Black pepper peas with diarrhea( with diarrhea)

Such an ailment, like diarrhea, always occurs suddenly when a suitable drug is not available, and it is impossible to run after it to the pharmacy due to certain circumstances. In the event that a person "twisted" at the wrong time, it is worth remembering the folk remedies tested for centuries. One of them is black pepper peas from diarrhea. This spice is always at hand. Yes, and the recipe for treatment is very simple and is considered one of the most effective. Patients who have checked the power of his actions leave only positive feedback and recommendations.

Pepper peas from diarrhea help very well, so many people are interested in what is the therapeutic power of this seasoning? There is no scientific evidence for the health benefits of this spice, but according to the observations of patients and specialists, the following is noted:

  • It enhances the secretion of hydrochloric acid well and this is of great benefit to the stomach, improving digestion, and preventing the appearance of a loose stool;
  • Black pepper also contributes to stopping flatulence, always accompanying diarrhea. This is due to its ability to prevent increased gas formation;
  • Antibacterial properties of pepper peas are used to fight against various infections that affect the gastrointestinal tract;
  • In addition, this seasoning acts as an antiseptic, protecting the body from pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria that can provoke diarrhea.

If diarrhea is accompanied by severe pain, you can simply brew tea from the spices of this spice. Although in this case, do not forget that the cause of a painful condition in the liquid stool may be a serious abnormality of the gastrointestinal tract, so if this symptom occurs often, you should consult a specialist before starting this medication.

How to take peppercorns with diarrhea?

Many are interested in how you can still stop watery stool with this spice. Experienced in this case, people who have repeatedly used this method, it is recommended to use the grain of this spice for the night. This is done for the reason that it is at this time of day that the human body is in a state of relaxation and rest. It is this condition that allows a non-traditional remedy to be better absorbed. By morning, a person who consumed pepper from diarrhea, there is a significant decrease in the release of liquefied feces. To get rid of dysfunction of the intestine, an adult person usually has 10 peas to be swallowed without chewing and drinking with water.

You can often hear the question about whether it is possible to black pepper peas with diarrhea in children and whether it will in any case harm it? As noted by many, this means is suitable for kids, only to apply it for stopping children's diarrhea should not be earlier than the child turns 7 years old. At a younger age, one should resort to other folk recipes. Yes, and the dose, in contrast to adult patients, should be only 5 peas. Also, the baby should be warned that it is not recommended to bite the spice, as this can be fraught with a mucous burn. If the child does everything correctly, then after taking pepper, diarrhea will stop during the night.

This remedy is not recommended for patients who have had an operation on the intestine or stomach, since it has a strong irritant effect on the mucosa. In this case, traditional treatment is required. It is also necessary to consult a specialist if, after eating pepper, the problem with diarrhea has not been resolved.

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