Constipation, belching, bloating, heartburn and stomach pain in the baby

Very frequent phenomena, both in the child and in the adult, are bloating and belching of the air. They arise because of ingested excessive amounts of air in the system of the digestive tract during ingestion of food, or by the splitting in the intestine of gas-forming products. None of these phenomena is dangerous and they can be easily eliminated by correcting the regime and diet, as well as by eliminating the use of carbonated drinks and food on the move, in the dry. But in case when such signs, like frequent constipation, heartburn, belching, and stomach pain, join these, though unpleasant, but dangerous symptoms, you should consult a specialist. Such a symptomatology can hide the development of any pathology of the digestive organs or their infectious damage. Many patients are interested in what causes the eruption and constipation, especially if they occur in children. In this case, it is the thorough knowledge of the causes that cause such a condition that allows you to consult a doctor in a timely manner or to develop the correct tactics of home treatment:

  • A large number of gases accumulate in the human digestive tract and outward through the oral cavity are often caused by safe causes, such asexcessive consumption of carbohydrates, contained in cabbage and legumes. In this case, both constipation, bloating, and eructation will instantly disappear after the exclusion of these foods from the diet;
  • Complete or incomplete bowel obstruction can lead to the appearance of negative signs. In this case, a strong pain syndrome is added, which is localized in the stomach or is spilled;
  • With dysbacteriosis in the digestive organs of the child there is a process of aerophagia. It is characterized by the formation of a large number of gases, so the consequence of the disease may be constipation, an unpleasant eructation, flatulence and heartburn;
  • Diseases of the heart or liver in children also contribute to the violation of gas absorption in the intestine. For this reason, with these pathologies, the patient often has constipation and eructation. A bloating may also occur, but pain symptoms in the stomach or intestine are completely absent.

Studies in bloating, constipation and belching

Before choosing a suitable therapeutic method for getting rid of this pathology, a specialist needs to conduct a complete examination of the child. It begins with the identification of complaints that are present in the patient. The doctor is most interested in the duration of the baby's increased gas production and its connection with diet and individual food preferences and habits. When the patient often appears constipation accompanied by eructations, it is necessary to perform percussion and palpation of the abdominal organs. This makes it possible to determine with the greatest accuracy the location of the accumulation of gases in the intestine.

Also, in order to identify the cause that provoked negative symptoms, it is necessary to conduct laboratory tests. Here, methods such as coprogram, and general and biochemical blood analysis are widely used. They provide an opportunity to identify inflammatory diseases of the digestive organs that cause constipation, heartburn, belching, and pain in the stomach. In rare cases, when the conducted studies did not reveal the specific cause of the pathology and there is a suspicion that it can be provoked by some serious disease, diagnostics is prescribed by instrumental methods.

Treatment of constipation with burp

If a specialist has not identified any reasons that have become prerequisites for the development of this negative symptomatology, specific medical treatment for patients is not required. All therapeutic methods aimed at regulating the work of the digestive system in the patient will consist of correcting the diet, diet and physical activity. General rules of nutrition, necessary for constipation with belching and bloating, are as follows:

  • Food should be taken at the same time;
  • Nutrition with this form of ailment is necessary fractional, at least 5-6 times a day and in minimal portions;
  • Overeating is strongly recommended, especially in the evening;
  • The basis of the menu should be products with a lot of food plant fibers. It is they who in a short time will get rid of constipation and eructation.

It is necessary to remember and that for all pathologies of the digestive tract it is necessary to strengthen the drinking regime. The liquid is used at will, but its quantity should be not less than 1,5-2 liters per day. Under no circumstances can you use sweet fizzy drinks for drinking, as they provoke an increase in constipation and eructation. Also, you should put in the usual mode morning exercises that improve intestinal motility, and walk in the fresh air after each meal.

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