Intoxic - a remedy for parasites: composition, instructions for use, real feedback

The human body is a unique creation of nature. It's nice when all his organs and systems work smoothly. This harmony is disturbed by unwanted guests of our body who, without permission, settle in the intestine and liver, can live in the blood or on the skin. Such unwanted neighbors are called parasites. You can not live with them, as they become a source of development of some diseases, can cause dysbiosis, cause a weakening of the immune system. All of them are extremely unpleasant and dangerous, but today there is a medicine Intoxic - a new remedy that cleanses our body of all parasites and their products of vital activity:

  1. Thanks to the presence of tannins, Toxicum cleanses the body of parasites.
  2. Displays parasites that have settled in the stomach, intestines, lungs, heart, skin and other human organs.
  3. Neutralizes eggs laid by parasites.
  4. Does not allow rotting and decomposition of dead parasites in the body, but removes them away through a secretion system.

What are the dangerous parasites for adults and children?

Many believe that parasites can only settle in young children or those who neglect hygiene rules. However, this is an incorrect judgment and it is based, first of all, on the fact that people know little about helminths. What secrets are shrouded in the life of these terrible creatures parasitizing in the human body?

The victims of parasites, ranging in size from 1 mm to 40 cm, annually in the world becomes about 10 - 15 million people. It's not just kids walking on the street with homeless animals. Sometimes, even patients who carefully monitor the cleanliness of their hands and their bodies get into the number of patients, since there are a lot of ways of infection:

  • contact with vectors of the infection when shaking hands, exchanging objects, etc.
  • water, food or soil contaminated with parasites or their eggs;
  • common areas.
  • infected animals.
  • common objects( dishes, bedding, hygiene items).

It is not immediately possible to detect the presence of parasites in your body. For a long time they live quietly, although from the moment of settling in the human body they begin to multiply actively, feed on our juices, taking away the useful substances needed by the body. They also give off toxins that poison the body. Symptoms of the disease become noticeable even when the gastrointestinal tract begins to send out impulses of pain, when deviations occur in the CNS.But these clearly expressed signs of the presence of helminths are often interpreted as another malaise from overwork. In fact, it is necessary to undergo diagnostics and begin treatment after the following symptoms are detected:

  • There are bags or dark circles under the eyes.
  • There is no appetite, the kind of food is disgusting.
  • Catarrhal diseases are becoming frequent, there is a nasal congestion for no reason.
  • On the skin there are rashes or there are other signs of allergy.
  • Unexplained chronic fatigue throughout the day.
  • Headache more often than before.
  • Periodically, there are diarrhea, then constipation.
  • Nervousness is noted.
  • Sleeping night sleep disturbing, with awakenings.
  • In muscles and joints, pain is felt.

Nothing good will live in the neighborhood of parasites. But a lot of troubles can be expected. Among them:

  • depletion of the body;
  • development of infectious and oncological diseases;
  • decomposition of the liver;
  • disease of the heart, lungs, brain and other organs.

How does the anthelminthic preparation Intoxic against parasites work?

Helminthes have spread so widely around the world that today they threaten human life if they are not combated. Diseases caused by parasites have become more frequent than colds. Anthelminthic agent Toxicum helps to fight these unwanted lodgers of our body. The medicine has a detrimental effect on the ascarids, vlasoglavov, lamblia, hypodermic chain, acanthocephala, amoebae, echinococcus and other harmful creatures seeking to settle in various organs and systems of the human body. The drug Intoxic kills not only those parasites that live in the organs of the digestive tract, but also cleanses harmful microorganisms lungs, liver, subcutaneous tissues, blood. The agent neutralizes all the eggs laid by helminths and removes decay products from our body, preventing them from rotting.

After the course of treatment, not only the absence of parasites in the body is noted, as evidenced by the analyzes, but also pleasant changes:

  • return activity;
  • habitual vivacity;
  • stabilizes the process of digestion;
  • normalizes sleep;
  • improves skin color;
  • improves working capacity;
  • allergy disappears.

Do not immediately take up the pills, discovering helminths. Advantages of the agent Intoxic over chemical analogues:

  1. Produced on the basis of medicinal plants that are harvested in ecologically clean areas.
  2. Has a specific pleasant taste, which is sure to please children.
  3. Is a natural antiparasitic drug.
  4. Sold without a doctor's prescription.
  5. Can be used to treat adults and children.
  6. Has no side effects.
  7. Does not affect the liver detrimental effects.
  8. Certified, clinically tested and recommended by doctors for use at home.

Ingredients of the antiparasitic preparation Intoxic

There is a huge amount of preparations for combating helminths, but attention should be paid to the novelty of Intoxic, which has not only an affordable price, but also a unique composition.

The drug consists of the following components:

  • Bear's bile has a detrimental effect on the eggs of parasites, removes them away.
  • The fruit juice Sumaha has a strong antiparasitic effect. Helps to quickly clean the body of various kinds of worms, struggles with their rotting.
  • Ferula Dzungar is introduced into the preparation for combating single-celled organisms, viruses, fungi and other harmful creatures.
  • Synthesis of 20 auxiliary components provides protection for organs that have been affected by parasites. The tissues are quickly restored after complete purification, the repeated infection is prevented.

