What to do with constipation in adults, urgent( quick) action at this time, what can and should be done, video, how to act?

Anyone who has ever encountered constipation wants to know what rules must be followed when such a delicate problem arises. Tell only what to do with constipation, what actions to take immediately during a malaise of an adult, can only an experienced doctor. His recommendations are useful, especially when chronically constipated. Everyone should understand why they are formed, what to do to normalize the emptying. Let's talk about this in the article.

The human body is a complex mechanism that works constantly. For its normal functioning, food is needed, when it is processed, wastes are formed, normally they are excreted through the rectum once a day. Deviations from this schedule are acceptable: in some adults, bowel evacuation occurs twice a day, in others - once every 1.5 days. But if the feces stay longer, it begins to rot in the intestines. During decay, toxins are released. What is being done with the body at this time? Toxins instantly, very quickly absorbed into the blood. So there are signs of general intoxication of the body: nausea, headache, abdominal discomfort, gas accumulation. Together with these symptoms there are disorders of the vegetative system. An adult with constant constipation complains of a bad mood, strong irritability, weakness and loss of appetite. What to do during a malaise? To begin urgently to correct a situation.

In order to prevent the emergence of dangerous complications, it is important to know what can be done with constipation and what measures need to be taken urgently, wanting to alleviate the condition. The first step is to find out the cause of the indisposition. If it is associated with malnutrition, a sedentary lifestyle, with constant stress, to eliminate constipation, you can quickly adjust these components. Treatment is reduced to diet compliance, to increased physical activity and drinking regimen. And this is the answer to the question of what to do with constipation.

What should I do with constipation with food?

Cal in an adult man successfully moves in the gut if it has the necessary mass and density. Formulate it and make the stool dense help rough fibers. They absorb water well and swell. Large volume irritates the walls of the large intestine and stimulates the development of an impulse, which causes the musculature of the hollow organ to contract. Swollen stool along the way collects toxins and successfully takes them out. It provides a feeling of satiety, lowers the level of harmful cholesterol. That's why you can not do without rough fiber. What to do during constipation? Are there more vegetables and fruits? And not only them! The daily norm of rough food products is forty grams. They get them by eating a coarse loaf of bread, a gram of two hundred boiled potatoes, a pound of fruit and vegetables.

In many, rough fiber contributes to active gas production. To eliminate it, Espumizan is usually prescribed. But adjust the diet is not necessary, and what to do with constipation to relieve the condition? To drink laxative tablets also it is not necessary. Their appointment, dosage, duration of admission should be determined only by the doctor. And all because the uncontrolled reception quickly forms the onset of the lazy gut syndrome. Make the tract, then work without drug stimulation will be impossible.

What actions are urgently needed to quickly eliminate constipation? Drink a small sip of cucumber brine, which was mixed with two tablespoons of salt. It is useful to drink carrot juice, in which you can clearly see the chopped pieces of dried fruits( dried apricots and figs).It will greatly facilitate the process of defecation in the morning, beetroot salad seasoned with vegetable oil. It must be eaten at night. If you add prunes to it, the laxative effect will increase significantly. What to do, what actions to take urgently, when prolonged chronic constipation is excruciated? To drink all time oat broth. It is made from grains. They are boiled and boiled for a long time on the fire until ready. Only liquid is used for treatment. They drink it instead of water for a day, filling the drinking volume. Intestinal motility with such therapy is restored very quickly.

How to deal with constipation?

It is necessary to increase the volume of water consumed and in the mornings urgently begin to do therapeutic gymnastics. The daily norm of consumed water is at least two liters per day. Water, as already mentioned above, is needed to increase the volume of the feces, so that the coarse fibers can swell well and intensify the peristalsis in the intestine.

Clearing the intestines is easy if you do the following exercises regularly and on time:

  1. Lying on your back, you need to breathe deeply and exhale, working only on the abdominal wall.
  2. Lying on your side, pull your knees high, to the very chin, putting your hand on the free hypochondrium. In this position, it is necessary to repeat the respiratory gymnastics described in the first exercise. Turning over, everything repeats.
  3. Back in position, lying on your back, you need to do the exercise "bike".

Completing gymnastics is important elements of self-massage. What and how to do? Two hands are placed on the abdomen in the area below the navel and are pressed with effort. Put your hands on the back of the hand, put your hands in the position of the solar plexus in this position, and push down with effort to lower into the pubic area. Daily exercise of gymnastics and massage paired with proper nutrition - that's what to do with constipation, and what actions to take.

What else can I do with constipation?

Often, stool delays occur due to prolonged use of certain medications. Often provoke a constipation of antacids - drugs that contain potassium or aluminum, drugs with anticonvulsant effect, antidepressants, contraceptives. What to do, what actions should be taken urgently to prevent the appearance of constipation in time? To consult with the attending physician, to stop the course of treatment, to try to replace the prescribed tablets with safe analogues.

The mechanism of constipation formation can trigger the development of gastrointestinal and intestinal pathologies, such as anomalies in the development of the large intestine( they occur early in life), the adult has hemorrhoids, cracks, tumors, polyps. To understand what to do with them, what actions to take will be obtained only by visiting the proctologist. In most cases, it is possible to eliminate the cause of constipation in this case only surgically.

You can also detect more dangerous pathologies in an adult by listening carefully to your own organism. The accompanying symptoms - that's what should make you start worrying and think about what to do to ease the condition. If the efforts made do not help, if the constipation does not go away within three weeks, it is important to go urgently to the doctor. A visit to it should not be postponed, when blood or a lot of mucus appears along with the stool, if the act of defecation is accompanied by a severe acute pain in the abdomen.

To deliver on time an accurate diagnosis and say what to do and what actions to take when constipating an adult person, the proctologist will be able only after a thorough examination of the patient. First of all, he urgently and carefully collect anamnesis, then he will offer to undergo rectal examination. To do this, he will put rubber gloves on his hand, and the thumb will insert into the anus. This procedure allows you to feel from 7 to 10 cm of the rectum. To hesitate procedure is not necessary, it is not necessary and to neglect it. The one who will do it, and make a rectal examination, is allowed a chance to identify the cause of constipation, as well as rectal cancer in the early stages. If it is detected on time, in 70% the cancer is successfully treated.

And one more thing. Many people want to get rid of constipation urgently, so they start looking for materials on the Internet in the form of articles and videos. The option is not bad, but it's better to contact a specialist. And we need to do this quickly.

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