be given only to specialists.

How to treat constipation in pregnant women with natural remedies?

When choosing how to treat constipation during pregnancy, one should take into account that the reason for its development is the physiological condition of the woman during this period. Therefore, determining what to do in pregnancy with constipation, folk remedies are the most optimal solution. There is a large number of "grandmother's recipes" that can be made at home for a pregnant woman. The most effective of what is done with the difficulty of the act of defecation at home is the use of prunes in combination with honey, dried apricots, raisins.

If there are no contraindications, even with constipation in a pregnant woman at home, special exercises are done to reduce pressure on the uterus, which are the simplest and most effective way to normalize the functioning of the intestine. Tinctures from chamomile flowers, fennel and cumin seeds, mint leaves, are useful in the expressed abdominal swelling, but only in quantities recommended by the doctor.

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