How to use the medicine Intoxicant from parasites: instruction for use

The antiparasitic drug Intoxic has not only a curative, but also a preventive effect. Having gone through a course of treatment against helminths with the use of this reliable means, you can be calm that in the near future they will not dare to get into the body, as he received reliable immunity. In order for the medicine to function effectively, take intoxicant according to the instructions:

  • Children from 3 to 6 years old : must undergo a 10-day course of treatment, taking the medicine 3 times a day for half an hour before meals.
  • Children 6 to 12 years old : must undergo a 20-day course of treatment, taking the drug 2 times daily before meals( 30 minutes).
  • Adults : a drug is prescribed for oral administration for 30 days 2 times a day.

If the patient is at risk, being in contact with people or close to animals that can be infected with helminths, it is recommended that therapy be administered periodically( up to 4 times per year).

For more information on how to apply Intoxic, about dosages, side effects, see the instructions in the box with the bottle.

Medication Intoxic buy - parasites win!

Drug Intoxic is widely used. It will help to cope with unpleasant parasitic creatures, fungi and viruses that live in different organs. In addition, those who conduct regular prophylaxis can buy Intoxic.

Buy antiparasitic drug Intoxic is recommended for the following diseases:

  • ascaridosis;
  • abdominal pain;
  • helminthiosis;
  • stool disorder;
  • joint and muscle pain;
  • causeless fatigue;
  • circles under the eyes;
  • permanent nasal congestion;
  • manifestation of allergy;
  • frequent ailments;
  • unsatisfactory condition of hair and nails.

As in the pharmacies Intoxic is still rarely sold, you can buy it via the Internet. The best prices, as well as the checked quality( about what certificates speak), always at the official supplier. Buy the goods on the site at a discount and do not suffer from those troubles that bring helminths to life.

Reviews of specialists or what doctors and doctors say about the means of Intoxic from parasites?

Tamara Vladimirovna Perfilova, parasitologist( Moscow):
In the human body, uninvited guests are often settled, who are called parasites. These creatures and seemingly unpleasant, and very dangerous for our health. To combat them I recommend a reliable natural preparation of Intoxic, which anyone who wants to be healthy can buy. The medicine kills all kinds of parasites known to modern medicine, kills eggs, from which young individuals could be deduced, displays the products of the decay of helminths and dead pests, preventing them from decomposing.
Ivan Grigorievich Varlakov, gastroenterologist( Ekaterinburg):
Over the past few years, I have stopped prescribing pills for parasite control to my patients. Killing these drugs harmful people in our body, we are destroying the liver. The natural preparation Intoxic acts much more efficiently and safely, which relieves both parasites and their eggs, decay products. You can buy the medicine in the pharmacies of large cities( Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ufa and others), since the market is known for about 10 years. However, its price is much more profitable for official representatives, who work without intermediaries and cheating. Do not sacrifice yourself to the worms and other worms parasitizing in our body, fight them in a timely manner, and even better conduct prevention.

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Truthful and real reviews already using Intoxic from parasites! Is it an intoxicant or not?

Marina Bogum, 36, Novosibirsk:
My child is 9 years old. I always ate well, but suddenly my appetite disappeared. Sits at the table, his food starts to nausea. Appealed to the doctor, as they began to worry about his health. Suspected the development of gastritis, but it turned out that we have worms. I can not even imagine where he took them. The child, in fact, is in contact with the children, and likes to play with the seals in the yard. The doctor recommended us the Intoxic. The natural preparation helped to cleanse the body of parasites. Now, with the child's appetite, everything is fine.
Natalia Sivchikova, 38, Perm, Russia:
I work in a kindergarten. As always, I went to fill out the sanitary book, it turned out that I had woundworms. From this news I was literally taken aback. I always follow the rules of hygiene, I teach these children and suddenly this turn of events. Although the news and unpleasant, but she shared with her best friend. She recommended me to buy Intoxic - a reliable cure for parasites, which she had recently treated her son. I did not think that it's so easy to defeat the muck that's got inside of us.
Inna Atakisheva, 32, Omsk:
The son brought home a beautiful fluffy kitten, whose foot was injured. He tearfully asked us to help the animal, but for this he had to stay for a few days in his apartment. While they were treating a small kitten, they got used to it and let it out into the street or give it to the nursery, they did not want to. This is how the four-legged lodger settled here. True, very soon the son showed parasites. We had to now heal the son, helped us cope with the misfortune of Intoxic. The medicine is pleasant to the taste, so the children take it without tears.
Valeria Kulyas, 51, Vorkuta:
I noticed a sharp deterioration in the condition. I lost my appetite and circles appeared under my eyes. I went to the therapist, but he did not find any deviations in health. Has suggested to hand over all analyzes, including the analysis of a feces. What was our general surprise when it was discovered that I have helminths. I thought that these creatures only in children are born or those who keep animals at home. Where they came from, I did not ask, but the doctor said that the whole family should be treated to prevent the spread of parasites. I decided to buy intoxication, because a lot of real positive feedback heard about this drug from friends. As a result, everyone is healthy about what the tests say.
Svetlana Glusdkova, 38, Astrakhan:
I work in a grocery store in the department of chilled meat. We always pass medical examination and no problems have never been. We went with a friend to take tests together. And what was our surprise when they both discovered parasites. I was immediately upset, and she said that she already had such guests in the body, so she keeps at home Inti-oxyx( and suddenly it will be needed).So the medicine came in handy. We were treated together, handed over repeatedly the smears: now everything is normal. I myself also ordered an antiparasitic Intoxic, let it be in the medicine cabinet.

Where to order Toxicum?

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