Broth of oats for the treatment of kidney stones: effectiveness, contraindications, recipes

The body can be cleaned in various ways, but most of them are based on folk techniques and medicinal properties of plants. Even the well-known oats are ideal for cleaning a variety of organic structures: kidneys, liver, etc. Oats are also known as an effective means for cleansing the kidneys from stones.

Broth of oats from kidney stones

For many years in folk medicine, kidney treatment with oats has been practiced. It is this cereal that is used as a diuretic and diaphoretic, antipyretic and antidiabetic remedy. Oats, in addition to stone formation, can cure many diseases such as skin pathologies, rheumatism, gout, gastric ulcers, etc. This is the reason for the popularity of oats in people practicing traditional medicine.

But especially effectively oats prevents stone formation and helps to remove already existing concrements from the kidneys and urinary structures, and also increases diuresis, preventing the urine. Possessing a mass of useful medicinal qualities, oat cereal improves the activity of the whole organism, especially the metabolic processes, intestinal functions and purification of the urinary system.

Cleansing the kidney structures with oats - a technique although simple, but time-consuming, which requires a lot of time, so this treatment is considered a sparing effect. Kidney structures are gradually cleared and restore their functionality, and the body is not exposed to the potent effects of drugs or any medication procedures.

Useful properties of

Kidneys perform filtration functions, processing and purifying blood from metabolic products and toxins, removing them in the form of urine. In case of malfunctions with the kidneys, there are corresponding signs like hypertension and puffiness, insomnia and bloating. With all these problems oats can, and, more precisely, made on its basis broths, jelly or porridge. Oats have a lot of useful macro and microelements, which are necessary for the full work of all body structures.

Thanks to its composition, oats have many useful qualities:

  • Cleans the body of pathogenic bacteria;
  • Displays toxic components;
  • Endowed with diuretic properties;
  • Helps to crush and excrete calculi from the kidneys;
  • Relieves of painful sensations, facilitating the condition of patients with renal colic;
  • Eliminates flatulence;
  • Promotes weight loss;
  • Eliminates swelling, removing excess fluid from the tissues;
  • Has anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Promotes activation of brain activity;
  • Reduces cholesterol, etc.

The use of oatmeal and decoction to eliminate kidney stones does not cause side effects, and the effect always ensures a positive effect. Oats-based medications are recommended not only for therapeutic but also for preventive purposes to prevent kidney stone formation and enhance immune defense. The broths help and with puffiness, characteristic for people suffering from kidney disorders. But it is contraindicated to start taking on one's own, any remedy, even if it is a folk remedy, must be approved by a specialist before admission.
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Instructions for use

There are many recipes based on oatmeal.

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Here are the most popular ways to properly brew oats:

  1. With stones of urate origin, experts recommend using unrefined oats, in husk. The recipe is this: the grain needs to be thoroughly rinsed, covered in a thermos bottle and boiled with boiling water. Withstand in the thermos for the night, and in the morning I rub and eat like porridge without any additives like sugar or podsalivaniya. For the day you can eat only fresh vegetables, drink only water. In a similar way, you can clean the kidneys only once a week, after a month of such treatment you need to allocate for cleaning two days a week. For the third month, the treatment is stopped. Repeat the treatment after 3 months.
  2. A kilogram of raw and washed grains is boiled in a saucepan with 5 liters of water. When a liter of liquid evaporates, add a large spoonful of honey and crushed briars. Boil for a couple of minutes and remove from heat. Then pour into a mixture of 50 ml of aloe juice. Such a decoction is taken to produce concrements after eating.
  3. In case of stone formation, it is also recommended to prepare another decoction. In a liter of boiling water to cover 300 g of grains and stand the day, then you can take before the food in a glass.
  4. With urolithiasis, oat grass also helps. Fresh plant is harvested, a little dried and small.600 g of such raw materials are poured with a liter of vodka and stand for 21 days in the dark. Then the medicine is filtered, take on a large spoonful of 30 drops before the food intake.
  5. This recipe is also good for cleansing. Two large spoons of grains are covered in 0.5 liters of water and boiled to an acidic state. Drink daily for a week.
  6. Excellently removes sand from the kidneys such a tool. In equal shares take beans, blueberry leaves, stigmas of corn, moss and oat straw. Stir all components. For the recipe, you need 4 large spoons of the finished mixture, which is boiled in a liter of water. Reception can be started after cooling off the infusion. It is necessary to drink a dessert spoon infusion every 30 minutes, and so 6 times.

Any recipe is effective for cleaning kidneys from sand and pebbles, but you can not assign them yourself. It is necessary to know for sure, the stones of what nature are formed in the kidneys, as different treatments are used for different concrements.
How to cook oatmeal:


Although oats are useful and safe, this therapy is not suitable for everyone. Take such decoctions is useful for the prevention of stones in the cholelithiasis structures. But if such a disease has already developed, then oats are not recommended. It is contraindicated to take oat medicines for cholecystitis and other hepatic pathologies, myocardial insufficiency, and also with increased indices of gastric acidity.

Features of application of

If treatment with oatmeal means shows intolerance to the product, it is necessary to stop taking it. The presence of manifestations such as diarrhea, itching and headaches indicates the presence of intolerance. If these symptoms occur, you should consult a doctor.


All patients who were treated with oat kidneys at home note that the remedy helps cope with many diseases and improves overall health. Oat mucus has lithotripsy properties, that is, it cuts stones into sand and displays it in natural ways. Though apparently the broth looks unattractive, but tastes like a paper dissolved in water, it always helps.

Many nephrologists prescribe oat broth for patients to treat kidney diseases. Especially with kidney pathologies of the kidneys. It is much safer than any chemistry and does not have side effects. Moreover, such a remedy is even given to patients in sanatoriums, where the kidneys are treated. Therefore, ovarian-based remedies for the kidneys are incredibly useful, effective and safe.

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