Causes and treatment of headaches in different places

1 Diagnosis of diagnosis

The international classification of diseases allows to diagnose a headache as an independent diagnosis in the following cases:

  • migraine;
  • cluster( cluster) pain;
  • pain of tension.

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The word "migraine" can be translated from French as "pain in one half of the head."Indeed, with migraine, there is a local headache. This ailment suffered many great people: Nobel, Tchaikovsky, Guy Julius Caesar and others. Sometimes this disease is called a disease of the great and famous. This ailment is usually hereditary.

Migraine appears with a pulsating thud in the temple. If the pain appears in different parts of the head, then this is a good factor. And if in the same place, it is assumed that this is another disease. Migraines are accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms: nausea and vomiting, sensitivity to sound and light. If a person with migraine has to do physical work, then one should expect intensification of pain manifestations.

Cluster pain usually torments males. It is characterized by the fact that several days in a row occurs at the same time - as an alarm clock. Some people associate it with the phases of the moon. But physiologists explain everything by the usual combination of neuralgia and migraine. Accompanying cluster pain is the flow of tears, the appearance of swelling on one side of the face, discharge from the nasal cavity. It appears as pulsating and shooting at the same time. Sometimes he gives it to the shoulder.

The pain of tension is caused by the fact that the muscles of the scalp strain when the person is in one position for a long time. This condition is the result of a sedentary lifestyle, for example, at the computer. If the head hurts within 2 weeks, then, most likely, it is already a chronic ailment.

2 Wandering pain

Causes of this condition:

  • cervical migraine;
  • development of neoplasms in the brain;
  • post-traumatic syndrome.

This is quite dangerous for the human body, so when you suddenly have pain in different areas of the head and their regularity, you should immediately see a neurologist. Self-treatment will lead to the loss of precious time and aggravate the situation.

Wandering pain in the head appears as a symptom of cervical migraine. Diseases of the spine often lead to a violation of blood flow in the neck. This is due to the fact that the cartilage and bones that have undergone deformation adversely affect the cervical artery. Usually the culprit of all this is osteochondrosis.

This artery carries blood to such organs as the inner ear, the cerebellum. Violations in her work lead to a spasm of the blood vessels of the brain. And this already causes discomfort in the head.

This pathological condition may accompany a number of symptoms:

  • hearing impairment;
  • tinnitus;
  • frequent dizziness;
  • fog in the eyes.

Neoplasms in the brain area cause wandering pain most often in the morning hours. It is bursting. If a person tilts his head or strains the abdominal press, the pain increases sharply, while breathing worsens, and gushing vomiting may occur.

In this case, there are also such symptoms:

  • a person is constantly experiencing a cold, his limbs become numb;The
  • attack begins with minor pain, which is gradually amplified;
  • observed abnormalities in the psyche.

Pain manifestations of a wandering nature often accompany a person who has suffered a trauma to the skull, including, after a bruise of the brain or his concussion. People usually complain that the sore begins in the back of the head. Then the pain moves to the forehead and face. Gradually, the chin starts to hurt. All this happens undulating. And in the end, the pain in the gums begins.

Such painful feelings begin rather moderately, but gradually their strength becomes such that it brings an unbearable feeling of suffering to the patient. Then comes a weakness, a drowsy condition. The temperature may rise, nausea and vomiting may occur.


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3 How can you help yourself

Headache, especially wandering, needs a special relationship. Attacks can be completely different. This state requires a complete medical examination. Only an expert can identify the true cause of the disease and prescribe a treatment.

Upon examination, the following procedures will be offered to the patient:

  • echoencephalography;
  • Doppler ultrasound;
  • rheoencecology of brain vessels of the head;
  • MRI;
  • electroencephalography;
  • craniography;
  • CT of brain vessels.

It may be necessary to perform a number of diagnostic procedures. Or maybe just one or two studies. The examination is outpatient.

With a headache, the patient will be asked to follow certain preventive measures:

  • to exclude alcohol intake;
  • do not smoke;
  • remove coffee and strong tea from the diet;
  • does not load the body physically;
  • does not engage in self-medication;
  • is not in large quantities of chocolate, nuts and everything that contains in its composition nutritional supplements;
  • take all medications only after consulting a doctor;
  • more to walk in the air;
  • in time to go to bed;
  • use only healthy food.
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If the pain is often visited by a patient, then he should get a special diary. In it, note when the pain appeared, what kind of character it was when it stopped. We need to watch for a few weeks. This will help the doctor in determining the diagnosis.

Headache is treated by many means, but the treatment plan is chosen by the doctor.

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