Is diarrhea good, is it bad or good?

The use or damage of diarrhea is a very delicate matter. Most likely the benefits are present in something, but for each person it has its own. First of all, it all depends on what goals are pursued by patients. Once again I want to emphasize that constant diarrhea for a long time is a disease. Distinguish between chronic and acute diarrhea. The fact is that most people suffer from acute diarrhea. It usually lasts 1-2 days, after which it can pass without any effort. But chronic diarrhea is a completely different level. Its duration is not less than 4 weeks, which in principle can not be of any use. Often, this is a consequence of a chronic illness.

Diarrhea - is it bad or good? It is worth noting that few people can find something good in diarrhea for themselves. Firstly, it is a symptomatology that is very aggressive. Secondly, these are consequences that can be very different. For example, you need to know that diarrhea of ​​any duration easily leads to dehydration of the body. Thus, the body begins to feel depleted, it lacks electrolytes, liquids and all sorts of chemicals( chloride, sodium, potassium, etc.).

Diarrhea - is it bad or good?

The benefits of diarrhea, even sounds somehow ridiculous. No use can bring diarrhea. From some people you can hear that when losing weight, diarrhea is useful. But many women know that most teas intended for weight loss have a laxative effect. But does this benefit or harm? This is the main question. Firstly, it is worth noting that with the use of such products you will actually lose about 5 kilograms and this is only for one week. It's good. And what is the main trick? And what can be harmful in this? As usual, girls and women, looking at the scales, do not really think about these issues. First of all, such tea is effective only because it does not allow the nutrients to be absorbed by the body, carrying everything through the intestines with great speed. This is bad. The second side of the coin: with diarrhea, moisture also leaves the body, which further contributes to weight loss.

The consequence of this weight loss is a violation of the proper functioning of the digestive system. Why should they in principle carry out their duties, if laxatives are used for them? Therefore, before making hasty conclusions about the benefits of diarrhea, you need to make sure that it has no side effects and dangerous consequences.

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