How to increase the mammary glands in the home

Perhaps, the most common plastic surgery, which dream of a woman to make herself, is a breast enlargement. Rarely will there be a woman who is really satisfied with her bust, even fewer female representatives who have the opportunity either ready without fear to lie under the surgeon's knife. Therefore, women often wonder how to enlarge their breasts at home.

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Exercises for breast augmentation

The safest way to improve the shape and general condition of the breasts is doing physical exercises: they will not add two or three sizes to you, but will bring the skin tone, pull it up, andDo not affect the health and body. There are many, both different complexes, and individual effective exercises.

lock The most common exercise is performed as follows:

  • hands in the lock in front of the chest;
  • push hands to meet each other, creating resistance, so that the muscles of the chest can begin to work;
  • repeat the exercise 10 times for several approaches.

Regular application of this simple technique will strengthen the muscles of the chest, and tighten it. Especially, the exercise is recommended for giving birth to women breastfeeding the baby.

The next exercise a little more "pumps" the muscles, and with regular application, can increase the volume:

  • pick up small gantelki, weighing about three kilograms;
  • from the fully lowered position, lift them to shoulder level;
  • repeat 8-10 times, for several approaches.

The most effective exercise for strengthening and gaining pectoral muscles is push-up from the floor. However, not every lady is able to repeat it clearly and correctly. If it's too hard for you, press on your knees or against the wall. The number of push-ups adjust by their forces - from 5 to 20 times.

Exercise that is available in almost any room:

  • stand face to face with a wall and rest your hands on it;
  • try to push the wall away from yourself, but do not confuse with push-up;
  • repeat as many times as you allow free time.

Plants help to increase breasts

The following ways that women try to increase the size of the bust are the "grandmother's" methods - the use of herbs.

Lead in this list is a recipe using cones of hops. Hops cones actually possess phytohormones, which, with a deficiency of female hormones in the body, are really capable of giving a certain breast enlargement. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict in advance whether this method will work on a particular person and whether the effect will not pass after stopping the use of cones. Doctors insist that when you use this decoction, the chest simply loses fluid, which still comes out during the menstrual cycle. However, there are examples of girls who claim that they managed to achieve a result of plus one or two sizes, which has been maintained for quite a long time after the termination of the use of cones. The broth is prepared as follows:

  • buy in the pharmacy a package of dry cones of hops;
  • pour one tablespoon of a glass of boiling water and leave for 6-7 hours to infuse in a thermos in a dark place;
  • drink three glasses a day before meals.

Hop cones have a very specific smell and taste, even drinking one glass will be a bit problematic.

Important! It is strictly forbidden to use cones in conjunction with the use of oral contraceptives, with any hormonal disorders, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Breast volume increase can be a significant correction in weight. The disadvantage of this method is that along with the bust, the remaining, not desirable parts of the body also increase.

Quite an effective result can be given by various massage complexes, however, to improve the condition and at least a minimal increase, a considerable amount of time must pass. There are a variety of complexes, from the ancient eastern, ending with modern, which are developed by experienced mammalogists.

Separately it is worth mentioning about various ointments and tablets, advertising of which is actively spreading on the Internet. Most of these, supposedly scientifically developed drugs, in fact, are just a pacifier. And in the worst case, they can significantly undermine your health, damage your internal organs, and many more troubles that will become a much bigger problem in your life than an insufficiently large breast size.

Visually increase the chest

The last, the most simple option to visually increase the volume of the bust - properly selected bra with the effect of push-up. Special inserts, located in the cups, raise the chest and move it. Thus, you can achieve the addition of at least one size, even for the smallest breast. The disadvantage here is that too often wearing such bras is not recommended, since they tightly squeeze the chest area, which can later cause a feeling of discomfort, and even some problems.

In pursuit of an increase in the bust, you should not forget about your own health, and before applying any, even seemingly most harmless drugs and herbs, it is still worthwhile to consult a doctor for reinsurance.

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