Itching with intestinal dysbiosis anal( in the anus) and burning

Itching and burning in the anus are some of the most common symptoms in proctology, in particular, with dysbiosis. They significantly complicate the patient's life, adversely affecting the mood, psychological state, working capacity and communication with others. A large number of patients, when they have such symptoms, do not want to consult a specialist, thereby aggravating the situation.

Anal itching with intestinal dysbacteriosis is caused by the constant irritation of the anus with calories.

Manifestation of pruritus with dysbacteriosis

Manifestations of such symptoms range from mild to severe stages. With severe itching, a very painful condition is observed, unpleasant sensations have the property of being short-lived or prolonged, and also accompanied by irritation or pain syndrome. In severe cases, there may be a pronounced type of puffiness and thickening of the skin around the anal area.

A person can suffer from itching and burning with intestinal dysbacteriosis constantly, while still combing the skin around the anus. Particularly pronounced are such symptoms, when the patient is washed with soap, while in order to calm the itching, he strongly combs the skin, injuring her.

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During the examination, redness and irritation, which is very characteristic, of the skin, will be revealed. There may be scratches from scratching, and complaints of pain and burning sensation. Until the irritated skin is simply impossible to touch. This condition is typical for moderate dysbiosis.

For the mild form of the disease, a mildly intense itchiness is characteristic, but it is constant and will be accompanied by a thinning of the skin in the anal passage, which provides an opportunity for easy trauma. Mostly this course of dysbiosis will acquire a cyclic direction, in the presence of periods of remission and exacerbations.

Patients who suffer from itching in the anus in dysbacteriosis are nervous from constant discomfort, sleep disturbance, reduced efficiency, development of depression, which are accompanied by neurasthenia.

Diagnosis of itching and burning with dysbiosis

When there was an itching in the anus when there is dysbiosis, do not be silent, but you need to tell the doctor about it, which will help to identify the cause of such a symptom. So, a detailed survey can be assigned:

  • Consultation of specialists with a narrow focus.
  • Objective examination of the skin around the anus.
  • Blood test for detecting the glucose level.
  • General blood and urine tests.
  • Biochemistry of blood.
  • Coprogram.
  • If necessary, then a colonoscopy and anoscopy.

In the process of consulting with specialists, an important aspect is the determination of the factor after which anal itching and burning in the anus starts to increase. In the case of dysbacteriosis, such symptoms will intensify after the act of defecation, since mainly the disease is accompanied by diarrhea.

Treatment of pruritus in the anus in case of dysbacteriosis

If these symptoms of dysbiosis appear, do not take steps to get rid of them yourself, as this can lead to serious problems. Treatment will be prescribed depending on what causes such unpleasant sensations. That is, it will be aimed at eliminating the root cause, in this case the dysbiosis itself.

In this case, the use of drugs that will normalize the intestinal microflora, as well as drugs that can eliminate diarrhea, which is the main cause of anal pruritus, will be prescribed. In some cases, rectal suppositories with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antidiarrheal properties are prescribed. If itching is caused by a nervous breakdown in the intestinal dysbacteriosis, then the patient should adhere to the course of taking sedatives and antihistamines.

In addition, a specialized diet will be appointed, with the exception of sharp, fried, smoked, highly salted foods. It is recommended the use of a large amount of fiber, which helps form the calves, thus stopping diarrhea, and with it the itching and burning.

It is not superfluous to conduct microclysters with solutions of medicinal plants. In any case, do not put yourself a diagnosis yourself, as well as carry out the choice of medicines. If such symptoms start to appear, do not hesitate to tell a specialist about it, so you will be provided with the correct treatment tactics.

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