The importance of the pancreas and its purpose

Do you know the importance of the pancreas in the human body? In fact - this is the body that helps the food digest better, because it generates special substances. In addition, it helps to digest protein, fat and carbohydrates better.

The purpose of the pancreas is to help the body to digest what it needs from food. She gets it, thanks to the so-called pancreatic juice, which she gives out in large quantities. The components of this juice are enzymes. They are the conductor that causes the necessary chemical reactions in the body. Thus, food is not only well digested, but also digested, giving through reactions with acid all the substances necessary for a person's normal life. Moreover, the pancreas has one more meaning - it controls the normal temperature of the body. This is because at high and very low body temperatures enzymes simply are not able to work properly.

The optimal option for their effective functioning is a temperature of 36.6 degrees. It is considered to be the norm for humans and means that the body is healthy. But, even knowing that the pancreas will take care of the general condition of the body and help digest food, do not periodically overeat, and then starve yourself.

In the first case, it can not cope with a large amount of work, in the second - it begins to absorb itself. Both are just disastrous for her. And, if you constantly induce such an imbalance, then very soon you can earn both acute and chronic pancreatic disease. And then, for the body it will not mean so much. But well-being is not worth waiting for. That's why doctors are advised to eat "right".What is meant by this value?

This means that for the health of the pancreas, you need to eat a balanced diet, based on the daily needs of the body in proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In addition, you must always eat at the same time and little by little. This is necessary to ensure that the body has always been working for its intended purpose, but at the same time, it was not overloaded and on the contrary did not engage in self-destruction from hunger. After the development of the necessary enzymes, it is always a very difficult process for the pancreas and the whole organism. And, if something goes wrong, then all chemical reactions that are of great importance to a person are violated.

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