Treatment of stomach ulcers with starvation - is it possible?

One of the best methods of treatment is fasting with gastric ulcer. In the process of fasting there is a complete rest for the gastrointestinal tract: the process of secretion of enzymes is inhibited, reserve forces accumulating, which allow to fight with pathology. In this time the pain disappears, the healing of the stomach tissues is faster. In chronic long-term pathological process, the patients disappear dyspeptic disorders( heartburn, gas, eructation, nausea).

Despite the benefits, fasting with gastric ulcer should only take place under the supervision of a doctor. In gastroenterological practice, there are two types: short and long. During a short fasting recommend drinking only water or decoctions, in some cases include 15-20 ml of freshly squeezed juice. The second way is to eat up to 0.5 kg of fruit or vegetables in several receptions. The method of morning discharge is practiced. After awakening, patients are encouraged to drink a glass of water and have breakfast after 5 hours.

Treatment of an ulcer with starvation for a long period leads to the purification of the body. Since toxins are not only released through the excretory system, but also through the skin, patients are advised to monitor hygiene. To cleanse the liver, do blind probing by one of the methods suggested by the doctor. To release the intestines, they put an enema in the morning with a decoction of chamomile, take a bath, thoroughly clean the plaque on the tongue.

Treatment of gastric ulcer by fasting on the fourth day leads to an end to the excretion of stomach acid. If the cause of the ulcer is hypersecretion, then in 2 weeks the process of mucosal repair begins. K.Nishi in his health system suggested patients with ulcers practice this every week for 24 or 36 hours. Before unloading it is recommended to cleanse the intestines well. Excluding food intoxication, patients help their body to establish uninterrupted work.

The purification process improves the condition of the circulatory system, slows the aging of tissues, accelerates regeneration. Purified blood begins to rapidly deliver the necessary substances into the cells. The gastric mucosa begins to recover more quickly, as diseased tissues are replaced with new ones. If patients do not replace purified water with different juices, recovery is inevitable. Juices can cause irritation of the mucosa and lead to relapse and complications.

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