Nursing process and care for gastric ulcer

The actions that in medicine mean the nursing process for peptic ulcer disease are aimed at helping the patient. This is necessary in order to create a comfortable atmosphere during the therapeutic events.

Interventions by the nurse include the following items:

  1. Talk with the patient about strict adherence to dietary nutrition.
  2. Persuading the patient at the initial stage of the therapeutic actions to adhere to bed rest, and with a favorable course on the amendment, after a two-week treatment process, recommendations for the gradual expansion of the daily routine.
  3. Warning of the patient about the negative effect of bad habits on the course of the disease and persuading him to abandon them altogether.
  4. Familiarization of the patient with the destination sheet, instructions on the technical rules for taking medications, carrying out a test for the tolerability of medicines and informing about possible side effects.
  5. Direct control of the intake of prescribed drugs.
  6. Conducting an audit of grocery kits coming from relatives for the availability of prohibited drinking and nutritional food reserves.
  7. Provide benefits for the emetic process, orient the correct position of the patient's head and provide the necessary equipment.
  8. Control of diet and daily routine.
  9. Conducting a control weighing and tracking the patient's body weight.
  10. Preparation of the patient for instrumental research, and with a sharp deterioration in the provision of pre-medical care.
  11. Control of physiological indicators, which relate to the withdrawal of products of vital activity.

Practical nursing process for gastric ulcer involves actions aimed at working with people close to the patient. Namely, it is necessary to explain to relatives the strictness of compliance with all prescriptions of the treating doctor and to notify that normal functions of the gastrointestinal tract are restored only after elimination of the main cause of the pathology.

Care for gastric ulcer in the hospital

Properly organized nursing care for peptic ulcer of the stomach provides a stable remission of the pathology. The plan and motivation are the primary factors, they consist in the performance of physician appointments and independent intervention. Conversations with the patient and relatives about the features of the diet, its observance not only in the hospital, but also at home after discharge, depend on the individual motives of the health worker. Personal motivation of nursing care is aimed at creating a favorable environment for adherence to the regime, rules of personal hygiene of the patient and providing comfortable living conditions in the ward.

Establishment of contact with the patient, respect and observance of his rights provides a normal psychological background and successful treatment of stomach ulcers. Achieving a trusting relationship between the patient and the health worker is the key to effective procedures and mental state of the patient.

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