The worms in the anus, came out of the anus, got out of the anus( photo of eggs), the symptoms - the sensation, how they move, the treatment of garlic, how to get rid?

Helminths have been living at the expense of humans for thousands of years. They can parasitize in the body for several years, while remaining unnoticed. Parasites do not pursue the goal of killing their carriers, because they feed on it. But their presence in the body negatively affects the health of the patient. In neglected cases, helminth infestation can cause fatal diseases such as cancer. Most often, worms prefer to live in the intestines, but what if the worm comes out of the anus?

If there are no signs of invasion, this does not mean that there are no uninvited guests in the body. Just some people confuse the signs of helminth infection with other diseases and for a long time are treated not for that disease. For example, worms in the anus can provoke itching, but such a sign can arise because of hemorrhoids and anal fissures. Helminthiases do not have any specific signs, characteristic only for them, therefore it is not so easy to recognize worms in the body.

Can worms move in the anus? If a person in the anus has unpleasant sensations like a stir, then he most likely will begin to suspect parasites. In this case, you need to go through the examination to find out the diagnosis. To pick up parasites is easy - just eat a poorly washed apple or a piece of poorly roasted meat. You can see the photos of worms in the anus above.

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Why does the worm come out of the anus?

There are many kinds of worms that can live in the body. Most often they are localized in the digestive organs, but some worms can move around the body. That is why it is not always possible to recognize helminthiasis by analyzing feces.

The worms from the anus go out to lay eggs. Not all kinds of worms can be seen in the feces, they can be either very large or small, but if this happens and the worms come out of the anus, then do not try to wash them off as soon as possible in the toilet. It is necessary to know the type of parasites so that the doctor can prescribe a therapy regimen.

For this, the released worm should be placed in a clean container with a lid, and then show the doctor. After the transfer is completed, you need to thoroughly wash your hands, since the human eggs have worms often around the anus. Otherwise, you can become a source of infection for other people.

Consider the main types of parasites that cause itching in the anus:

  • Ascarids. They often occur in both children and adults. Recognize them easily, they are long white worms, more often than not they are already dead. Glossy looks about the same, more accurately recognize the type of parasite specialist can.
  • Pinwheels. In appearance they resemble small short white worms. They vylazyat alive. The main symptom of worms in the anus is itching, it appears mainly at night.
  • Tape worms. They are of a very large size. In feces, a white tape or a flat fragment can be seen. Parasites in the anus can be seen in the photo.

In addition to the above described species, there are also microscopic parasites, although they come out together with feces, but they are difficult to see with the naked eye.

What are the symptoms of worms in the anus?

Anal worm may not manifest itself in any way. But if the patient has a feeling of presence of worms in the anus, then there may be other manifestations that need to be paid attention. The fact is that different types of worms can cause different symptoms. For example, when infection with ascarids and tapeworms there is pain in the abdomen, and itching in the anus is due to pinworms. With lung damage, a prolonged dry cough can occur without other signs of a cold.

Worms in a person in the anus can manifest themselves in various skin rashes, permanent weakness and digestive disorders. In addition, the patient can change his appetite, often with a large presence of parasites in the body, anemia occurs. Anal worm can cause major health problems, so if you have the above signs you need to undergo a survey.

How to get rid of worms in the anus?

This question is very concerned about people who have experienced this disease. Some patients try to independently remove worms from the body and begin to apply folk methods. For example, garlic from worms in the anus is often used. There are different types of worms, for example, pinworms can be easily disposed of, they are not dangerous to health, but other types of anal worms can be dangerous, so the doctor should take care of the treatment.

Parasitologic or infectious diseases are involved in parasitic diseases. Glistov in the anus must necessarily be withdrawn. To begin with, the doctor needs to determine the type of parasite. That's why if the worm comes out of the anus, then it needs to be shown to the doctor. In some cases, additional research may be required.

Once the doctor determines the type of worms, he will prescribe a special medicine that is fatal for these parasites. Treatment of worms in the anus must be done under the supervision of specialists, because with a massive death of worms the patient may become ill. It is not always possible to cope with the disease with one course of taking tablets, in some cases, repeated courses of taking medications may be needed. Look at the photos of the worms in the anus. The spectacle is not their pleasant, but it will help to think about their health.

Worms in the anus, like in any other organ, deliver not only discomfort to the patient, but also health problems. Their withdrawal should not be independent, because the patient is unlikely to be able to choose the right drug and calculate the dosage. Unfortunately, for the present there is no such tablet which would kill at once all kinds of parasites.

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