Transfer Elena Malysheva Live healthy about the stomach ulcer

In today's society, every tenth adult person knows from his own experience what a stomach ulcer is. Elena Malysheva, the country's main television doctor, could not get around the subject without discussing it in the program "Live Healthily".

Gastric ulcer - what provokes this gastroenterological disease? Most people interviewed by the TV presenter consider the causes of the illness as stress, alcohol, ecology, spicy and fatty foods.

Doctor Malysheva thinks otherwise. The stomach ulcer, in her opinion, is caused by the pathogenic microorganism Helicobacter pylori. In the program "Live healthy", the ulcer is presented as an intestinal infectious disease, which can be infected in several ways:

  • Fecal-oral infection. The causative agent of the gastric disease is excreted from the body with calves, but gets into it through the mouth cavity from unclean hands, dirty foods and water, less often through saliva or vomit.
  • Iatrogenic infection( caused by medical personnel).The bacterium is transmitted through non-sterilized medical instruments during the diagnostic examination( gastrofibroscopy) and other manipulations.

In the program "To Live Healthily" Elena Malysheva told and showed visually how a pathogenic microorganism, getting on a mucous stomach, covered with a lot of folds, damages it.

Digestive function - the main for the stomach. For this purpose, the process continuously produces hydrochloric acid, which breaks down food. Simultaneously, mucus is released, which protects the body walls from acid burn.

If the integrity of the mucous membrane is damaged, the acid, falling on the formed defect, forms an ulcer. Without timely treatment, ulceration deepens into the walls of the organ, forming a through hole.

In the program "To Live Healthily" Elena Malysheva argues that after the discovery by scientists of the microorganism Helicobacter pylori, the stomach ulcer ceased to be a surgical disease.

Peptic ulcer is effectively treated with conservative drug therapy. Antiulcer treatment regimen necessarily includes antibiotics and inhibitors of the proton pump.

In the rubric of all about food in one of the programs "To Live Healthily" Elena Malysheva spoke about one of the favorite fruits of Russians - a banana. This sweet treat contains useful substances that kill the bacteria Helicobacter pylori.

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