Green tea with pancreatitis( for the pancreas), a tea mushroom, can I drink with lemon, milk?

Green high-quality tea in the East is called the elixir of immortality and has long been famous for its not only taste, but also medicinal qualities, it is the green varieties of this drink that are so claimed as medicines. Green tea varieties are very useful in diseases of the pancreas and digestive tract, especially with pancreatitis, peptic ulcer, colitis, etc.

After all, green varieties of a noble drink have long been known for their properties, increase the tone of digestion and regulate the production of enzymes by the pancreas, so even in the absencepancreatitis or other diseases, in the East it is customary to drink a cup of green drink before meals, for the prevention of various pancreatic diseases. The only condition when consuming green tea in pancreatitis, it should be of good quality and not very strong concentration. Green tea beverages contain substances that are not only useful in pancreatitis, but even stop the growth of cancerous tumors, making it so popular all over the world, so the green varieties of this drink are used both as a prophylaxis and for the treatment of many diseases.

Tea mushroom

Another tool that has a very beneficial effect on the pancreas and can cure pancreatitis is a tea fungus. The use of an elixir from it in combination with some herbs perfectly removes inflammation from the pancreas and promotes the rapid cure of even such a serious disease as pancreatitis. Preparing a medicine based on a tea fungus is very simple. For this purpose, take 4 tbsp.spoons of strawberry berries, three tablespoons of blueberries and dogrose, as well as burdock roots, two tablespoons of herb grass and wheat grass, and another 1 tbsp.a spoon of calendula flowers, a snake mountaineer herb and plantain leaves. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients, then put two spoons of the resulting mixture in a container, pour a glass of boiling water, wrap and let it brew for an hour. Next, add to the infusion received a glass of tea mushroom and mix again. The resulting infusion on the basis of the tea fungus is very useful for the pancreas during periods of exacerbation of pancreatitis. Taking this infusion for 14 days four times a day for 30 minutes before the start of the meal, 75 ml each, you can get rid of all manifestations of pancreatitis without a trace and completely normalize the functions of your pancreas.

Green tea varieties, and the tea fungus have a very beneficial effect on the pancreas, even during periods of exacerbation of pancreatitis and completely normalize the digestion process.

Tea with lemon in pancreatitis

Tea with lemon in pancreatitis has a therapeutic effect due to the presence of antioxidants in this drink. Citrus in combination with tea activates the release of biologically active substances, known as catechins, which bind and remove free radicals from the body.

This citrus retains a large amount of ascorbic acid. It helps fight the body with infections, increases the endurance of veins and arteries, which strengthens their walls. Few people know that when adding lemon in hot tea, its beneficial properties are reduced by half. For optimal therapeutic effect, it should be added to the cooled beverage.

Tea with milk in pancreatitis

Such a drink originated in England in the 17th century, when a hot drink was poured after milk at a royal porch in a fragile porcelain cup. To date, it is known that this combination enhances the metabolic and enzymatic reactions of the body.

Tea with milk in pancreatitis improves the digestive system, cleans it of slags and fats, which negatively affect the enzymes of the pancreas. It should be borne in mind that in such cases only skim milk is used. This drink effectively fights against poisoning of the body and infections of the stomach and intestines.

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